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Rick Starr

Has Hulk Hogan helped TNA?

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Ever Since Hulk Hogan “and Friends” walked into TNA in 2009, many have wonder if it has been for the better or for the worse. I will admit when I first heard that when Hogan and Bichoff was coming to help Dixie Carter run TNA I honestly thought they would do great things. In the following weeks, those high hopes, began to get backed up with more reality as some big names began to show up. Faces like Jeff Hardy, Shannon Moore, and Ric Flair..All who recently worked for the WWE. At the time I had heard some rumors that Jeff Hardy was in some legal trouble, but I also read that he left the WWE to work on his music...apparently he was in legal trouble as we all know the story now.

But as faces started to come, some things that made TNA great started to go. The very first thing that changed was the 6-sided ring, that infuriated millions of TNA fans! (including myself) No more Six Sides of Steel, no more Steel Cage Asylum! Gone! Then for awhile the X-Division appeared to dwindle away next to nothing. Weather TNA was trying to rebuild it (Which they have slowly been since early 2011), or trying something different is beyond me. Another thing that has been slowly fading, was their great tag-team division. This of course is due to the whole “Immortal” angle as it is taking up most of the TV time. Yes they still have tag team matches, but before the division was much more competitive, before hand.

Then Hogan tried something really crazy, He moved TNA to Monday's Live, against RAW! That was a big mistake! As much as I like both WWE and TNA, WWE is a monster compared to TNA, the ratings alone show that. A.J. Styles once said in an interview that they should have never left Thursdays. They should own Thursdays, and go live, and I agree with him 120%. If Hogan was serious about helping TNA, that would have been his very first move! Not bringing in new talent, not changing the ring, not trying to show up the WWE (Which he KNEW he simply couldn't do.).

The simple fact is Hogan's primary interested in filling his own pockets. It always has, and it always will be. Sure everyone in the business wants to get paid, but you got to have passion for the business. Whatever passion Hogan has left for wrestling, it's simply in his wallet. He has been lying in a hospital bed for over 8 months. During that time we have only see him twice, yet he still gets a paycheck from TNA. On top of that he just made a deal with the WWE and THQ to have his character put in the latest game: WWE All Stars. Hmm I wonder if a WWE Superstar could ever be in another wrestling game that didn't have “WWE” on the box? I'll let all of you come to your own conclusions....

Rick Starr

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  1. gokhanx99's Avatar
    i remember when he told the fans that 6sided ring was gone for good. it just pissed every one in the impact zone off. and the way he was speaking he might aswell of told them fuck off we dnt care what you want. now the ring is tiny no wonder xdivision isnt as good any more
  2. steveorton's Avatar
    When did Shannon Moore become big he is one of the biggest losers in the wrestling world, I jus sayin...
  3. Rick Starr's Avatar
    Well he wasn't a "big name i agree" but he was certainly with some big names such as Flair, and Hardy. Also since Moore has gone to TNA he has been use much better than they used him in the WWE.
  4. gokhanx99's Avatar
    didnt he just used to sit on tnas tiny titon tron befor he want to wwe with a sign (cant remember what the sign said)
  5. Lowki's Avatar
    Like Dutch Mantel said in january;
    "When I was there, we got a 1.3 rating. Since I left in July 2009, they haven't gone above a 1.3 (note: interview was conducted in January). We're 18 months later, and TNA has got Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Rob Van Dam, Jeff Hardy, and the ratings haven't even gone up."

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