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Rick Starr

RAW is Toasted! A Rick Starr Blog Splash

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Welcome Back Splashers for another edition for the Rick Starr Blog Splash. For the two or thee of you who got pissed and just couldn't bear to see my little promo at the end of my blog, you have my word, I will not have any promotions least for this one I aim to please all. Besides, after this blog, I'm sure I'll be pissing off plenty of you WWE/ Rock marks anyway, so I need to cover up. For this I apologize in advance..

After watching this past Victory Road, which made me vomit like a drunk who had one too many, I was looking forward to Monday to get me back into the didn't do the job. In fact, I felt like running back to the toilet for a second round. Let's start things off where things went wrong...

The Rock's Segment
For weeks Dwayne (Formerly known as "The Rock" in my book), has been dis'ed by Both Cena and The Miz on Live Television, and on the Internet. They both have insulted him, his father, his grandfather, and just about everybody in between. What has he done about it? Nothing! The only thing this has-been does does is crack some jokes, and some idol threats behind via satellite (which really means they have been taped for months). According to He is expected to actually appear LIVE this coming RAW....Probably because he has to pick up his paycheck if you ask me.

I have been reading for the past few weeks that Dwayne is supposed to come back after WrestleMania to Wrestle Cena. I don't believe this for one second! In fact If you ask me, I think Jeff Hardy will get a clean urine test before Dwayne wrestles a match again! ( DISCLAIMER: When Hardy goes to Jail I do revoke this statement..but you get the idea)

In all seriousness I don't even bother with Dwayne's segments anymore. I thought the "10yr old Cena" was stupid, and I just fast forwarded the whole thing.

I'm sorry, but I'm over Dwayne, he just needs to go back to Hollywood. Some people may be chanting "ONE MORE MATCH!" Not me, I'm just chanting "PLEASE GO AWAY!".

Drew Carew in HoF?
This inductee really disgusted me! There are way too many deserving wrestlers who should be inducted into the Hall of Fame. So What do they do? They Induct a guy who was in one match for not even 10 seconds. I understand the purpose of having a "celebrity wing", but If your gonna have Celebrity inductees, have them inducted on a different night or something. To Put HBK and Drew Carey on in the same night, is a disgrace! It just took RAW down a few notches in my book, even though it had nothing to do with RAW directly.

"Grand Master Sexay"

There are some wrestlers that have been forgotten, and there are wrestlers that SHOULD have been forgotten! Grand Master Sexay: Brain Christopher is one of those Wrestlers that should have been forgotten! It would not have been so bad if he came down with his stupid strut. but to top it off, his bleached white hair just topped the whole package off.

The Look on Lawler's face was priceless, I almost wonder if somewhere Jerry was not happy to see him. I thought the interview was boring...much like GMS's career. GMS tried to make it out like he had a big career, but he didn't, and even his father Jerry said he was a bigger screw-up than Charlie Sheen.

Jim Ross Segment
The Jim Ross/ Cole segment was ok I guess. When it comes down to it, I guess it was needed to push the storyline forward to make Cole over as a heel. Also They needed to add J.R. into the story somehow so he can commentate a few matches

Snooki Segments
Despite her being incredibly hot, I don't see the need of a Jersey Shore Guest Host. To make things worse, Now it appears She has entered in a Mixed tag-team match at WrestleMania!? It was cool to have Dwane, and Austin, but Snookie?

I think that John Morrison has been knocked down a few pegs in the rankings as far as I'm concerned. 3 months ago he was on the hunt for the WWE World Title, then he was in Elimination Chamber for the WWE. Now he's in a Tag Team Match with a retired Diva(Trish Stratus) and a celebrity(Snooki). Hopefully he does not keep heading in this direction.

The Only other Segment that really brought the show down was the HBK segment, where he talked about The Undertaker vs HHH. The first installment was interesting, but the rest just seems to be repetitive. (Not blaming HBK, the WWE lives for replaying and remixing the same clips.)

The rest of the show in general was ok. I liked the Sheamus/Bryan US Title Match, although I expected Sheamus to win. The Orton/Mason Ryan Match was also decent. The sites expected Mason to accompany Punk to WrestleMania...My friend Vinny the Guido once said Never "believe the websites!" I guess he was right.

Well That's it for this edition Splashers! Until Next time...See You When I See You! -Rick Starr

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  1. Graffis's Avatar
    I know she will be in the hall of fame. Whatever they can do to make a buck. I have nothing against her being in it. Anyone who wants to get in the ring and help the WWE get their name out there, so be it. If you watched the history of wrestlemania dvd you would know that vince and the rest of the WWE think of celebrities as much a part of wrestlemania than the wrestlers. They were there at the first one, they are around now.

    On to the rock, he left to do something else he had a passion for. So what? Austin goes away and comes back just as often. No one says anything about that. And why would they? It's Steve Austin. Bell undertaker is barely able to move and is hardly around until wrestlemania but just because he's not making movies in his spare time nothing is said. Undertaker is probably making more money for two matches a year than most guys wrestling every night. And you are mad that the rock came back for a big pay day? Because he wants this wrestlemania not to suck? I don't blame him. Without the rock they wouldn't have anything to promote.

    And they should do an animal wing in the hall of fame. That'd be awesome.
  2. Beezie"TheFuture"Carter's Avatar
    It is an entertainment company...not a wrestling company.
  3. The Hipster's Avatar
    Rick, though I am a huge WWE fan, you do have some valid points. I may not agree with all of them but that's what freedom of speech is all about. I still love the Rock, so I can take his comments. I live in Cleveland and can't figure out the Drew Carey induction. He was in one Royal Rumble to promo a comendy show. I like him but really? I think they added the triple tag to get heat on LayCool and more on Ziggler and build Morison feud. But why Snooki? I didn't even know what the hell a Snooki was. Have to disagree about GMS, I loved Too Cool and Rikishi but he is a tool.
  4. Rick Starr's Avatar
    *Sigh* I'm going to say this one more time, So EVERYBODY knows where I'm coming from! My beef is not The rock coming back for a paycheck. Good for him, anybody who can get a big paycheck SHOULD head to WrestleMania to promote it! My beef is NOT because he chose another career AGAIN BRAVO! No bitches no complaints! My beef was he showed up on RAW and played it out as he was coming back full time. I quote him "The Rock is Back, and I will NEVER leave you again!" Since he's been "back" he has only been in the ring once live, and been on the screen every other week, which is a load of crap. The Real Rock was on RAW every week, this guy... he's just here for WrestleMania, MAYBE the day after. If he played it out like a Reunion Tour i would have enjoyed it a lot more and had more respect for him. It's one thing to treat us like fans, it's another thing to treat us like sheep. Which one are you?
  5. jonestown420's Avatar
    i thought about this when i took a shit earlier, a rickk starrr blog splash. The turd hitting the water kinda reminded me of this weekly advertisement blog. Same splashing noise as the poop hitting the water. Rick Starr likes it hard in the butt
  6. candlelarbra5212's Avatar
    [QUOTE=Rick Starr;bt3515]It's ok if your being a "Douche" I never take it personally. However you previous mindless rant: "we want new talent-he's not expirenced enough" you meant Morrison? Morrison has plenty of experience as a wrestler,

    In Fact he was Tag Team Champions with the Miz. On a wrestling level I think Morriosn is much better, However The Miz is much over with the fans as a heel at the moment. And what the HELL is the AE? Get your crap together then come talk to be ok boy?[/QUOTE]

    AE= Attitude era.
    Im not saying these things, its the negitive nellys'. The people bitching about ADR(Alberto Del Rio) and the Miz (The Miz)
  7. Rick Starr's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by jonestown420
    i thought about this when i took a shit earlier, a rickk starrr blog splash. The turd hitting the water kinda reminded me of this weekly advertisement blog. Same splashing noise as the poop hitting the water. Rick Starr likes it hard in the butt
    CLAP CLAP LOL!! Now THATS! Funny! I'll give to you Even I rolled on that one. But Hey, Since you just don't like me, I'll have a special gift JUST for you!! on my next blog !
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