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What is really missing in TNA???

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This is the problem that TNA has:

TNA has yet to realize that all wrestling is just a soap opera with a lot of action. Most soap operas are realistic and even if some aren't, they at least don't cross the border to a point where people are getting hit with a big nail 2 by 4 and still staying alive (Ex// Abyss). TNA needs to captivate the viewers in a way that gets them emotional and wanting to see more. When AJ Styles turned on Immortal and gave that speech, that was the peice that were missing. When AJ spoke, you could hear the emotion and it felt real. His speech was like a soap opera.

TNA's idea is that they want to reach out to the older age group (17 and up). Having Abyss come back after being hit by a nailed 2 by 4 when he should be dead, isn't how you reach out to that age group. The 17 and up age group are smart and know the difference between real and fake and are well aware when TNA is just being desperate. What they did with Abyss would only work with an age group of 7-11 in my opinion.

TNA needs a writer that is use to writing novels, soap operas and still have a knowledge of wrestling.

With writing novels - In novels, there is always that one superhero that gets the job done. TNA lacks that one superhero. Im in my Senior year of high school and I am taking AP English. I learned about something called "The Hero's Journey" which is another thing that TNA lacks. In WWE, they have their hero called John Cena. In the "Hero's Journey", the hero must go through at least three big trials that he faces and in the end it changes him. John Cena has had these three trails alot of times. For an example, Nexus, New Nexus, and now The Miz. John Cena is constantly grows as he goes through these trials that he must face. Whether you all like John Cena or not, WWE does captivate you all with the trials that Cena must face. Well TNA lacks a writer that can write novels and knows about the Hero's Journey. I agree that TNA's hero needs to be AJ Styles. AJ has the most heroic attitude and he is still young. It cannot be RVD or Kurt Angle because both are getting old. Also, TNA needs an original, they need someone that is their own homegrown talent. And their best candidate for the homegrown hero is AJ Styles.

And if you want to go in depth with this, TNA's anti-hero should be Samao Joe. Joe doesn't follow by the heroism that a normal face or good guy goes by. Samoa Joe is a badass and most anti-heros seem to be badasses.

It also seems as though their writers never have a finish to their storylines. In a story, their should be a story setup, major disasters and ending.
In wrestling, a story setup would be something like how Nexus had first started attacking John Cena and CM Punk on that three hour RAW. That was the setup to the Cena and Nexus feud. Then the disasters of their feud was Cena joining Nexus, Cena being fired, etc...And the ending leads to Cena vs Wade Barrett where Cena beat him at TLC(well at least that should have been the ending).

It's impossible to name one single storyline of TNA's that followed by this common and very useful method of making a story. It isn't neccesary for them to follow by this but wouldn't it make sense to do so? I do.

It is very easy to see that TNA has no direction in their storylines and any writer or avid novel reader would tell you the same. Many people watch TV because it's more entertaining than just reading a book. A TV show has basically the same elements as a book when you think about it. If TNA made a book instead of weekly shows of Impact, would you read it?

Well I think i can speak for everyone when i say "No because the book would have too many plot holes, no progression and no idea of who's the hero and the villain!"

I hope you all understand that TNA has taken a turn for the worse.


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  1. evilash's Avatar
    I 100% Agree. TNA Can push Anderson, Angle and RVD (or any Ex-WWE name) all they want to be the face of the company.
    But AJ Styles put TNA on the map.
    AJ Styles is young and homegrown talent.
    AJ Styles can put of a 5 star match with anyone in TNA (his matches with Kurt Angle - the best wrestler in the world - were the best I've seen, bar Undertaker vs. HBK)
    When people think WWE - they think John Cena these days. When people think TNA - no matter who is on top, or who is Champion, they instantly think AJ Styles.

    TNA NEEDS AJ Styles to be the superhero babyface of the company. It's just fate and right for business. When people see him wrestle, they know they are in for one helluva match. Why not stick this man in every main event? Get him outta Fourtune (even though I love the group, but he needs to stand alone like all main wrestling heroes do, and fight the odds)

    Look who on top right now in TNA - any of these men could potentially be a great opponent for AJ - Mr. Anderson, Jeff Hardy (when he ain't on drugs) and given the right build up, Sting, RVD, Kurt Angle, Matt Morgan, Hernandez, Samoa Joe...AJ could put a 5 star match with any of them on his worst day!

    I mean, at Victory Road, the best match was him vs. Matt Hardy...MATT HARDY! What does that tell you?

    If TNA and that goof, Vince Russo, push AJ Styles to his rightful spot as the Face of TNA, it will be a good alternative for WWE Fans who are bored of John Cena on top all of the time .
    Updated 03-17-2011 at 08:07 AM by evilash
  2. Tommy Thunder's Avatar
    Simple thing that's missing is; someone who knows how to run a wrestling company at the helm.

    TNA can push Anderson, Angle and RVD because they're good talent. It doesn't matter if they're ex WWE talent. Anderson is one of the best all rounders in the business, WWE really missed a trick with him. I agree that AJ Styles and Samoa Joe should have bigger roles, and should be pushed harder, but you shouldn't neglect talent just because they're ex WWE guys.
  3. shanethewolf's Avatar
    Yes, TNA have the wrestling talent (amongst the un-talented clutter), but their writing is amateur, inconsistent and childish. I would be embarrassed to let anybody hear such ideas, let alone air them on TV.

    Surely it wouldn't be so difficult to employ a writer with some degree of talent for his/her field. Hell, I'd gladly do the job for a fraction of the cost and I would do an infinitely better job, as I'm sure most fans would.

    The people in charge of TNA seem to be living in the past and think rehashing successful angles will bring them the same success. The worst part is, they have irrational plots with absolutely no motivation. People don't just wake up one day and decide they're going to be evil...there's a reason people turn bad, but in TNA heel turns are sudden and without reason. Plus, it's always such a long and drawn out set up. When Sting turned heel everyone was waiting for an explanation...then some months later he turned face again and made out he was just trying to warn Dixie about Hogan. Hummm...why not go to her and tell her then instead of pinning her to the wall and withholding what you want to say?!

    I still think Russo is on McMahon's payroll. He brought WCW down with some of the worst angles in history and now he's doing the same to TNA.
  4. Justdawg08's Avatar
    Time... Exposure... thats all thats missing.

    Rome wasn't built in a day.

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