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The better Wrestlemania buildup is: Edge vs. Del Rio

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Hello my fellow wrestling/sport entertainment fans,

I know the WWE's main focus is on the WWE Championship match at WM 27, since it involves its current "poster children" - The Miz and John Cena. In addition, The Rock will play a very critical role in this buildup. I love the fact that WWE is letting these three men, in particular to Cena and the Rock, let them being themselves these past few weeks. Not having either man "censored" is quite refreshing, especially in the TV PG era. This buildup is bringing some sort of shock value back in sports entertainment.

With that being said, I feel that the buildup that is getting better and better (even more so better than the WWE Championship), is Edge vs. Del Rio.

Let me explain why.

The reason why I feel emotionally invested in this feud is not because of Del Rio's Mexican ethnicity, but the fact that both men represent two different paths.

First, Edge has been in the WWE for over 12 years. He has won many championships during his reign in the WWE, multiple times. He has won the WWE/World Championships 11 times since 2006. During his time in the WWE, Edge has earned his way to the main-event by being patient in the mid-card and overcoming a plethora of injuries - most noticeably his neck injury. However, Edge seems to be in his twilight of his career at this point.

Secondly, Alberto Del Rio was given a massive push since his debut during the Summer of 2010. In less than a year, he has gained a lot of notice due to his presences and his exposure to the WWE "universe." Although his character is unoriginal, yet he fits it. He has the look, charisma, ability, and the buildup from the WWE for ADR was done carefully and nearly perfectly.

While watching Smackdown! this past Friday, their contract segment told the story. Edge's eyes and face told his current estate (character wise). It showed that he went through triumph and tragedy. If you were watching Edge throughout his career in the WWE, you know this guy went through hell. While ADR's demeanor showed someone who has not (yet) went through what Edge did, and probably won't due to the nature of the WWE, now.

He segment showed a more physical side on ADR and Edge - both men were literally beating the crap out of each other, with Del Rio being the man giving the punishment. Now there is a wild card: Christian. Another man who has been through "hoops on fire," but not as much as Edge. Christian gave an even worse beating to Del Rio, which made the story more compelling to fellow than Cena/Miz, because it made me want to know where the WWE is going with this feud.

One may assume that Christian may turn on Edge at WM27 or at least cost him the Championship. Either way, Christian is the wild card and will be a major factor in the outcome of this match at WM27.

Can this mean that Christian will get a much deserved push after WM27? Will we have two Championships that are not Cena, Orton, Edge, etc.? Will this be the final WM for Edge? Will this massive push ruin Del Rio in the long run? What will happen?

-The David Show

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  1. Kincaid's Avatar
    Personally, I find this feud boring. Not because of ADR, mind you. He was my pick (No joke) to win the Rumble. Its because of Edge. The guy is talented as a worker. But from an entertainment standpoint, I've never bought into any Edge storyline. They all seem just kind of thrown together. Christian's return added spice especially with all those stiff shots he's put on ADR. I REALLY wanted it to be ADR vs. Rey Mysterio for the title. THAT would've tore the house down! Edge is just not interesting enough for me.
  2. Chaston80's Avatar
    I dont wanna take anything away from Del Rio who I really dont know that well as a performer or anything else...or even Edge who I am very familiar with as I have seen his career from the moment he stepped into the WWE. But I just cant find myself caring about this at all. If they added Christian to the match and made it triple threat then I might care more.
  3. Kayfaber's Avatar
    No offence meant here, but I thinnk you're on the crack.

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