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TNA have done a good job with Jeff Hardy!

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Since Jeff Hardy has made his second appearance in TNA I feel they have surprisingly utilized him in the correct ways.

Now Jeff's last stint in the WWE you could argue to be his best in his whole career main eventing and winning championships, but I actually think TNA have done one better then WWE on this occasion!

WWE would never have dreamed of making Jeff heel in his time there, for what ever reason. But since his heel turn in TNA I believe he has surpassed his brother in mic skills and has improved to another level! I must admit I would never of thought Jeff would of made a good heel, but something has just clicked and it seems to go so well with the whole face paint/anti Christ gimmick he has going on. He is actually leading a stable and doing many more promos then he ever did in WWE. Now I know WWE started the whole face paint gimmick idea, but in TNA they have made it better with better theme music that I think goes a lot better with the character he is portraying.

I am just hoping now that TNA makes more of these good decisions in the future. I feel they have to do something with Matt Hardy quick before he ends up boring like he did in WWE. But they have a chance to make him interesting by taking advantage of the whole cold blood gimmick, possibly changing his look a bit in the process.

I am also hoping WWE takes notice of this and changes some of there stars from heel to face or face to heel. I think WWE defiantly need to make Ted Dibiase a face soon as! and R-Truth a heel!!!!!!!

Would like to hear your thoughts? good or bad?

The Silk.

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