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5 reasons how WWE is following WCW's footsteps

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These are five reasons I feel the WWE is going in the same direction that WCW did in its dieing days and it could cause trouble down the road.

5: Celebrities getting involved in shows
It is getting better but the way that WCW used Leno, Rodman, and Malone is way that WWE is using some of their guest hosts.

4: Booking
The way that WCW had their questionable booking WWE is starting to follow the storylines are getting worse and talent is being wasted. For example on last weeks Raw you had three matches end by either interference or count out, that doesn’t help anyone and hurts both men in the match. Also the way the NEXUS were booked at Summerslam.

3: Money
WWE is currently still making money but their stock on wall street is going quickly, WWE can blame it on what ever but the company is starting to fail with drawing fans in and making the money they are use to making.

2: PPV Buys
As we saw with the WCW Buyrates towards the end of WCW they were horrible and WWE buyrates this year are down 35% from last year and are still dropping

1: Over pushing talent.
With the likes of Sheamus, Del Rio, and NXTUS not working their way up the card and not getting proper pushes it looks like WWE is falling the New Blood version of pushing people too quick without getting fans to hate or love the wrestler with Shamus being champ after three weeks on raw and NeXUS in the SS Main Event. They also are pushing guys with generic gimmicks and no personality being shown with the worker EX. Dolph Ziggler, Drew McInyre, and the Tag Division.

Heres my attempt at a little lis here tell me what you think now rember that I’m not saying that WWE is going to die anytime soon.

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  1. Rassling_Fan's Avatar
    I'm not sure if I agree with everything 100%, but one I totally disagree with is #5. WCW centered PPV main events around them, WWE just let them have one night. If one of those guys were main eventing Night of Champions, then I would agree.
  2. Tcarms920's Avatar
    wwe changed because of Linda's campaign nobody wants to watch PG wrestling they watching for the sex and violence, Linda's campaign is ruining wwe because they need wwe to be PG because it helps make Linda look better in her campaign, so if we want wwe to go back to the way it use to don't vote for Linda if your a real fan, don't vote for her because the longer that shes in office the longer wwe will suck
  3. n2winlisa's Avatar
    i think ur way off base here
  4. Tim's Avatar
    5. The WWE used celebrities long before the WCW even existed. Cyndi Lauper, Mister T, etc.

    4. Using last week's RAW is a poor example. You basically had to have a bunch of WWE established stars lose to the Nexus guys, and they weren't just going to take pins to the new guys. Nor would it have made sense for veterans to be beaten by rookies in that way. And bad booking tends to be a characteristic of wrestling as a whole. Let's face it; wrestling generally isn't well written or planned.

    3. We're either still in or just coming out of a recession. Most stocks aren't doing that hot.

    2. Wrestling is a cyclical business. Popularity in it comes and goes. Also, see the previous comment about the recession. Not too many people have money to spend on PPVs this year.

    1. This I'll agree with somewhat, if you're saying they're pushing talent that isn't ready for it. Then again, the WWE is top heavy with older talent, and they know it. They don't use or cultivate their talent well.

    A lot of things killed WCW. Bad booking was some of it, but we're talking ridiculously bad booking and storylines, such as the fingerpoke of doom, and other atrocities against wrestling that occurred seemingly one after the other. Even with all of that, and their other failings, they might still have been around had not interest in wrestling ebbed. There just wasn't support for two promotions the size of the WWE and WCW anymore. I'm far more concerned about the fate of TNA, as they are the ones who are have the unhappy talent, and are trying gimmicks like bringing back old WCW and then ECW people.

    As you suggested, chances are that the WWE isn't going anywhere. They're pretty well established, and there isn't any real competition to them currently. I like a lot of the talent in the TNA, but they are far more poorly run at the moment than the WWE, and they are likely not making much money, or even losing money. If they get their act together and become more popular, then it's possible the WWE could be in trouble, but they'd need to make some bigger mistakes than they are at the moment. I also think that a lot of the things other people say are mistakes are actually more about what that individual fan likes than what might be good for WWE overall. A lot of people complain about WWE going PG, but they've got major toy deals, and exposure on more mainstream stations with wide and more diverse viewership. TNA definitely isn't PG, but they're on SpikeTV, which is decidedly more raunchy and bloody that most other channels.
  5. VKM's Avatar
    Trust me buddy WWE is here to stay. When the world ends due to a nuclear disaster, there will be two things surviving, roaches and the WWE.

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