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Predictions for the WM27 card - and thoughs on how to strengthen it.

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Note this is my first post here, and English is my second language, so keep the grammar-policing on the light side please!

3 weeks away from the main event of the year and only 6 matches are cut in stone. In this post I'll make my predictions for those 6 matches as well as share some thoughts on how to improve what seems like a rather weak card.

Now, lets start with the obligatory gimmick match, Cole vs. Lawler with Stone Cold Steve Austin as special guest referee. Now do anyone think Lawler will lose this one? Didn't think so. Keep it below 10 minutes, let The Rattlesnake deliver stunners to Cole and Swagger and this one should be a decent enough break on the card.

The Game vs The Last Outlaw. If these to can keep themselves uninjured until WM there will probably be a grand old fight. Making it No Holds Barred insures plenty of room for changes during the match. Off course Undertaker will sail this one home, he's set to get the magic 20-0 vs Cena next year. maybe Trips still needs recuperation from his operations, I doubt this will be the last we see of him, but 4 or 5 more months off-screen could be in the wings.

ADR vs Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship. This have the makings of an epic match, but I think Christian is a dark horse here. he has a Knife to grind with Alberto del Rio, and maybe he's feed up with having to save Edge but never getting protection in return? My way to book it would be to have Christian interfere, giving ADR a DQ finish, keeping the WHC-belt on Edge. Cue a continued feud, culminating in a three way battle on a later PPV... Edge would be pissed since Christian's interference gave ADR the win, ADR would be pissed by getting a pummeling and having his "destiny" sidetracked.

Cena vs The Miz for the WWE Championship. Get Rock involved, but not to much. Everyone expects Cena to win this one, he's the top face of the company, every kids hero. He's fucking SuperCena who never loses clean. Throw us a curve ball here Creative. Let Miz controll the match. let Cena get his patented come back, the invincible 5 moves of doom. And then let him hoist Miz up for an Attitude adjustment and the surefire win... but just then, let Miz slip behind him, get the hold and give Cena a Scull Crushing Finale<. 1-2-3 "and STILL WWE-champion". It would be Miz-girl racked up to 11. It would once and for all put The Miz, the guy which the top brass has so much belief in, in the main event picture for life. Going over clean on Cena on the stage of WrestleMania, in what I hope is the main event of the evening... It would be epic, it would be surprising, it would be AAAAEWESOMEEEE! Will they do it? Well it is at least less of a gamble than the heel-turn everyone seems to want. And it would skyrocket The Miz into the stratosphere. Every part of the "Cenation" would hate his guts, and he's just the guy to milk that animosity to perfection. Nothing is as infuriating as a heel that tells you he's the best, and goes on to prove it.

CM Punk vs. Randy Orton. I do not care about the outcome of this match. The new-Nexus angel has been atrocious and I just hope it dies fast so CM Punk can get back to being brilliant. But this is still to very capable duo, and the match can be a showstopper. I expect Orton to win, and that's fine by me.

Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes. I like Cody, I think he's got what it takes to be a major player in years to come. And rumours are Rey handpicked him for this feud. I doubt it will conclude on WM, so I suspect Cody might win this one, but be stopped from de-masking Mysterio.

So much for the confirmed card. Lets look at some ways WWE can add to it in ways I would find interesting.

I believe that at the biggest PPV of the all, every title should be defended. But on the other hand, The Tag-team division is pretty much a joke right now. So give The Corre some random tag team to defeat in a dark match... Tatsu and Kool-Aid will do nicely.

As for the Divas Championship I would hope for something like the following scenario. Vickie Guerrero is set to face Trish Stratus next Raw for her job in WWE. Now let Vickie plead injuries and beg the anonymous GM to be allowed to field a replacement, going the match in her stead. Now the GM would reply something along the line of "If you can find ANYONE willing to help you... sure." Enter: Kong! We need the ├╝berbitch everyone loves to hate. Vickie Guerrero, employed in RAW. We need a viable threat for the Diva Championship. Letting Kong squash the Diva of the Decade is a start, and should give her instant heat. Heat only fueled by having Vickie Guerrero as her "manager". Run a new Diva Battle Royal for the contender-spot on the last RAW before the WM, and let Kong annihilate the whole roster. At WM, she'll squash Eve, and become a true monster-heel champion.

The Intercontinental Championship I see as a way to replace the Money in the Bank match. Teddy Long could rule that due to Kofi Kingstons kayfabe injuries at the hands of Alberto del Rio, he is unfit to defend the championship. Subsequently the IC will be the prize of a 6 man ladder-match at WM, with the competitors to be decided by 6 qualifying matches on Smackdown. For the Faces: Christian, Shelton Benjamin (who has been going dark matches in WWE recently, and should be rehired) and Kofi Kingston. The latter of course through a herculean effort against some perceived monster like Kane. For the heels: Wade Barrett (winning his qualifier due to outside interference from Ezekiel Jackson), Drew McIntyre and Smackdowns newest acquisition: Sheamus. yes I expect him to loose against Daniel Bryan, and "quit" on RAW. He needs a new start, and a change of brand might be a good solution. Screw Kevin Dunn, this guy is worth so much if used properly. Let him drop the silly "King" moniker. KotR has never been very prestigious anyway. In the actual match, have del Rio interfere and take out Christian, promting the latter to interfere in the WHC-match. Either let Kofi Kingston win, or better yet, McIntyre. That could lead up to a short face turn for him, against say Sheamus later on.

Put Daniel Bryan in a match for the US-championship against some random guy, say Zack Ryder. No idea how to make a believable lead up to that, but whatever. But on WM while Ryder approaches the ring, Sheamus storms out, smashes him and demand the match agains Bryan. As host The Rock can make it so I guess. Let Bryan win the match though. It will just reinforce Sheamus as the uncontrollable guy on a loosing streak ready to do anything to get back on top. Cue a feud against McIntyre. For some easy heat, let Sheamus roughhouse Kelly Kelly in a backstage segment om Smackdown. It should make the IC title relevant again, and keep the US title on Bryan.

Last but not least: Put John Morrison against Dolph Ziggler in a Falls count anywhere-match for the #1 contendership in the form of a contract for a match against the WWE champion on the next PPV. Just put the contract in the suitcase A-Ry used to lug around before he left for development. These two should make for a smashing and spectacular match, both are highly athletic and sells like gods. And it would make for a nice feud leading up to the next PPV with the briefcase and contract changing hands repeatedly. For a nice twist let Ziggler win on WrestleMania. Having a heel win the contendership just reinforces the belief that The Miz will lose his title to Cena later on in the evening. And unlike a MitB contract, this one only gives you a predetermined spot in the WWE Championship match on the next PPV.

Now, I don't expect such number of matches being added. WWE can easily drop the Tag-team match and the US Champ match (which is more character building and storyline than a true match anyway), and make the Diva match a 3 minute squash. That would leave us with two solid matches to replace the MitB ladder match, giving several superstars a possibility to shine, an opportunity for some high flying spots, and introducing a new "McGuffin" for JoMo and Ziggler to fight for.

Feel free to add any thoughts or comments you may have.

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. knox's Avatar
    dude your english is pretty good for it to be your 2nd language and GREAT BLOG and If the WWE listened to you, wrestlemania would be awesome.

    But I kinda wanna see Jack Swagger turn on Michael Cole. I think its an opportunity to turn Swagger face which is what creative have been discussing with Dibiase & Swagger.

    Love the idea for Alberto Vs Edge. Lets just hope Christian is World Champ by the PPV after mania. Somehow he needs to turn on Edge or just have a face on face match but Del Rio as champ would not do much for me.

    YESS THE MIZ NEEDS A CLEAN WIN ON CENA. The Miz is the future and I feel that the WWE has pushed Cena enough so I say Miz needs this win to make him a credible Champion.

    The Dolph vs Morrison match would be insane because they both know how to work a crowd and they've had great matches together on Smackdown back in 2009.

    I disagree with leaving Kofi off the card because he's one of the most loved stars by the fans and it would be a bumber to not see him perform.

    Great Blog and keep at it
  2. Iscariot's Avatar
    My suggestions would not leave Kofi off the card- I put him in the ladder match for the IC, and then see him as one of two possible winners. Having him taped up and bandaged, and forcing him to qualify for his own title defense, and then having him overcome the odds and retain, would be a nice way to give him a solid push. Though I personaly rather see it on McIntyre for a feud against Sheamus.
  3. gravesismizfan's Avatar
    Miz miz miz miz. Ted needs face turn hbk cones and screws hhh at mania
  4. candlelarbra5212's Avatar
    Your english is better than 90% of people here.

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