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The Lost Wrestlemanias

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In the past couple days I've gotten some really great ideas for blog topics, and very soon I will most definitely hit on every single one of these. But for now, there's something far more serious that comes to mind. Well, maybe not more serious, but it's been bugging me lately. It seems as though every time the WWE decides to look back at highlights of past Wrestlemanias, they always tend to hit on the same major groundbreaking events. Some examples are 1) the obvious Hogan/Andre match at WM3, 2) HBK coming off the ladder onto Razor (even though HBK lost the match, lol) at WM 10, 3) once again HBK holding the title after the Iron Man match at WM 12, 4) Stone Cold celebrating with Mike Tyson, 5) John Cena running down the ramp with the half a million Cena imposters lined up (i was there for that one) at WM 25, etc. etc.

I think it's time we talk about some Wrestlemanias that practically never get mentioned in this context, even though they have given us some of the most memorable moments ever. I'm going to start with one I watched just the other day (and these are in no particular order at all); WM 8 back in 1992 is an event that almost never sticks out in anyone's mind for being special, but I beg to differ. Let's start with Macho Man Randy Savage winning the WWF title from a bloody Ric Flair. The show was also capped off by the return (albiet rather brief) of the Ultimate Warrior to save Hogan's shitty ass. But we can't forget the match of the night...Bret Hart winning his 2nd IC title by being the first person to legitamitely pin Roddy Piper's shoulders to the mat. That was one for the ages. Go check it out. Next I want to just briefly speak of WM 3 because I know due to the Hogan/Andre situation, it was dubbed a classic. But we have to make mention of the IC title match between Ricky Steamboat and Randy Savage. This has been named arguably the greatest match of all time, and every time someone talks about WM 3, it's always Hogan and Andre, despite the fact that Steamboat and Savage stole the show that night. Another moment to think about was sandwiched in the year between the iron man match and austin winning the title. I'm talking about 1997 and WM 13. This event had another one of the greatest matches of all time with Bret Hart and Stone Cold in the I Quit match. This match took a fan favorite and made him a heel and took a heel and made him a fan favorite. This happened without any interference. That's just how good these guys used to be at telling a story in the ring. Not to mention good ole Undertaker winning the belt from Sid while wearing his completely old school garb with the gray gloves and leggings. That was the shit. The last one I'm going to mention is WM 4 way back in 1988. No one ever talks about this event, but Wrestlemania 4 was awesome and exciting from beginning (which showed the world the first taste of Bret Hart as an individual competitor) all the way through to the end (where Macho Man won the gold). It started with an exciting battle royal to kick things off. Then it went into an entire 14-man tournament for the WWF title, all contested in one night. Randy Savage wrestled and won FOUR times in the same event. We even got to see Bobby Heenan get attacked by the bulldog Matilda. All in all, this was an amazing Wrestlemania that (i guess because Hogan didn't close the show by being champ) didn't really ever get the recognition it deserved. This one is definitely a must have for any classic collection. I have 3 copies of it myself.

Now I could go on and on for days talking about moments in Wrestlemania history that don't get mentioned like they should, but I'm going to stop here for now. I really want to hear what you have to say and which moments are signifcant to you. Thanks again for reading, and until next time...

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  1. Kincaid's Avatar
    Right on for mentioning Wrestlemania 8! I attended that show when I was 11. That Bret Hart/ Piper match was spectacular, no doubt about it. And at the time, Ultimate Warrior's return was a BIG DEAL. Crowd went ballistic when the first couple riffs of his theme song echoed through the now destroyed "Hoosier Dome". Macho Man and Flair was my favorite match by far on the card. WWF was trying to push Hogan v. Justice as Hogan's last match (?) at the time but my favorite storyline going in to 'Mania that year was Flair claiming he'd had a relationship with Miss Elizabeth. Remember the pictures Flair published of Liz and himself? I wanted Savage to beat the breaks off Naitch and the two didn't let me down! Flair was covered in blood, Savage limped like the figure four was the most devistating submission EVER. Great show.
  2. mosdope's Avatar
    You definitely have a point. Wish they would show an image from Owen pinning Bret at WM X. As a young Bret Hart fan, my jaw dropped when that happened.
  3. TakerMania's Avatar
    WrestleMania Promos have been so lazy for the last several years
  4. Rick Starr's Avatar
    I do agree with you, that the WWE, has overkilled those great WrestleMania moments. And while I know this moment itself will never see the light of WWE day, one of my greatest WWE moments is when Chris Benoit won the World Title. I know what he did is despicable, but it is still one of my best moments in WrestleMania history.
  5. Saiga's Avatar
    i agree with Rick Starr ..... the ending of Mania XX when Benoit finally won the belt, it had the greatest ending of all time when Eddie hit the ring to celebrate with Benoit both holding their world titles .... what a way to end the 20th anniversary of a mega ppv that only comes once a year ....

    i get the feeling because of Benoit's actions outside the ring, WrestleMania XX is almost completely forgotten even though it had some nice matches on it.

    Another WrestleMania i feel thats been forgotten about is Mania V ... just saying!
  6. utfreak79's Avatar
    I totally agree with may be that pg issue ,cause those matches were all bloody.and we all know how wwe feels about blood.That iron man match was the defining moment for stone cold and it was awesome.I may be wrong,but I dont think so.
    And Saigan......The wwe wishes now that they hadnt ever heard of benoit
  7. Anyrysm's Avatar
    I loved the look on Kurt Angle's face at WM 20 when Eddie Guerrero slipped off the boot and pinned him in a cradle.
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