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Top 5 Debuts/Returns in Recent History

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Hey guys, just blogging about my thoughts of the greatest returns/debuts in wrestling from recent memory. Enjoy this one as I will post the youtube link to the video of each specific return & debut. Leave Feedback.

5. Sting's TNA Debut 06'
This was one of the best debut's because this TNA roster addition did nothing bad for TNA. It seems as if most of the people TNA think will change ratings actually don't for example Hogan, Flair & Hardy. Sting is a great asset to have. Many thought he was done with wrestling and he showed loyalty to his word by not joining the WWE instead.

4. Kane's WWF Debut at Bad Blood 97'
This was shocking to see someone actually bigger than the Undertaker but in just as good shape as him as well. Kane debuted hard by interfering in the first Hell in a Cell Match ever. He yanked the cell door off with ease, tombstoned the Undertaker and HBK didn't get the pin fall till 53 seconds after the move. I believe this was done to show how tough Kane is.

3. Kurt Angle's TNA Debut
This is the greatest TNA Pick-Up ever. Even creative head Vince Russo couldn't mess Kurt Angle up. Kurt is the greatest performer of all time so landing him in TNA was very shocking. I still believe he left because of the death of Guererro which made Kurt realize his schedule was too tough. Glad to see Kurt happy.

2. The Nexus Debut on Raw
This was one of the most shocking moments in wrestling history. Who seen this coming? The Nexus came in strong but only to be jobbed because creative sucks big time. Why the hell did they let one man(Cena) single handedly take out the Original Nexus. And more recently one man(Orton) single handedly take out the New Nexus. Creative dropped the ball big time on a more younger version of the NWO.

1. Chris Jericho's WWF Debut 99'
The greatest debut of all time and I'm sure you all agree. The WWE turned a multiple time WCW Cruiserweight Champ into the first ever WWF Undisputed Champion. Talk about bad booking on WCW's part. Jericho is not only my favorite but he is the most entertaining star of all time.

5. John Cena's Royal Rumble 08' Return
Love him or hate him, this return was sweet. The best part was that I forgot Cena was even gone until his music hit. People thought Raw would be boring once he got hurt but many people forgot he was even gone. It was a pleasure to see him comeback but I didn't want him to get the win at Mania.

4. Stone Cold's Unforgiven 00' Return
Stone Cold, wow what a great return. Arguable the largest pop in the history of wrestling. He came back and got sweet revenge on Steve Blackman & Shane McMahon. This video is a must see.

3. Triple H's Raw Return 02'
Triple H is truly the diamond of this business. One of the hardest worker's ever. He came back at the expense of Kurt Angle but the reaction was huge. Triple H was also JACKED lol dude was huge. Great return.

2. The Rock's Return 2011
I really loved this moment but I still think it took too lond to happen. It was great to see Rock cut pretty much the greatest promo in wrestling in about a decade. He also made a move at Cena after the long anomosity built between the two. Great Return.

1. Bret Hart's 2010 WWE Return
I'm sure people are wondering why the Rock wasn't #1. The reason is because NO ONE EVER thought that Bret would ever return to the WWE after all they put him through. This return showed the kind of forgiving and honorable man that Bret Hart is. Also seeing him hug HBK was pretty much the biggest "Kodak Moment" for anyone who watched wrestling from 95-97'.

Thanks guys for reading this blog and please leave feedback as well as who you guys feel had the best return or debut. Also please take two seconds to just click the two links below which is two of my songs. You don't even have to listen, I just want views so bad. If you decide to listen, I guarantee you will enjoy. Thanks and everyone be safe.


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  1. Chaston80's Avatar
    I like everyones choices on these except Cena in the Royal Rumble...I feel the same as I didnt think he deserved to win but it was nice to see Orton slither past both him and Triple H at WM. But the return of the NWO was incredible, to bad creative messed that up and felt Hogan needed to be a face again. It would of generated so much more heat if Hogan spit in the faces of every fan if he remained a heel.
  2. steveorton's Avatar
    Awesome blog but I think Y2J's return in 2007 was excellent it deserves to be in the top five, I'm jus sayin...
  3. NigelBarks's Avatar
    damn, kurt angle was a wwe wrestler! for a wrestler who also dominated the attitude era, he shouldnt have gone to tna seriously, and he styll hasnt won the royal rumble, everybody remembers the kurt angle with hair who wud drink milk all the time lol
  4. shanethewolf's Avatar
    I thought Bret's return was the ultimate anti-climax. They announced it way ahead of time, so there was no surprise and there was absolutely no drama or tension. Sure, it was nice to see him make up with Shawn, but they could've run an incredible angle and took everybody by surprise.

    I always thought Taz's WWF debut was a great one and very underrated and he and Kurt put on a classic match.

    Best debut ever has to be Jericho's first WWF appearance though. The build up, the count down, the gave me chills. Hard to top that really.
  5. merhardt03's Avatar
    Yea, the Radicalz debut brought Eddie & Benoit. Malenko too, even tho short lived. I really only cared for Saturn in Eliminators day with Kronus in EC Dub. The Moppy gimmick did not do him favors. But Ill never forget when he said "Doggies eat applesauce to save the ozone layer. You're welcome" WTF was that anyway? Lol
    Updated 03-20-2011 at 03:26 PM by merhardt03
  6. Trips88's Avatar
    Isn't recent history supposed to be some time within the last 10 years? lol
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