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Sin Cara Sent Home: Is This The Beginning Of The End?

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Luis Ignascio Urive Alvirde, the "original" Sin Cara, was set home from the taping of SmackDown! in Calgary, Alberta, Canada this past Tuesday. Sources say that he left the arena before the event was over.

There's been a story making the rounds regarding something that happened at the SD! tapings. It's all over the net and there's hardly any way to avoid it. Since it's a spoiler, I can't say what it is but when you consider Sin Cara's history in WWE, it's not a huge shocker. No, it's not another Wellness Policy failure or anything like that.

According to sources, the WWE intends to continue using the Sin Cara character as it's been over with younger fans and has had strong merchendise sales. According to said sources, whomever they are, Jorge Arias, also known as Hunico, is going to be portraying the Sin Cara character exclusively from here on in. He portrayed Sin Cara a few weeks ago during a match with Tyson Kidd and it's expected that the WWE & Alvirde are going to part ways.

Alvirde hasn't lived up to the high expectations the WWE had for him. He was given a major push and fails a drug test only months into his career in WWE. On top of that, the guy seems to botch more of his flashy moves than he manages to execute properly. Tough break for Triple H as this was the first guy that was brought in with Trips being in charge of the new development direction.

So I called some of my friends and asked what they think about the Sin Cara Situation:

1)Dan: Ithink that Mistico has been disrespected by the officials.So Mistico does botch moves but when Hunico went out he botched so much moves that they have to RE-DO! the match? Atleast let Mistico go out for the second match instead of sending him home.This might though spell the end for Sin Cara (the original one) but i think they should send him to FCW for about 6 months or so and let him learn the style of wrestling the WWE do and then he returns and reveals that there was a fake Sin Cara.

2)Dez:Mistico is one of the hardest working luchadors in Lucha Libre history. I have never heard a negative report about him until he came to the WWE (but that might just be me) and he's being sent home from SmackDown because of *WWE insert reason here*. Yes, he failed a drug test. But in other countries (i.e. Mexico) it is common place to treat pain or other wrestling symptoms with such things as steroids, HGH, etc. Now his WWE career is in question. The more proper thing to have done with Mistico was to have him serve his suspension then had him come back and continue his push. All the WWE would have to do at this point is make Mistico go to U.S. doctors to get treated for his knee. Headaches could have been avoided and the kids could continue enjoying the Sin Cara character.Now WWE has to come up with a story of why Cara looks different, suddenly wrestles the WWE style, and acts different. Or they could bring Mistico back and continue the push of Sin Cara and like have him perform in FCW instead of the house shows so he can learn how to work the WWE style and improve. Because I don't like the new Hunico-Sin Cara at all.

3)Joe:If the WWE decides to take Hunico to mexico they can expect a shit storm from not only the fans but from the media. Mexico takes their wrestling serious and pulling stunts like this will not go unnoticed.Any botched moves in a Sin Cara match are because the WWE figured guys on the roster could work with him. Sin Cara (the original) is like many have said a hard worker but he also needs someone who is willing to work with him as hard and practice his moves. There is a reason why Averno was being brought in to work with Sin Cara, and thats because Averno and Sin Cara worked their asses off perfecting each others moves.I get Hunico is only doing what is asked by is employer but this has to be tough on him as well. Its not fair to either guy. The Fake Razor and Diesel didn't work back in the day and neither will a Fake Sin Cara.

4)Kevin:Really, WWE have themselves to blame. They brought in a guy who:

A. Didn't know English.

B. Wrestled a completely different style that 90% of their main roster was unaccustomed to

C. Bring him up to the main shows without any training in developmental, and it turns out that he just isn't ready yet. Big surprise.

Now granted, Mistico shot himself in the foot with the wellness policy, along with a few other things, but WWE really are primarily to blame here.

5)PeteI)So far Sin Cara isn't released. He is just sent home, maybe they'll let him go to FCW and work on the WWE style a bit more. Maybe they're considering releasing him but are not ready to pull the trigger. No one knows.

(II)I am not a fan of Sin Cara but as of now it looks like he's the guy. So be it, as far as the U.S. goes, no one knows about the switch (officially) except for the IWC and those who closely follow Lucha Libre. But to the "average" fan, he looks like the same guy enough that you can possibly be fooled.

As far as wrestling style, i wished the announcers addressed this as him being more conservative because he's back from an "injury". They could've used that as his excuse for the noticable poundage the new one adds, time off,etc.

We all know who is under the mask. But odds are the kids wearing the merchandise masks don't know. And thats all WWE cares about. Now when they get to Mexico, that's when the controversy will be apparent.

My idea: When Sin Cara(Hunico)is in, along with the moveset, alter his attitude a bit. Have him not slap fans hands, not play to the crowd, make a few things noticably 'off'. Lean towards "heelish". IF WWE plans to bring back Mistico, have him come out one SD! to expose him. Stare off, have the announcers sell it on tv, and feud'em. IF WWE decides to not bring back Mistico, when Rey is healthy...have him feud with Sin Cara(Hunico) to "set him straight", I think only Rey can pull that off.

6)Me:I think that WWE screwed up with Sin Cara.How can you let a guy work so fast when he doesn't know the language and has a lucha libre style.They should have waited and let him train the WWE style.I blame WWE for this,not Mistico.If they fire him I´m going to be pissed.They should make Hunico(Sin Cara 2) a heel and built that up.And let the real one come back in a few months.And i even prefer that they take down the Mistico character then go on with Sin they really think we are that stupid to liking the real Mistico to the fake one?

Thanks for reading. What are your thoughts on the Sin Cara situation?Feel free to comment.

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  1. mkjah22's Avatar
    i definately want mistico to stay, hes way more suited to the style and outfit that makes sin cara so exciting. Ideally id like hunico either as himself or as a new masked lucha character but definately not as sin cara. hunico kinda looks like hes embarrased to play sin cara, he looks like hes takin the piss when he does the taunts. It reminds me of cm punk doin the jeff hardy entrance everytime i see hunicio under the sin cara mask.
  2. dub's Avatar
    I really dislike the way Mistico is being treated. I mean this guy has done some great things for the WWE and for once they signed a guy who is not boring and doesn't fit the "WWE wrestler" mold. I mean fans actually look forward to seeing him in the ring. So what if he botches some moves, truth be told more than half of the botches AREN'T EVEN HIS FAULT! As you say he wrestles a Luch style so most of his moves are dependent on his opponents finishing through with the moves. For example: Rey Mysterio's wheel barrel into the bulldog: His opponent has to lift him up so that he can get into the bulldog position. So if the opponent doesn't have enough strength or is not familiar with his moveset and drops him (like they do wit Sin Cara). Is it their fault???? Im just sayin why is people so hard on the man? For the short amount of time he has been there I think he has done pretty well given his dis-advantages and the guy gets caught up with steroids ONCE and now they don't even want to put him back in the ring?!?!?!? WHA?!?!?!?!?!? Just my 2 cents good blog Miz
  3. Chazztastic's Avatar
    Good points made. For me, Mistico... Hunico... Sin Cara... It's kind of amazing that there so much drama over this character. I don't know much about Mistico, Hunico, or how good they are in Mexico, but I do like the high flying action that they bring. Not seeing people excel in the WWE (since it is the SHOW) always sucks. Hopefully, they can make something work. They're both under contract, and if the rumors for a cruiserweight division pans out, then it would make no sense to let Mistico go. Bottomline, the Sin Cara mask is a WWE invention. It is possible that they can create a new masked character if they don't want Mistico to be under the Sin Cara mask. I wouldn't count out Mistico in being in the WWE, I just think the WWE is encountering the same problems that they have been suffering from for a while, which is creating and sticking with a storyline that has a beginning, middle, and end.
  4. maar13's Avatar
    I think more than anything, they are really sending the guy a message to get up there and fit in, this is like "We don't need you, we only need the mask", which in my view, is not true, I mean Hunico is not bad, but he is not Mystico. even with all the botches, with all the crap, if you invest in someone that good in a style, made the guy work and he will grow. And yes, Hunico is going to be eaten alive here in Mexico, the Televisa commentators are already eating him alive by saying "He is not the original" so what can you expect when they come down here?
  5. mizisawesome12345's Avatar
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