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Review of past week in wrestling #1

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Monday Night Raw

This past week on Raw was promo night apparently. Some were good some were ok. The Rock's promo was great, but didn't have the same impact as his first. I thought The miz cut a good promo as usual, and that's it for the good stuff.
I personally am not into this HHH VS Taker fued. In fact on paper it looks good, but so far the storyline itself is lackluster. It's a shame too, since I don't see the difficulty in delivering the goods in this fued. All that needs to happen is HHH needs to use Shawn being retired because of Taker as a motive. And we need to see an aggressive side of HHH, with the sledgehammer and all. As well the main event again was terrible, and the rest of the card was forgettable.

TNA Impact

I was extremely disappointed on this past weeks show. They built it up for nearly a month, and we got nothing memorable except Sting being crowned new TNA champion.
Now there is a good side to Sting being champion and a bad side. On the good side, I firmly believe Sting can pull another title run as long as TNA bookes him correctly and give Sting guys that can make him look good. Sting looks in much better shape, and although the match sucked, and it did bury Jeff Hardy, I still saw a glimpse of that good Sting that I really like. On the Con side of things I do not want the TNA title to loss it's prestiged compared to any other title in WWE. That belt now should stay on Sting for several months and be booked strongly, and pass it down and put somebody over.

Friday Night Smackdown

Solid show overall. Almost everything made sense, and really did a good job at promoting WM27. I enjoyed Christian's return and hope he becomes World Champion sooner rather than later. My only two big cons was the abscence of Kofi, or at least I didn't see him when I watches it. And the complete and utter burial of Drew.

Raw- B
Smackdown- B

This is my first ever blog, so let me know what you think, thanks for reading.

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  1. chibo777's Avatar
    The WWE comments were spot on.. i cannot comment on tna as i dont watch it.

    The whole were the only 2 left is a poor attempt at a storyline.. what would have been better was if Taker was in the Ring, cutting a wrestlmania promo challenge sort of promo, HHH came from the crowd sledgehammer in hand and demolished taker declaring thats for hbk....

    it would have made him a strong heel again.. but wwe again drops the ball
  2. gokhanx99's Avatar
    i loved how raw ended. all attention on the wwe champ which is how it should be
  3. Chaston80's Avatar
    I liked the Rocks promo, very strong and clearly cut into Cenas weak rap from the previous week.
  4. The Doorman's Avatar
    I thought the same thing about Raw. Why were there so many promos??

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