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How do you improve a billion dollar business??

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The WWE obviously is a well oiled machine as its has a long and successful history, outlasting many of its competitors; but my question to you is how can it become better?

Any business should look and improving and my personal opinion is the wwe could;
Firstly, remove the split roster policy and have one giant roster for both Raw and Smackdown! This wouldnt only improve the watchability of both shows it would provide more depth for storylines, allow more varied stables to form, allow more diverse storylines instead of having john cena vs randy orton every 4 months. The WWE could also use programes like Superstars better and develop talent infront of a live audience.

Secondly, ease away from PG. Im not saying go all out violent, but increase the edgyness of storylines, have increased weapons, and look away from the cheesy 5year old toilet humor which we are currently seeing. For the viewers who arent young sometimes its hard to watch as the humour is so lame.

Thirdly, develop the charecters more. The example i consider really rushed is ADR.... he has been in the WWE less than a year and he has already won a royal rumble, headlining wrestlemania and will ultimatly become a champion soon. Compare this to Jerry Lawler who has never been champ or been to wrestlemania i find it sloppy and disrespectful to the HOF'ers and the viewers at home.

Fourth, give tutorials to EVERY wrestler on promo delivery. i remember a while back Roddy Piper giving a 5 minute promo which built up a Randy Orton vs Shameus fued more in 5 minutes than the 2 wrestlers did in 5 weeks. If the WWE invested in Teaching the younger stars the old ways then the WWE could develop a product which reaches out to a wider range of audiences, rather than the younger demographic its aimed at now.

thanks for reading


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  1. gokhanx99's Avatar
    what he ment by combining them is bring back the days where smackdown followed on from raw on friday. (we never had smackdown on thursdays) the whole roster was on both shows not having them in the same show. it would probibly put the ratings up for smackdown.
  2. chibo777's Avatar
    thats exactly what i meant.. i think it would allow storylines to develop better for both shows. it would allow more diverse competition and it would develop charecters better
  3. HCollins-TNA1's Avatar
    Wrestling in no way is a billion dollar business maybe 100s of million dollars... Just want to point that out!!!!!
  4. The Sheep's Avatar
    Great blog, don't agree with the Del Rio comment tho, only because he was already such a huge star before he came. The man could be considered a veteran and i dont belive rank in wwe should be based off years in wwe. Point is hes not a rookie like sheamus so the idea that he was pushed too soon doesn't apply as well.

    Wrestling Rant- not so sure performers get paid according to attendence now a days. I'm pretty sure that was a Hogan era thing. Now a days i think wwe can pretty acuratly forcast attendance and give everybody guarenteed contracts. i could be wrong tho in which case ya'll will let me know. lol

    Dax- attitude era was no where near as redundant as today. sure it got lame and i agree with your general idea that we will always be bitching about something... but its pretty apparent to everybody that this particular pg orton cena era is stale and were all waiting to get back to the greatness.

    A roster merge would work if they didnt push the same story line on both shows which would play them out. Which again says whats the point then. Maybey if instead they unify all championships so theres only one world title, one tag, and one midcard title ADD a lower ranked TV title and make all titles inter-brand so that being chmpion allows you to appear on any show and feude with any guy. this should solve repative main events while maintaining exclusive brands.
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