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Reborn-Again Fan: My Thoughts on Present-Day WWE and TNA Part II

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Hello all,
Fresh off of watching TNA, I decided to go on with Part 2 of thoughts as a reborn-again wrestling fan. I will start this post off as I did Part 1 and I'll list a few things of note:
  • I started watching TNA in November when I attended a house show in Connecticut.
  • I know the history of the company very well.
  • I consider TNA a viable competitor to WWE.

Better Roster than WWE: This is probably the most controversial positive of this blog post. In my honest opinion, if you line the entire TNA roster up next to the WWE roster, TNA has the better overall lineup. You've got AJ Styles, a man who some people say is the best overall talent in professional wrestling(2010's #1 ranked singles wrestler by Pro Wrestling Illustrated), Kurt Angle, Robert Roode, Hernandez, Mr. Anderson and the list goes on and on. TNA should feel spoiled. The company has so many guys that could be pushing for the World Championship at any point in time. With all of the talent the company has, it's amazing they even find time to use them all. On second thought, they don't.

Talented Knockouts Division: Being one of the supposedly few people who actually don't mind WWE's Diva division, I can admit that I enjoy the Knockouts division. They have talented ladies who actually do a decent job on the microphone. In my opinion, if TNA still possessed the services of Gail Kim and Awesome Kong, I would possibly enjoy the Knockouts division as much or more than the Heavyweights. The current champion, Madison Rayne, seems to take heat from many in the online community. My thoughts? I think she's great and I actually like her character. She plays the "beauty queen bitch" very well and she actually generates heat. TNA should continue on the route they are going with the Knockouts division, I am currently enjoying this Madison "Open Challenge" angle and even though I may regret admitting this later, the "Jersey Shore" angle actually doesn't bother me.

Promos/Interview Segments: Let me start this off by saying the backstage interview segments are awesome. I hear some people complaining about the interaction between the wrestlers and the cameraman, but this is where I feel that people need to suspend reality a bit. In my opinion, the wrestlers seem to show more emotion in their promos for the most part. Keep in my mind I'm mostly speaking of the younger superstars. It is kind of sad for me to watch guys like Ric Flair cut a promo now considering I've seen him in his heyday create more impact with his words than his moveset in some cases("She was mine before she was yours"). Guys like Robert Roode, Anderson and now AJ Styles are continuing to improve on microphone every chance that they get to speak.

Horrible Writing: This is what hurts me the most about TNA. With as many superstars as they have, they can't seem to come up with a decent enough storyline to really engage the fans. I'm from the state of Tennessee and I love to support guys I've seen wrestle in promotions like USWA. So this means I enjoy Jeff Jarrett. But do we as fans really need to see a Kurt Angle/Jeff Jarrett feud? Maybe I would feel different if it wasn't already public knowledge that Kurt is happily remarried. It just seems as if the writing staff has absolutely no idea where they want to take the angle.

I thought maybe the company was turning the corner with the Fortune vs. Immortal tease, but we've yet to see anything serious become of the angle minus a Flair/Styles mini-program. Anyone ever thought of pushing Styles as the leader of Fortune and a main eventer and someone else as the leader of Immortal? Lets do something with Mr. Anderson. Before his recent vicious streak, the guy was lost in character after losing the belt. And speaking of which, can we get a real TNA title belt? It's sad when the Diva's championship looks better than the main belt in the company.

Attempts to be different come off as Desperate: Look I don't mind some blood in a match or some cursing in a promo. But tell me I'm not the only one who has watched an episode of Impact and had a moment where you thought, "TNA is trying too hard here." My friends and I have already developed a running gag based on if and when Ric Flair is going to blade whenever he wrestles. I watched a match 2 weeks ago where Hernandez slammed Matt Morgan's head into the steel steps and I saw Matt Morgan recklessly cut himself without giving much effort into who saw. It seems like every promo has some use of a curse word, but to me, it comes off as really desperate. The wrestlers come off as cursing for effect rather than because of emotion. Ric Flair doesn't need to bleed in every match and Scott Steiner doesn't need to use "Bitch" every 5 seconds(these are examples). Finally, stop name-dropping WWE! The fact that TNA decides to constantly acknowledge WWE just lets me know they are worried and might not even believe they have the possibility of being as big as WWE.

Bad Booking: It's Sunday, March 13th. The day of TNA's ppv Victory Road, and I don't even care that much. What is with these sub-par cards? I watched Impact last week and saw a decent segment with Sting, Jeff Hardy, Rob Van Dam and Mr. Anderson in the ring arguing over who's next in line for a TNA title shot. And then I see the card and it's a Sting/Hardy rematch in the main event and an Anderson/RVD #1 contenders match right below. Doesn't that sound like an episode of Impact? Why not put them all in a title match? I'm willing to bet that the majority of fans would rather see them all in a 4-way rather than the way it is. TNA should really take a look at what the fans want in matches instead of just carelessly booking. Matt Morgan and Hernandez. Do I want to see it? Yes, but in a first blood match? Has anyone ever found those matches interesting in the past decade?

TNA is a growing company with the talent and brains to one day actually seriously compete with the WWE. The product is generally entertaining and not nearly as bad as some poeple make it out to be. Although it has its faults as every company does, with some dedication in their product, TNA could stick around. With guys like Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo hanging around, I hope that they are able to keep the company afloat.

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  1. Descendant's Avatar
    I agree with all your negatives, but the pros I have a little problem with. The knockout division are pretty go at promos and I do like Rayne's gimmick, but their in ring ability isn't any better than the WWE divas are. Excluding Mickie VS Tara matches their knockout matches are just about equal quality.

    As far as TNA having a better roster that is subjective. AJ Styles and Kurt Angle are amazing, but TNA doesn't utilize a lot of wrestlers that could be main eventers.
  2. steveorton's Avatar
    Are you high? do really think the KO>Divas division, I mean there was a time when this was true but to say that now you have to be crazy. Next Promos Really? Really? Really? AJ, Kurt, Anderson, Joe these guys are great but the rest of the roster is boring and worthless. No way the Tna roster>WWE roster, WWE: Orton,Bryan, Sheamus, Kofi,Del Rio, Edge,Sin Cara, Cena, HHH, Undertaker, Christian, the list goes on. You my friend is what they call a Tna Mark, I'm jus sayin...

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