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Why Triple H is Facing The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 27

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Hey guys hope all is well. People are wondering why we have to watch another Triple H vs The Undertaker match at Wrestlemania and I think I came up with the reasons why. Im cutting straight to the point.

Nobody was built up enough to challenge him
The year 2010 was the year to push all the young talent that was worthy of a push. The WWE did a great job in pushing talent but for some reason they pushed and pushed and then dropped the ball on them in the middle of their push. Does Jack Swagger & Sheamus ring a bell? These are two worthy opponents that could've stepped up and challenged the Undertaker but they were shot dead and demoted to jobber in the middle of their push which is pretty much beyond me. You had one of the most violent star' of the decade in Sheamus and pretty much the most impressive mat based wrestler in Jack Swagger. Also they dropped the ball pretty heavy on Dibiase seeing as he was headed for a huge push after Wrestlemania 26 but they changed his music and paired him with a diva which did nothing for him.

Ok What about Kane?
Kane & Undertaker has fought twice at Wrestlemania but the little kiddies don't remember that. Kane & Taker were having a pretty dull feud as it has been done like 4 times with them already. It was so dull like it bored us to death to see it again. The main reason they aren't fighting at Mania is because they have too much on-screen bad blood. In order for them to battle, they would have to top everything they did to eachother for the last 14 years. They've broken eachother's bones, thrown one another in coffins, burried eachother, set one on fire, I mean they've done everything to eachother. Taker is tooooo injured to physically have to top what he's done to him in the past and Kane is a very aggressive opponent who's main attribute is to cause pain. Kane makes wrestling look real so to see Kane have to lighten up on his moves to protect an injured Undertaker would be a waste of money and an embarrassment to the matches these two had in the past.

Chris Jericho?
This would've been magic if done right. You're talking about two of the greatest of all time to never clash at Wrestlemania. This would've blown the roof off the Georgia Dome but Chris is a bit busy. I'm pretty sure they pitched the idea but Chris doesn't leave just to come right back. Expect Chris to be gone until 2012.

The reason Triple H is facing the Undertaker
The reason this match is happening is simple. These are the titans of this business. They dominated the attitude era. Triple H might be the only current star that the Undertaker trusts in the ring. They are the best of friends in real life in which many people don't know. I'm sure they will put on a show and know exactly how to do it without causing too much pain. Triple H is the diamond of the business so it has alot of the older fans really wondering if Triple H might break the streak. I personally don't know what creative is going to do. Also, the kid fans are too young to know about when they faced at Wrestlemania 17. They probably wouldn't even recognize the Undertaker as the Badass lol. Welp, theres your reason.

Thanks guys for checking out my blog and please leave feedback and be safe. Thanks.


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  1. TakerMania's Avatar
    I agree on Every single word, Thank you sir for the blog
    and I also Can't wait for the match
  2. Saiga's Avatar
    i dont agree with Kane making wrestling look real. he's old now and not that great. he was alright though when he was in his prime, had more muscle and had the me, he's just useless now.
  3. Harum Scarum's Avatar
    I saw that wrestlemania 17 match between The Undertaker and Triple H when i was 8 and it was an awesome match from what I remember. I hope they can do as good or better at Wrestlemania 27. By the way very nice bog.
  4. trasler's Avatar
    I agree with pretty much everything you said...
    the thing that sums up WWE creative is the Jericho thing, Ok so Y2J isn’t here for this Wrestlemania but for future ones. Jericho vs Taker would have been epic because these two both had massive impacts on the wrestling world but never once crossed paths. BUT and this is a HUGE BUT for some unknown, stupidity that is the WWE creative they had a random (pointless) match on smackdown last year i believe it was (Y2J even commented on his fb how he enjoyed the match). But now that unique selling point is gone. and to make things worse was there even a storyline that came from it? no. pure and utter laziness.

    This isn’t the only example. last year on a 3 Hour Raw they had Edge vs Christian...Why??? there was no need - that is a Wrestlemania or any PPV Main Event.

    Yes they can still have these matches but the intensity, passion and excitement that us wrestling fans get when waiting for the match is no longer there.
  5. Trip_Fisk's Avatar
    So that leaves Cena to be his 20th victim
  6. Rick Starr's Avatar
    Yeah I have to agree there. The only real person left other than Jericho was Wade Barret..and he really wasn't up to par just yet. Perhaps next year.
  7. gravesismizfan's Avatar
    Undertaker barrett would been great or undertaker sheamus or undertaker and Orton

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