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Cody Rhodes: From "Dashing" Good Looks To "UnDashing" Greatness

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I could not help but dedicate an entire blog to this one Smackdown! superstar who I believe is very underrated and deserves a lot more praise than he is getting right now. That superstar is "Dashing" Cody Rhodes.

Since spliting with Legacy, a lot of fans (particularly internet fans) did not see much of a future for Cody Rhodes. They expected him to get outshone by Ted Dibiase JR. and achieve nothing higher than a midcard status. Similar to his father and older brother, Rhodes got stuck with a shady gimmick to work with on Smackdown! that many usually would consider to be too over-the-top and not so appealing. Surprisingly like Dusty Rhodes and Goldust, he managed to take what was deemed as a shady and over-the-top gimmick and make it work. Think about it. What wrestling fans ever thought they would accept a fat man wearing yellow polka dots as a legit main event? On top of that, whoever thought they would accept a male who wears gold face-paint, breathes in people's faces, and dresses as a transvestite? Cody took the Dashing gimmick, a typical pretty boy gimmick that's been overplayed many times in WWE history, and made it work in his favor. We see it played out in his matches as he cowers away whenever someone tries to hit his face. We see it played out in Dashing Promos and Groom Tips. We even see it played out in his theme music and entrance where he comes out and looks at himself through a digital mirror on stage. It made for an entertaining midcard wrestler.

However, now that he is entered this feud with Rey Mysterio, we finally get to see what a true talent Cody Rhodes is.

The feud started off in the right direction when Rhodes got his nose fractured by a 619 from Rey Rey, thanks to Rhodes exposing his knee brace earlier in the match. The creative writer that decided to have Rhodes not wrestle for an entire month, including not participate in the Royal Rumble, should be given a raise because that actually made the feud much more believable and intense. While he got 'reconstructive surgery' on his face, Rhodes just stayed in the back cutting promos and we started to see his character take a dark turn. The addition of the clear face mask is a genius move in my opinion since it highlights the psychotic development of his character. In reality, the face of Cody Rhodes is not fractured at all; his face is fine. What is fractured is his ego, pride, mental state, and self-esteem; thus, creating the dark personality of Rhodes. A side I liked to refer to as "UnDashing". So when it came time for Rhodes to return and finally confront Rey in the ring, it placed him at a perfect platform to make a name for himself. Guess what? Cody made the most out of it and beat the living hell out of Rey! The images of him shoving the face of Rey into the Dashing Mirror, scraping it on the steel stage, ripping off his mask and holding it high painted Rhodes as a legit top heel on Smackdown.

The best thing about this transformation is, instead of keeping the same cocky and self-loving persona he started with, Rhodes morphs his actions and in-ring movesets to fit his dark persona. He avoids the mirror, he has sudden outburst of rage when people stare at him, he smiles when he is inflicting pain, and he wears a street fight suit when he wrestles. It is almost reminiscent of Mankind, but done with a new spin. I felt his gimmick was complete this past Smackdown when he debuted his new theme made by Jim Johnson. Amazing. The altered Smoke and Mirrors theme depicts the transformation of his dark personality very well. It is because of his well-developed dark personality and the intensity Rhodes brings to his feud, not to mention a little contribution from Mysterio as well, that I cannot wait to see his match against Mysterio at Mania. I honestly think Rhodes should receive a push straight to the IC title and the promotion of a lifetime. In my eyes, he has proven that he is a legit player and WWE should make the most out of him.

It’s funny how things can change in only a year. Last year around this time, people thought Ted Dibiase was going straight to the main event and Rhodes was going to sink into Midcard Hell. Things don't seem that way now. In fact, its vice-versa. Dibiase is the one suffering in Midcard Hell and Rhodes is making a name for himself on Smackdown! I see great things in the future for this guy and I encourage everyone who is reading this blog to invest your time into his wrestler. He is worth every single second of watching him. Will he be world champion one day? Maybe. Maybe not. But one thing’s for sure:

From Dashing Good Looks To "UnDashing" Greatness, best believe Cody Rhodes will one way or another leave his mark in WWE history.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. furlaa's Avatar
    He went from that cocky heel to a dark disturbed heel
    One of, if not my favourite wrestler going around currently
    Cody Rhodes... watch this space!
  2. A.Graham's Avatar
    He's been my 2nd favourite in WWE after the Miz since he started the dashing gimmick and his new gimmick is looking good his theme isn't as good now but its still good and he is talented in the ring and charismatic on the mic.
  3. mrbluto's Avatar
    What Rhodes did and is doing is great, his interviews have improved. The one thing I would do is make the mask black, give him an even darker image, the clear one is stupid.
  4. wrestlinggrl77's Avatar
    I think the feud between him and Mysterio is a classic wrestling storytelling at it's best. It's been a great build and Cody Rhodes (give the assist to Dusty) is turning into a great heel. I loved his Dashing skits but turning into the Phantom of the Opera EPIC!
  5. Polly-Pablo's Avatar
    Cody has been top of my 'list' for some time now. I've waited patiently to see him become a viable contender. I have said it many times, but I'll say it again - this man is the future of the WWE - and you can hold me to that statement.
    Cody has an 'old school' feel to him, it's obvious he's not only a superb technical wrestler, but that he's taken the time to study the art of wrestling.
    His time and devotion, coupled with his ability to cut great promos and 'become a character' is testament to the future of his career.
    About time we saw a 'smaller' guy heading for the big leagues.
  6. Rick Starr's Avatar
    I like the Character, but it almost reminds me of Undertaker's "Phantom of the Opera" type Gimmick. I will admit one thing. It has catapulted his career forward.
  7. knox's Avatar
    Great Blog, Personally I feel that both Ted Dibiase Jr. & Cody Rhodes should both be toptier stars & WWE champ at one point. Who the hell is a DEL RIO & MIZ??? Dibiase & Rhodes should be respectivel the top heels on Raw & Smackdown
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