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My Dream Wrestlemania

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Hey everyone,

I just joined and this is my first post on this site. Ive been a wrestling fan my entire life. Every year I get uber excited around Wrestlemania and this year is no different. Lately Ive been thinking of a dream Wrestlemania card so I figured Id post on here and see what fellow fans thought.

Now these matches are gonna feature stars of the past and present all presumed to be in their prime. So here we go.

1. Rey Mysterio vs. Dean Malenko
This would be for the Cruiserweight title and would set the tone for my show. These two are arguably the greatest crusierweights of all time. They had great matches in the past so this would be a good opener.

2. Trish Stratus vs. Lita vs. Beth Phoenix vs. The Fabulous Moolah
This of course be for the Womens title and would defiantly do the womens division justice. Four of the best of all time putting on a good show and giving the guys a run for their money.

3. Scott Hall vs.CM Punk vs.Edge vs. Jeff Hardy vs. RVD vs Shelton Benjamin vs. Jack Swagger vs. Mr. Kennedy
This would be my Money in the Bank match. All the former winners and some of the best ladder match performers. I added Scott Hall cause he won the first ladder match in WM history.

4. Randy Orton vs. Macho Man Randy Savage
Legend vs Legend Killer. Two of my favorites of all time. This is a canidate for show stealer.

5. The Road Warriors vs. The Steiner Brothers
In my opinion the two best tag teams ever. These teams would absoultly battle for the tag titles.

6. Shawn Michaels vs. Ricky The Dragon Steamboat
Mr. Wrestlemania battling The Dragon. Both incredible in ring performers and evenly matched. Most likely the match of the night.

7. Bret Hart vs. Kurt Angle
This would be a technical chess match. This is the match I wish wouldve happend the most.

8. Andre the Giant vs. The Undertaker
The Streak would defiantly be in trouble as these two Legends met.

9. Triple H vs. Ric Flair
Would be for the Worlds Heavyweight Title. When I think of the WHC these two come to mind. Kind of a teacher vs student match.

10. Hulk Hogan vs. John Cena
Would be for the WWE Championship. These two have both been the face of the company and carried it on their shoulders. Both seemingly unstoppable. Would be a good one.

11. The Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
This would be the main event and if anyone could follow the stellar matches from earlier in the night, these are the guys to do it. A great dramatic affair. I know its happened before but I can never get enough of these two.

My dream Wrestlemania would take place in Madison Square Garden cause thats the mecca of professional wrestline. My annouce crew would Jim Ross and Jerry The King Lawler.

Well there you have it folks. Lemme know what you think and what you would do different.


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  1. cy1911's Avatar
    thats awesome card i also would have ulimate warrior vs batista
  2. Chaston80's Avatar
    I like this one...this topic is one I think fans always talk about. I like your choices and some I will steal for my list as I agree with wanting to see some of your matches but I will alter the stips for some matches...

    1. Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Jerricho
    This is my opener for WM and its simply for bragging rights...these 3 can go and I think they would get everyone on their feet and pumped for the rest of the night.

    2. 20 Man Battle Royal
    these are so fun to me and I love watching them...The Great Kahli, Mark Henry, Kane, Diesel, Big Daddy V, Bam Bam Bigalowe, King Kong Bundy, Earthquake, Typhoon, Rikishi, Umaga, Psycho Sid, Crush, The Nasty Boys (Nobbs and Saggs), One Man Gang, Big Boss Man, Albert, JBL, Yokozuna! See where I went with this...

    3. Shawn Michaels vs Ricky The Dragon Steamboat
    I have to agree that this one would be instant classic and could steal the entire show.

    4. Randy Orton vs Macho Man Randy Savage
    This would be a 2 out of 3 falls match as this could also steal the show

    5. Batista vs The Ultimate Warrior
    This would be a fun match that I think Lesnar vs Goldberg should have been but much better!

    6. Edge vs Christian vs Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy vs Shelto Benjamin vs RVD vs Razor Ramon
    7 great ladder experts in what I think could be the best Money in the Bank match.

    7. Bret Hart vs Kurt Angle
    These two would put on the best Submission Match ever.

    8. Big Show vs Andre the Giant
    I would have to see this one!

    9. Triple H vs Sting
    This would be for the World Heavy Weight Title as I see this as Ric Flairs greatest protege vs Flairs greatest rival.

    10. Undisputed Tag Champions Demoliton in a guantlet match...the most dominant tag team of all time vs Dudley Boys, Road Warriors and The New Age Outlaws!

    11. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Undertaker
    If anyone could break the streak I believe Austin could...

    12. The Rock vs John Cena
    This would be the show stopper and last match of the night for the WWE title!

    This would be my fantasy Wrestlemania!
  3. kingofkings15's Avatar
    Thats a good card. I like the all big man battle royal. Triple H vs Sting is good too. I dont know about Batista vs Ultimate Warrior. Im not a Warrior fan. But def a good card.
  4. Noneguypr's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by cy1911
    thats awesome card i also would have ulimate warrior vs batista
    ................WATTT OMG wat is wrong with you guess... you book card like rookie fans. Do you know how ac....ward Batista v. Warrior would play out... give them 15min. to stink up the place. Batista would work slow and powerful like he did with Undertaker and Warrior would speed through like a brute. Dont get me wrong he was my favorite as a kid but you gotta go with someone that can make his pace look decent like Hogan did. Batistas tooo bulky
  5. cy1911's Avatar
    i just think there both similar in strength and size. it wouldnt be a techincal match but more of present vs the past. excuse my spelling
  6. Noneguypr's Avatar
    Now Heres my Wrestlemania Dream Matches

    -Hulk Hogan (80's) vs. John Cena (The battle of the Mega fan favorite that would play off just like Hogan Rock but Cena works more at Hogans speed, even though Rock Hogan at mania is hard to beat)

    -Randy Savage vs. Steve Austin (at first glace you question my choice but dont forget the Savage at WM3 and do forget the colorful 90's Savage. Also although Austin is the rattlesnake, he is also downplayed on his wrestling skills, for example, watch Stunning Steve Austin battle Steamboat in WCW at Bash at the Beach)

    -Randy Orton vs. The Rock (Although they sort of met at WM 20, their primes were a decade apart as Orton has just reach his prime as the viper and it would be amazing to watch him slither around the ring as this Orton vs. the Great one)

    -Andre the Giant vs. Undertaker (I'd say if not for the fact that Andre's condition weakened him and he didn't attack it young like Big Show did, the original Giant would have been an impressive Giant for the deadman to have vanquished rather than Giant Gonzalez who could have also been defeated by Zack Ryder on a bad day Woo Woo Woo)

    -Shawn Michaels vs. Sting (self explanatory, Michaels, WWE, Sting, WCW, have never met and 2 small men who re set the bar for what World Champs look like... Classic in the making...)

    -Triple H vs. Bret Hart (another 2 guys that hit their primes at different points in their career and would be a classic. The 2 have met before before HHH was the King of Kings and 50 plus pounds stronger but this one would be more technical as the 2 are very skilled)

    -Ric Flair (70's-80's) vs. Kurt Angle (2 wrestling generals who would knock it out the park if their both at their prime)

    -Eddie Guerrero vs. Ricky Steamboat (based on styles, these 2 would probably be the surprise match that steals the show. Face paced but both able to have a classic wrestling watch with multiple high spots in that match that would definantly make the highlights)

    -Chris Jericho/Big Show vs. Owen Hart/Yokozuna (When I saw Jericho join forces with Big Show a lil while back and seeing Jericho hold up that Slammy it reminded me of Owen in the mid 90's with his 2 slammys and winning the tag title with Yokozuna. It just seems like an even fit with no sure winner and the chemistry Jericho v Hart would have and the size up of Yoko and Show should have the crowd going wild)

    -Edge vs. Curt Hennig (I dont know how to explain it but it just works for me. Put them together and I feel Edge will have his damn wrestlemania moment he deserves. I dont count that flaming table spot a wrestling moment. And it would probubly be the opener)

    -Ultimate Warrior vs. Kane (I think that Kane is the one man who 1)can carry Warrior through a match and still look intimidating as the heel and 2) the kane is the only man demented enough to take The Warrior's promos seriously and give a response to them)

    -Batista vs. Jimmy Snuka ( another one of those matches that i just can't put my finger on it but it works. You gotta watch Batista Taker and than watch anything but Snuka Taker, to see what I mean.)

    -Jeff Hardy vs. Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk (O.K. this one, I have 3 great wrestlers who's styles and size complement each other and although the match on paper seems like maybe.... it should be at a normal pay per view, I do have to admit that Mysterio,Orton, Angles Triple Threat impressed the hell out of me, I thought I'd hate it and I was honestly out of my seat. Kurt was on fire, Orton got to the main event that night and Rey was the dream story and I think this match would do the same....hopefully)

    ---And yes I left out Rowdy Pipper, I just couldn't find a way for him to fit but I guess he can have another backyard brawl with Goldust owwww or maybe a MMA fight with Kimbo Slice...yeeeaaahhhhh thats it.)
    -Roddy Pipper vs. Kimbo Slice
  7. The Sheep's Avatar
    rock already fought stone cold at 3 different manias... its a little layed out. steiners v road warriors good and andre v taker good. hart v kurt good. Y fab mullah?
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