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Rocks Return Update - All bout The Miz now.....

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Hi all. Three weeks ago I posted a blog on the return of The Rock and discussed the benefits and potential pitfalls for the WWE as a result of it. Had some really good discussion points and comments out of it and so thought I’d build on this by looking at how the angle has developed and what I now believe to be the biggest benefit of the return of The Great One. For me whatever transpires on RAW over the next couple of weeks and whatever goes down at Mania, one person will come out of it winner and that is The Miz!

This angle has been tv gold and gradually over the past weeks while all the attention has been on the altercations between Cena and Rock, Miz has been gradually building momentum and delivering what I feel have been his best promos of his career so far. Now the WWE is often criticised for not pushing young talent and then when they do push people the criticism then moves to them being pushed too early. I feel the way the WWE have promoted The Miz (and also Del Rio) as not only Main Event and Championship material but above all Wrestlemania Main Event material (and I believe there is a difference) has been excellent. Both have excellent pedigree with Del Rio being a ten year veteran before stepping into the WWE ring and Miz , 3 times Tag Team Champion, 2 times US Champion and WWE Champion and truly deserve the slots they are in.

Anyway back to The Miz, he’s the perfect heel champ. A ‘love to hate’ character. I place him in the same category as the heel champ characters of Angle, Jericho and JBL in that you literally cannot wait to see them put in their place and beaten all around the ring but at the same time their promos and actions make them ‘must see’ every week. I remember the furore when Angle was champ and seemed to survive PPV after PPV and the genius that was JBL and his SD reign from a few years back.
If you have a heel champ who is 1 dimensional and lacks the ability to continually develop their character then their title reigns are short and sweet, it takes a great deal of trust from the WWE to allow a champ to reign for over half a year and even more so when they are a heel champ due to the potential restrictions on merchandise sales, promos and signings etc…
I remember meeting Brock Lesnar when he was champ way back and granted he’s not known for being the most chatty of individuals but he’s was really overdoing the heel act. I got it but you could see that the younger demographic were not necessarily enjoying his company.

The RAW build-up to Mania has been excellent and thoroughly deserving of the increased ratings of late and none more so than the actions of The Miz this week. To follow a opening promo from The Rock with a live promo that didn’t look out of place was an achievement (there’s some stars who have been around much longer that wouldn’t have been able to do that – Orton, Kane, Show etc…) and then to pull off the coup he did at the end of the show was awesome (no pun intended) booking and execution.
The live crowd (and me for about 2 seconds) genuinely believed Rock was there, even as Miz emerged there was still excitement in the crowd. Then came the wave of boos and jeers as it became apparent that it wasn’t The Peoples Champ. And if that wasn’t enough he then continued the theme of the previous two weeks by leaving Cena beaten cleanly and in a credible way! And that is something that few are given the opportunity to do (Nexus anybody?)

Credit is due to the WWE for the way the angle has been put together, credit to The Rock as well for adding an unprecedented amount of buzz not only to this match but also to the whole Mania event. But most importantly credit to The Miz for holding his own in this 3 way dance and in many ways coming out the strongest. I genuinely hope that he retains the title at Mania and if he doesn’t he certainly deserves more than the standard drop back down mid-card limbo and Bryan/Morrison feuds. Keep him as champ and elevate those guys to main event for some of the best matches in recent times.

Look forward to the usual abuse, comments etc…….

Until next time


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  1. Slobernocker_30's Avatar
    I'd like to think it won't be that simple, but it all comes down to what the plans are for the Rock? He's booked for Raw the following night, so I have to assume he'll be involved beyond "Hosting". Problem with the Rock is that he comes back to wrestling and overnight becomes THE draw. Buyrates will once again live and die off his performances. (remember the late 90's/early 2000's) Austin was a part of that too, but as great as he was, the matches were mostly the same minus his antic of the night, it was the rock that mixed things up in the ring. You could argue that even without the title, his matches will main event ppvs and push the title matches to second best. However you look at it though, if he's back on a undertakeresque schedule, he just might dissapeer for a while after WM, but if he's back on a relatively full schedule, he'll be the champ (the majority of the time) until he decides to leave again. And he does deserve it, his name = buyrates. It's business and it really is that simple.
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