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Change Ideas for the WWE

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I'll be honest, I am a fan of the WWE. I feel they are a very smart organization who knows how to put on a decent family friendly show. I say decent because they do not focus on the older males in the family. Instead they are trying harder to reach the children and women, hence John Cena in the top seat. He is a very charismatic individual who has the exact same appeal that Hulk Hogan once had. I do not fault WWE for using this appeal the way they are. I would just like to see some adult content thrown in. The WWE should try and push the boundaries of their PG rating as much as they can. They have been doing it slightly with The Rock's return, but they should continue to push the boundaries of PG. In fact I feel that the PPVs should be PG13 and their regular television shows be PG. I feel that this would make everyone happy.

The other thing I would change has to do with their programming. I'll be honest, when I first heard about NXT and Superstars, I was intrigued. I thought they could be more than they are, and I still do. They should also strive to make Smackdown & Raw feel different.

With Superstars I would do what the name suggest and focus in on the Superstars. Make one Superstar the showcase of the week, show clips, give him/her a match to showcase what they can really do. This could be the biggest way to push some of the talent they have who just can't seem to be accepted by the casual audience. This could be used to enhance or even create storylines that tend to be very lack luster these days. It would also give superstars a chance to work on their promo work, which most superstars today need work on.

With NXT, I would like to see a complete reformat. When NXT was being advertised, I thought that they were simply retiring their bastardized version of ECW and going to focus more on the new talent, not turn it into a cheesy game show with wrestling. At least that's how I feel it comes across. What I would do is have a show with a 10 man roster. Have 3 matches/segments every week, with the "main event" of the show being on of the NXT rookies vs a pro. Have a different pro come to the show each week to be the pro they have a match against, and allow the pro to control what the other 2 matches will be. Have each season last about a year, with it culminating at Money in the Bank. The week prior to MITB have both the Raw & Smackdown GM's choose a rookie to join their show, then have a MITB ladder match with the remaining 8 rookies where the winner gets to choose which show he wants go to.

Then I would have keep Raw & Smackdown maintaining a slightly different feel. Keep the announcers on each show different. I would merge the World Heavyweight Championship and the WWE Championship, and allow the champion to appear on both shows, sort of like they did when they first split the two brands. Then I would periodically at PPV have a match between a Raw Superstar and a Smackdown Superstar to determine who will be the next number 1 contender. I feel this will bring credibility back to the main championship and also subsequently increase the prestige of the remaining belts in the company. It will also spawn newer rivalries and give make events a little less predictable.

Again, these are just my own person feelings of how I would change the structure of what we see on TV. Please let me know what you think.

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