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TNA X Division

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Hey all !

So , as you see in the title I will deal with the TNA X Division

Everybody seems to be happy that TNA brings back X Division but ... as a hater that I am (I prefer say it myself before someone say it) : I don't like it.

If I don't like it it's not because I don't like the 5 new guys who joined the X Division , oh no ! 'cause they all have good skills and I'm really happy to see Haskins in it !

Now, you will say : "So ,let the young show us what they can do" , that's right and I will let them do that but I'm pretty sure that TNA is turning the X Division as a joke !

They bring back X Division because "The Networks" said them to , but since when WE (TNA Fans) didn't wanted that ? they looked like surprise to see that Destination X was their best PPV since Hogan & Bischoff are here ... so now they give us 5 new guys and hope we will say "Oh thank you, you've understood us" MY ASS !

There was a time where the X Division was the main event but guess what now THEY HAVE NOTHING FOR THEM ! and I'm pretty sure that in less than 2 months we won't see those new talents

Aries have to fight Kendrick at the next PPV, as usual : no storyline and if we saw them before the match it will be a miracle

So that's great if TNA wants to bring back the X Division, but if they really want to do it : put this 5 new talents with the other X Division guys and re-do X Division main event 'cause after all : without the TNA X Division , TNA will be nothing more than another wrestling federation ! 'cause most of us firstly watched TNA because we've heard about the X Division and 'cause at that time WWE killed their Cruiserweight division ! but now it seems that WWE wants to bring it back and because TNA is killing their product most of the X Division guys will go to WWE or go back to ROH

So for now, I'm really disapointed about their "wrestling matters" stuff ...

Hope you've understand me, if I wasn't really clear feel free to ask me to explain again but I've try to do my best with my english.

Thanks for reading,

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  1. dub's Avatar
    Well, I see your point and it doesn't make you a hater it just makes you a person wit some common sense. I loved the X-division back in the day and I still like it now it's just that it's been de-sensitized for so long that the matches hardly get a reaaction on Impact. They SHOULD'VE KEPT THE X-DIVISION AT THE FOREFRONT! and they would've never had this problem. The thing is they brought it back but it's like they are starting from scratch. Haskins is good, Sorensen is good, Ion is good, Nese is good but the casual fan does NOT know these guys. It is so hard for them to draw a reaction from the crowd no matter how good they are. Now when you compare these guys to the X-division stars of the past like Senshi, Pettey Williams, Amazing Red there is no comparison because these guys are established wrestlers. Don't get me wrong I like that they are making an effort to bring it back but it will never be what it once was because they burried it for so long. Just my two cents BTW good blog
  2. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    New blood is always good. The problem is they have to many new guys. They will have to try and win over the fans for a few weeks. There is a storyline between Aries and Kendrick (unlike other matches), but I think what messes them up on story is they try to build everything to Bound for Glory way to early. They need some type of PPV to begin the Road to Glory so they can get their stories straight.
    It's not gonna be saved over night it's been a month give it time they will still bring more guys in the division. Your blog kind of seems like a starving man getting food & throwing it on the floor & saying its not good enough IMO
  4. Sahu's Avatar
    Gud Read!! I luvd TNA back then only because f the X-Div...n off late they are not concentrating on the division and focussing more on the stables and trying to build teh NWO kinda thing..which is really boring..

    Now they got 5 new ppl into the division..n already we have Kendrick, Aries n Alex Shelly are there...Sonjoy Dutt is also there I guess..they can build some good stories involving the experienced and the new guys..Also, they should try to take Petey Williams and other exp...n they also can try making new TagTeams outta these wrestlers...n can improve that division as well...

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