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WrestleMania: A Seriously Lack Luster of Build-Up

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I may looking too much into this but it has come to my attention recently the build-up or lack thereof for WrestleMania. Now considering Mania is just 3 Smackdowns and 2 Raws away and I will not spoil the SmackDown tapings for anyone in this post I just wish to address the build up for each of the main events, not that the undercard has serious problems but they are not as prominant as the main events for obvious reasons:

Triple H v The Undertaker
I personally get the feeling WWE feels that this match doesnt really need alot or any build up at all and that the star power in the match builds it up. But all we have seen so far are two promos from each man (each one quite identical to the last), two promotional videos (well produced I might add) and Shawn Michaels talking about the match. Now to me with WrestleMania mere weeks away I dont really feel any vibe between the two or any heat so to speak. Sure the streaks there, but there really isnt anything personal between the two.

The Miz v John Cena
Now this is a weird build up, you have one half of the feud talking about another guy 90% of the time and the WWE Champion in kayfabe barely able to beat up a 60 year old commentator and unable to get even a slight advantage of his opponent without an attack from behind or something else that means Cena literally has no way of defending himself without eyes in the back of his head. Is that really the message you want sending for your WWE Championship match?

Del Rio v Edge
Now I have a very citical view of Del Rio as I feel he isnt prominant enough in WWE to warrant a WrestleMania main event, he really hasnt had a big feud yet, taking place over PPVs where you are not sure where it is going to go. He is repetatively giving the same promo, repeating the same beat down attacks ending in the arm bar and I dont see any variance in his performance as of yet. Add into that the fact that he has more heat with a guy who isnt even in the match (Christian) mirroring the Miz v Cena feud where lets face it, no one is talking about Miz v Cena they are talking about Rock and Cena no matter how many weeks in a row Miz attacks Cena. But anyway back on track, there is a serious lack of heat between Edge and Del Rio, look back to the contract signing which just came off so forced to me and others viewing it with me, so all of a sudden Edge has a massive hate for Del Rio...where did this come from?

I have a very big concern for this WrestleMania, especially in comparrison to last years where every single match had a big feud behind it and jump to this year and the serious lack of it especially considering matches are being thrown onto the card as we speak now.

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