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A Pre-Wrestlemania Synopsis

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Hi Everyone

My first post - so please be nice

Been a fan of Wrestling since Wretlemania 8, then stopped watching it (Did not have cable tv)

Got back into wrestling at the Royal Rumble 2000. When the PPV was on terrestrial Channel 4 in the UK (Having already started watching WCW on Channel 5 with Goldberg et al..)

Been watching it ever since and also gone to the live shows in London (When they are on) every April and November for the past 4 years.

Thought I would put a post up of my thoughts on the Wrestlemania 27 build up.
However this is more on my views on how I see the next two weeks unfolding up to the event. Working with what they have given us up to this point (including this Fridays Smackdown broadcast.

In no particular order

Dolph Ziggler and LayCool vs. John Morrison, Trish Stratus and Snooki
A shame these two future main eventers are in this position, however, it would be great if over the next two weeks, they can turn it into a Dolph vs John 1 on 1 with the girls at ringside as support. Maybe a bit of girl fighting near the end of the match however, keeping the focus firmly on the pair of wrestlers.

Winner – Morrison – (rematch at Backlash will let Ziggler win – as technically Ziggler has already been heavyweight champion Once )

Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes
I am more than happy with this build up – going well, Cody has a good gimmick and I think they could potentially steal the show – have a fear that this may be the first match of the night though and will consequently get forgotten about.

Winner – Cody Rhodes – (it will benefit him more)

Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole w/Jack Swagger (Steve Austin as Referee)
Loving the Cole Mine and the current angle they are running – Ankle lock on JR – crikey that will annoy the fans – superb heel heat. I can see Jerry getting assistance from an as yet to be announced third party to even the numbers up. I see Austin calling it down the line like Brock vs Goldberg at Wrestlemania XX, then stunners to all except Jerry at the end.

CM Punk (Mason Ryan, Michael McGillicutty & David Otunga are banned from ringside) vs. Randy Orton
A frustrating angle – the original Nexus – brilliant – did its time and disbanded. CM Punk does not need the nexus to go into Wrestlemania and that is why via the ongoing storyline that finished this week on Raw, he is the only one going to Wrestlemania against Orton.

I think this could have been an excellent 1 on 1 on its own, however maybe with a gimmick – i.e. a cage (difficult to set up and hang in the air for Wrestlemania – but could have been good). So instead of banning Nexus from the ring, have them there, let them enjoy the atmosphere of Wrestlemania in front of the fans however without any access to the fighters as they are in a cage.

Winner – CM Punk – (neither person needs the win to progress themselves)

No Holds Barred Match: Triple H vs. The Undertaker
We are where we are, a poor build up – I know I said I would not do this – but for HHH I have to. – On the night undertaker returned – prior to him coming out, we should have had Sheamus found in the back beaten unconscious. Then HHH comes out as he does, but instead of both saying nothing, HHH should have said – I am done with Sheamus, now I am coming for you for retiring HBK. Bang, 1 sentence, storyline starts, every one is happy. The following week, Sheamus comes out as he does, gets another beating every one gets to see this time, job done.

Back to present day, they can still get it going, no more promos – need them having matches, with a few run ins, or lights off and on so they can jump each other. I urge you to find and watch the build up video for their Wrestlemania 17 match – a superb build up, emotion, anger, rage, great set pieces and the list goes on.

Cos everyone knows, if you care about the build up, you will care about the match which means every one wins.

In addition, the should get HBK involved, have him as referee, or at least cost taker a match prior to Wrestlemania prompting that could he do it again on the grandest stage of them all.

I know some people are saying HHH may win, however, he will lose – The dead man (would love to hear Rollin Rollin Rollin one more time) Undertaker will retire at 20 and 0.

My only fear is that it will not be as good as Wrestlemania 17 – as that was when HHH had to prove himself in the biggest PPV of the year against the best in the business.

I fear this may be like Wrestlemania 25 when he fought Orton after HBK vs Taker no1 occurred and the arena was flat. (As the crowd does help make a match)

Winner – ‘Taker – to go 20 and 0 next year. –

There must be blood though I am afraid – do not get me started on bloodless or even dangerless HITC / Chamber matches.

World Title Match: Edge © vs. Alberto Del Rio
Now – where do I start?

I am all for promoting new talent – god knows they need to as the roster is light which is why so many attitude era stars have come back – they even had Lawler Junior show up. However, on the flip side – you have Wade Barrett, Morrison, Sheamus, Ziggler, Swagger, Christian, Bryan etc all in mid card hell. They can carry the show now! I would pay to watch all of them wrestle. Because they can all tell a story.

I know in 2 years time, this will all be forgotten, Alberto will be thought of as a promising talent however, if I was Sheamus, already having had a solid Wrestlemania match last year (although he lost) to not get a top level fight this year would frustrate me. (I appreciate he is on Raw and this is a Smackdown match) = Even Wade Barrett – great first year with the Nexus – has a crowd of followers – would produce a great match too.

So we are left with what we have – I appreciate and hope that everyone is right and it becomes a triple threat as although Christian should not win, he certainly will benefit the match.

The next two weeks they can certainly give ADR some more moves (would be nice) and Edge needs no motive – ADR is the challenger – Edge needs to beat him – it is all the motivation he needs.

Winner – Del Rio - (it will benefit him more) although that means Edge will lose two straight Wrestlemania’s. (Edge has won loads over the years and WWE has to put some new blood over at main events for credibility)

WWE Title Match: The Miz © vs. John Cena (+ the Rock)
Great angle I think, shame you can’t have the Rock on each week however, if he was up to Wrestlemania, it would dilute the impact when he is actually on Wrestlemania.

Week 1 – Rock Promo – Superb
Week 2 – Cena reply – Superb
Week 3 – Rock reply – Superb
Week 4 – Cena reply – excruciatingly bad (except for the “via satellite” T-Shirt)
Week 5 – Rock reply – Again Brilliant.

For me, the Miz, although could get lost under all the Cena vs Rock detail, however over the last two weeks, he has beat down Cena, done two superb weeks on the mike, was brilliant as “The Rock” on Monday – had the moves and everything and is I would suggest the perfect heel the business needs.

I can see Rock turning up in the last raw before Wrestlemania and rock bottoming both leading in to Wrestlemania weekend. Then meeting Cena separately the night after Wrestlemania for a match at backlash?

However at Wrestlemania I can see (and thoroughly hope) that Cena goes heel by the end of the match however loses to the Miz cleanly.

Cena – SuperCena in today’s tv product is grating on occasion. Due to his normal in ring matches being great – I urge you to YouTube the raw match between HBK and Cena on Monday night Raw in the UK – great match.

I think it is great he took the ball and I do think he has ran with it - he has such a following, he can be a heel and get a away with it in our PG era. Writing “Poopy” on the side of a limo (with JTG and Shad) a while a go, will not win over fans. However, good wrestling and an angle will make him even bigger. – his best promo in years was the one where he got sacked after letting Orton win against Wade Barrett. _ won a lot of fans there I think.

I know the Wrestlemania match he will fight at will be superb and he will put the Miz over as he is a company man.

To keep momentum going Rock needs to show up once - maybe twice in the last two weeks and Cena needs to get the upper hand on Miz at least once to even it up.

Winner – The Miz – the win will benefit him more and solidify him as a champion.

There are more matches to be made – I know they are cashing in on Jersey shore, that is fine, it is business, however, do not mess it up for the superb athletes that could and should have a proper match which would then probably steal the show.

However I think that Taker will close the show so the crowd leaves on a high (after the Miz and ADR winning)

Sorry if there are misspellings – or grammatical errors. Thanks for your time reading my first blog

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    If this would happen @ WM I would be very happy, you make the same kind of predictions as I do.

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