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Past Week in Wrestling Review #2

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Monday Night Raw

Overall I would say it was a better than usual show, but it wasn't without it's flaws. Starting out with the good is just about every promo on this show was pretty entertaining. I had no real gripes on any of the promo segments on this show, and I also thought HBK did an excellent job(via titantron) on pushing this fued with Taker and HHH. Taker himself did pretty well, and the Miz closing the show the way he did was pretty amazing, and I am not even a fan of his either. I loved how CM Punk looked dominant, as well as Orton, and lastly Dolph is a new member of the Raw roster.

Now for the bad, as much as I like Dolph and him coming to raw, why on earth did he beat Morrison cleanly in like under 10 minutes? I mean why is it that Morrison does all of these amazing things and gets pushed, just so he can lose all of his momentum? Dolph could have beaten him, but he could have beaten him by interference of some kind, instead of him losing the way he did. I mean seriously in my eyes Morrison was the highlight for both RR and EC PPVs, and that still isn't enough? Another thing who thought it was a good idea to have Dolph as a champion for like 10 minutes? I mean seriously Dolph showed up to raw buried and embarrassed in my eyes, just watch his 10 minutes as champion on Smackdown and you'll see what I mean. Also I must admit I really don't know who won the battle of words between Cena and Rock, which is impressive, because I though Cena had no chance in that department. With that being said I don't think it was wise to cut another rap promo, it wasn't bad, but it didn't have the same impact as his first. Although the shirt part was funny.

TNA Impact

There are so many problems with TNA it's sometimes hard to watch. This show wasn't really all that bad, but it wasn't that great either. I enjoyed the main event, and some of the promos, mostly coming from Mr.Anderson who is very good portraying his character. The opening promo segment was good and made sense, and well Velvet Sky is unbelievably hot.

What I didn't like, but I should have liked was The Pope VS Joe. I like both of these wrestlers, and I think Pope has potential to be a world champion one day, but it's hard to care about either of them when I havent seen them in like 2 weeks. Also the whole Green Hornet thing is a joke with Joe and his manager, that needs to stop. The rest of the show was forgettable.

Friday Night Smackdown

Smackdown was again a solid show. From beginning to end I have no problems but two. But they aren't that serious that took away really anything from the show. The show did a good job again at pushing WM27. Most notably is how Rey put Drew over in their match, which is good since Drew has been getting buried for the past 2 weeks. Practically everything on this show was good, besides the diva match.

Only flaws I had was where is Kofi? Was he taken out and I just didn't notice? And even if he was, why would you choose to take out the IC champ? Another is a little minor, but why didnt Cody wrestle in his gear? I mean if your going to bury somebody at least wear your in ring attire.

Highlights: Christian having a match on Raw, Sting and RVD on the same team, and Christian and Edge on the same team.

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