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WrestleMania matches that should have happened

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In the history of WrestleMania there have been amazing 5 star matches that we will remember forever. from Hulk v Andre to HBK v Hart to Rock v Hogan to HBK v Taker.

However with this years dissapointment with the dream match between Sting and Taker, and the fact that The Rock is not going one on one with Cena, makes me look back and thin of other Mania match ups over the years had missed oppertunities.

Starting with histories most obvious missed oppertunity.
Hulk Hogan v Ric Flair WM8.

Yes flair v savage was incredible, and sid v hulk was a classic with the return of the warrior, but in that era both Flair and Hogan represented 2 different organizations as the top dog. For a one year window Ric Flair came to WWF with the NWA title and could have set the stage for the dream match title v title the 2 all time best. Sure the match eventually happened several times but well past their prime and never on as big of a stage as Mania.

Hulk Hogan v Bret Hart WM9

Ceasars palace held one of the most unique manias in history, i just never thought hart v yokozuna was a huge main event. Now we've all heard the story that Hulk ducked an actual match with Bret Hart and thats why WM9 went down the way it did. But what if that match happened? Classic old school punch kick v technical wrestling..... a clash of eras, a pasing of the torch. Obviously Hart went on to be the man for several more years, only fitting Hulk coulda put Hart over.

Lex Luger v Bret Hart WM10

What if lex had taken the title from yokozuna in their championship match up at WM? Went on to finish the night against Hart. I likley would have booked it just the same as it went down, but i always wondered what a luger v hart main event match coulda been.

Bret Hart v Undertaker WM11

Why did hart face bob baclund? Y did taker face bundy? 2 lame match ups if you ask my opinion. Sure Hart and Taker had a good couple matches at other ppv's but to me those 2 names had Wrestle Mania written all over it.

Shawn Michaels v Undertaker WM13

of course they killed it at WM's 25 & 26, but had HBK not been finding his smile and sitting on the commentators table, what if he was in the ring with the taker. 2 way different points in their careers. would have been phenominal.

The Rock v Undertaker WM16

Dont remember where taker was for WM16 but this could have been a good night to pit these 2 together in their prime.

Hulk Hogan v Stone Cold WM18

Sure rock v hogan was one of the best mania matches ever, but... reverse the rolls. The rock faces the outsiders while austin faces hogan... coulda went either way, and coulda made history in a different way.

Shawn Michaels v Tripple H WM20

now i know this kinda happened, and yes benoit did deserve his spot. but he just didnt fit into the dynamic, so much more coulda been booked off the friendship of the 2. i just feel one on one would have been better.

Big Show v Hulk Hogan WM23

With the all grwn up theme and the WM3 nestalgia, i can not believe that Hulk and wwe and show and wwe were not able to reach a deal. I remember reading they were both pitched the idea but neither were interested. We were left with a cheap ass kane v khali match. Shoulda happened!

John Cena v Undertaker WM24

Seems to me this could have been arranged. It is WM and i think it shouldnt matter what brand your on, it should be the very best matches you can put together, this could have been a big one.

That pretty much covers it. Let me know your opinions.

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  1. Chaston80's Avatar
    WrestlMania 13 missed its opportunity for another Hart vs Michaels classic...I know the rumors and stories surrounding why this didnt happen but WM 12 was epic and who knows if they coulda topped it.
    I have to agree about the Flair vs Hogan match for WM 8, such a missed opportunity as well as WM 9 with a Hogan vs Hart match.
    We also missed a great chance for The Rock vs Shawn Michaels at any of the WM's since Shawn returned but Rock was away...I hope one day this could be a match we all get to more match between two of the greatest icons.
  2. Chaston80's Avatar
    Another Mania match that seems to have been a missed opportunity is Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker...I forget where I read this but it seems Taker approached Lesnar and asked if he wanted to have a match at this years WM. And if anyone could break Takers streak, Lesnar is one of them.
    Also a good match to look forward to that hopefully wont be a missed opportunity is 3rd generation superstar vs 3rd generation superstar...The Rock vs Randy Orton.
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  3. Bomberx's Avatar
    wrestlemania 20 was good enough i think hbk and hhh would have just put me to sleep benoit added an intensity to the whole match
  4. kingofkings15's Avatar
    I always wanted to see the Luger vs Hart match too. If they were gonna put the title on Hart anyway then why not let Luger win it first then lose it at the end of the night.

    And as epic as Rock vs Hogan was Id rather of seen Hogan vs Austin at WM18.

    And I agree with HBK vs HHH at WM20 cause we couldve had Beniot vs Eddie for the WWE title. That match shouldve happened at WM.
  5. johnmmmrs's Avatar
    What about this year's Wrestlemania missed opportunity? Cena VS the Rock i heard that the rock has no interest in wrestling again otherwise i would say this year Rock Vs Cena Vs The MIz in a triple treat match for the wwe championship,i am still hoping for it to happen(although i think they will go for the Rock as special guest referee) otherwise it will be another missed opertunity at WM to ad to your big list
    Great Blog by the way looking forward to the next one.
  6. Renevious's Avatar
    OK, just a reminder. Undertaker was out with injury or whatever during WM 16, which led up to him returning as the American Bad Ass later on. Also, I'm kinda glad it didn't happen, because that was one terrible and sorry excuse for a Wrestlemania. Pretty much every match sucked on that one. I think it's good for the Undertaker not to have been a part of it.
  7. gravesismizfan's Avatar
    Umaga taker I believe wrestlenania 23 was gonna happen but Vincent decided to go with taker batista

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