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WWE/TNA: There's Nothing Worse Than Wasted Talent

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Welcome back faithful readers. I've been doing a lot of thinking on what to write about next, and I feel like it's necessary to redo a subject that I touched on once in the past. This is obviously the matter of who's being wasted in the respective wrestling brands. Now due to the ever changing storylines in wrestling, I may end up having to write about this on a fairly regular basis. Since RAW and Smackdown are treated as two separate "brands" in WWE with their own rosters and storylines that only overlap on occasion, I'll also treat them as two separate entities, along with TNA being the third. So let's begin....


1)Chris Masters - I mean, what the hell?!?! This guy came into the WWE a few years back with a bang. He had the ongoing Masterlock challenge that seemed to go on forever, which was kinda lame, but it was a great opportunity for Masters to show off his ridiculous strength and physique. There was nobody who could come close to breaking the thing until Bobby Lashley came along. And if it takes Bobby Lashley to break your full nelson, my friend, you have got some power. I know none of that was actual matches, but it was still a great way to show the guy off and exhibit physical dominance. Nowadays I'm excited if he can just get on TV, much a less a victory. This guy is an asset, and he's not even a factor. Come on WWE, we've got the tools, let's build something.


1)Mark Henry - Now I know he's been around a long time, and maybe he's not so young anymore, but the man is literally a beast. They don't call him the world's strongest man just because it sounds cool. He's had his runs in the past, and it seems like the most successful he's ever been was as a monster heel that always seemed to come up short when it came to the big time. If it takes him turning heel again to climb the ladder, I'm OK with it. I just want to see him in the main event. It's not every day you have a guy this huge and strong that's not juiced up on 'roids, and I don't think WWE realizes what they have with this guy. The great thing is that he can wrestle too! What a concept! My point is whether he's a face or a heel, he needs to be driving guys through the mat. He's the kind of superstar who should go out there kicking ass and taking names. He's already over with the fans, so all he needs is a decent push. The people have already made it known they are behind him. WWE, this guy really is money in the bank (no pun intended). Cash in.

2)John Morrison - I know what you're thinking. He's in the spotlight every week. Yeah, I know. But he still hasn't gotten his big break. This man is a freak of nature that is barely even human, and he's got future legend written all over him. People say he could be the next Shawn Michaels. I say he's about 400 million times better than HBK could ever dream of being. Now I know with that last comment I may have lost some readers, but oh well. The truth hurts bitches. The man was so overrated there's not even a word for it. But that's another story for another day...and believe me, that day will come. But until then, there is no one in WWE who can do what Morrison does. They say his mic skills are sub par, and that may be holding him back. But I say to that, Bret Hart had terrible mic skills, but that didn't stop him from being one of, if not the greatest of all time. Or maybe you don't remember your precious Goldberg, who made it all the way to becoming the most popular guy in all of WCW before he ever even was allowed to speak at all. And once he was finally able to talk, all he said was "who's next?".


1)The Pope & Samoa Joe - Last time I did this blog, I had the Pope on my TNA list. This was back when he was still a face, and it seemed like his rise to the top had stalled out. Well now it looks like somewhere along the way someone came and took a big dump on his career. Now the reason I'm listing Pope and Joe together as one on here is that they are both being wasted on each other. Their storyline feud is so lame and retarded. It's taking two of the most talented guys in TNA and making them fight and argue with each other in situations that make us want to fast forward or just change the channel. I've been a huge fan of Pope since he was still in WWE using his own name (Elijah Burke). I knew back then that he had the potential for greatness. Now Joe on the other hand, I've never been a fan of. But I will say that I have all the respect in the world for him and I will never deny the man's unbelievable talent. Either one of these guys should easily be world champion or in close contention for it. They are main eventers in every aspect of the term. Joe has very little charisma but is a phenomenon in the ring. The Pope has all the charisma in the world and can also back it up in the ring with the best of them. So TNA, just remember two wrongs don't make a right.

I know I could continue on this topic for ages with all the other wasted talent out there, but I don't want to put anyone to sleep. So, once again, thanks so much for reading and make sure to check out my blog page at I'm going to start posting my blogs on there exclusively, so follow me so we can discuss. Also, please leave comments on what you think of the blogs or just give me some ideas on more stuff to write about. Have a good one. 'Til next time....

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  4. Rendall's Avatar
    Wow, I don't know what to say, Chris Masters, Mark Henry lol, John Morrison 400 million times better than HBK hahahaha, wow. One thing though; Mark Henry has injured more guys than just about anyone in the buisness, yet you say 'The great thing is that he can wrestle too!'. What amazes me is he still has a job after all these years
  5. Lowki's Avatar
    Masters is due a push after wrestlemania. He was great as the masterpiece but not so much now he's got no real gimmick. Joe is like a good rikishi with more agility and wrestling skills. He's one of those quick big men and if he lost a bit of weight i wouldn't be surprised if WWE started gaining an interest in him.

    Mark Henry HAS been pushed MANY times and does nothing with it!! He was in the title picture a few years ago and nobody cared- Divas got more of a reaction. He is powerful and a great power lifter but he's injury prone - on himself and others. He is a beast but he has 0 mobility.

    He is more agile than shawn michaels in his prime but that's about it. He has 0 charisma! Just looking like Jim Morrison and doing "staged" parkour does not make you better than anyone. He is overrated and before this parkour stuff was actually a bland and boring wrestler that cannot connect with the audience. Even jeff hardy had more charisma than morrison and could actually connect with an audience. I like the guy but to say he's better than HBK is just unreal.

    The pope just cuts strange promos. He's athletic and his pope gimmick was quite good, but now he's become the R-Truth of TNA with barely audable promos. Half of them just make NO sense and is just jibberish.
  6. blink's Avatar
    I read that masters was going to receive a nice push here before too long, which is good cuz I like the masterpiece. You wanna talk about wasted talent, how about jack swagger? Dude should have his own match for a belt at mania but instead he's in the corner of Michael Cole. GDYC!
  7. therockiswwf's Avatar
    Chris Masters - Steroids, caught, bye-bye career.
    Mark Henry - He is getting older, usually loses, just there to put some people over. His time has come and gone.

    Morrison - Maybe because its Wrestlemania time, that is why. They are doing a slow build and eventually he will win (kind of like Jeff Hardy). He will probably be re-focused after Mania. But to say he 400 millions times better than HBK is just stupid. I know you don't actually believe Morrison is better. There is no way to justify that. Also Goldberg character was supposed to be like that. He wasn't supposed to talk, he was supposed to kick ass. If Goldberg started making jokes, raps, calling people fruity pebbles, would that have made any sense? NO. Because that wouldn't have fit his character.

    Soma Joe- He is just not interesting anymore.
    Pope- Never really liked him that much (WWE and TNA). He isn't bad but just meh.
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