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Not Retiring Does Not Mean You're Hogging The "Spotlight"

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Hey guys, hope all is well and I appreciate you guys that take the time out to read my blogs.

I am so sick of hearing people say that old wrestlers like Ric Flair, The Undertaker, Triple H and other guys are hogging the spotlight because they haven't retired yet. I have a point to defend these wrestlers.

First of, with the wrestlers I've named, all of them still wrestle but at the same time they put other young wrestlers over as well. Whats the big deal? Taker ofcourse has had some title reigns even in 2009 and I will admit that Taker hasn't really put anyone over lately but thats not his fault. Its against the character of "The Undertaker" to put anyone over because you cant have a deadman losing to Wade Barrett.

What bothers me is who in the hell are we to tell people when it is time to freakin retire? Do you guys know how hard it is to make it to the WWE? Do you guys know the amount of training and hardwork involved in becoming a professional wrestler for the WWE and TNA?

Let me make this clear. If my ass was in the WWE I would wrestle until I'm 60 because I fought my ass off to get here. Why fight to make it there if you're going to retired at 35 or something.

These older wrestlers love the damn business with all their hearts. Wrestling is all these people have I mean in the wrestling business you are away from your family and on the road all the time. Wrestling is the only love that many of these people have. And we are going to sit here and tell them when its time to wrap it up?

I have no problem watching guys like Triple H and Ric Flair perform as long as they keep the world title belts away from them because those titles should be used for developed talent that paid their dues like Cena, Swagger, Kofi, John Morrison and many others. As long as the older wrestlers can put the younger talent over than its no problem in my opinion.

I think older wrestlers mixed with young talent is great for the business as long as the older talent aren't headlining the shows like TNA does. I believe younger fans should watch wrestlers like Triple H so they can learn more about the history of this business.

Thanks for reading and be safe guys, I appreciate you all taking the time. Please leave feedback.

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  1. Wrestling Rant's Avatar
    Nice blog and its true for most of the stuff you said. But you would think that many wrestlers would want to retire at an older age to spend valuable time with their families. Guys like Ric Flair who even said in his HOF speech that he wishes to spend more time with his family, so would does he do, he continues to wrestle. But you also have to know when enough is enough and hang up the boots.

    However i do believe that only the wrestlers know when enough is enough.

    --Wrestling Rant
  2. Jimboroom6's Avatar
    Nice blog bro, The best thing about wrestling is growing up with a wrestler and watching their character develop, that would never happen if they all retired early, most don't peek to 30 anyway. Even if their skills go down due to age and injury, the character can go on, they earned it...
  3. steveorton's Avatar
    @knox love those songs dude keep up the great work, and if you have anymore great songs post the links please, I'm jus sayin...
  4. knox's Avatar
    thanks guys i appreciate these comments

    @wrestling rant, you make a good point about ric because maybe he should hang it up because i mean he's made his mark on wrestling i mean everyone knows flair

    @jimboroom6, exactly man, when wrestlers retire young they dont leave a big enough impact. Wrestlers like Brock lesnar, batista & bobby lashley couldve really established large wrestlers to another level but in their respects they left for good reasons.

    @steveorton, thanks alot bro that means alot i try my best. Add me on youtube and on here and i will certainly send u links i really appreciate that man.

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