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The Young Stars of WWE

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Awe the young talent of WWE. They are really good however so many of them have no mic skills a charisma. My first example of the is Sheumus, a great talent in the ring and what WWE like a big raw tough guy. But what has he become one a promising champion but after tonight well he may not even make it to the card on wresltemani. Why? he has absolutely no Charisma at all. What happened to the days of great promos.

Take the Miz for example everyone rides on him on why is he champion he does not deserve it. Well lets be honest hear he does he has what WWE loves Charisma and as much as people would hate to admit he has great promo skill.

Now lets look at other Superstars that should be WWE champion but what lacks is Charisma and Mic skills.

John Morrison- Amazing athlete and wrestler on of the most entertaining to watch. However he can't talk on the mic to save his life. Let along get people involved during his match. He learns to do this i could see a Major push till then he just be stuck being on the brink forever.

Kofi Kingston- Again amazing wrestler, they even gave him a shot at a great fued with Randy Orton. However watching those promos was just sickening to watch it made me cringe.

Daniel Bryan- great ring technician. but again has absolutely no mic skills.

Jack swagger- heck they gave him the title once. i am not sure if his lisp is fake or real but when it is hard to understand what you say ur push is gone.

Alberto Del Rio- not a very good wrestler, to me sometimes watching him it hurts. But what he does have is charisma and can handle himself on the mic. he is more then likely gonna be the next champion.

Dolp Ziggler- such a underated wrestler. watcing some of his matches are just spectacular. He also has decent mic skills. The problem with him they keep giving him a manager. On his own he could be a chris jericho.

Cody Rhodes- not your typical WWE guys skinny but lord knows when he opens his mouth I listen. He definitely learned alot from his father. Definitely would not be surprised to see him as champion before the end of this year.

So what i am trying to Say is if your not the typical big wwe guy you will never get a push if you don't have mic skill. And if you are a big guy and get that shot, like Sheumus and Jack Swagger did. Don't mess it up by not learning the mic skill. Or you just get squashed by the guy who gave you the shot or be a trainer for Micheal cole.

Now my prediction in order of how i see these younger start becoming champions

1. Alberto Del Rio
2. Cody Rhodes
3. John Morrison
4. Dolp Ziggler
5. Kofi Kingston
6. Sheumas
7. Daniel Bryan

the last 3 i believe won't have a shot at all in the next year or 2 tBH

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  1. Justdawg08's Avatar
    Sheamus is a great wrestler and talker.
  2. SilverGhost's Avatar
    Disagree on Del Rio. He can wrestle a good match and can talk. Maybe you weren't impressed with his work in the ring.

    If you need to see his stuff, check out Dos Caras Jr.
  3. Dan the grappler's Avatar
    i disagree about morrison did you actually watch the dirt sheet promo's or his palace of wisdom promo he has charisma, but i do agree he needs to apply it more rather then now and again. the miz is good all round and makes a good heel but he really needs to lose micheal cole he is a complete tool.
  4. wallyman's Avatar
    after i read ''alberto del rio not a good wrestler'' i stopped reading lol
  5. The Sheep's Avatar
    Hey man... not bad but Alberto Del Rio is the fucking man and a bonified star in wwe in his 1st year. Everyone else was pretty spot on
  6. Polly-Pablo's Avatar
    I've watched Del Rio as ADR and Dos Caros Jr and I still believe that, although he is 'good on the mic', his technical wrestling ability isn't as polished as people make out.

    His promos work with him as a heel, this point is proven when he winds people up by anything he says. I'm not convinced he'd be over as a face.

    Madness - The push he has received has more to do with the international talent that VKM is, refreshingly, bringing in to the WWE, rather than his actual ring ability.
    It has been proven many times that you do not have to be technically gifted to be a 'big star' in WWF/WWE.

    I admire the guy for changing his image to be part of WWE, but I think that if people looked past the promos and paid a little more attention to his in ring work, they'd see he's nothing more than average.

    As for the comment earlier on Cody Rhodes lisp and size holding him back......two names for you Dusty Rhodes & HBK....didn't seem to affect their careers.
  7. xStraightxEdgexSaviorx's Avatar
    Why do people always forget about Wade Barrett when doing these things. Don't get me wrong, he's not an amazing wrestler (although not terrible either) but imo he's a great talker and he's a big guy with a great voice (that always helps). I think he's a lot closer to being World champ then Swagger, Bryan, and Kofi. We also got Sin Cara and Seth Rollins waiting in the wings, and CM Punk is still a young guy in my opinion who has a big future ahead of him.

    A few of things i don't agree with:

    First, ADR is a top 5 wrestler in the WWE right now.

    Second, Cody Rhodes should get a mid-card push in this upcoming year, but not all the way to the World title. Intercontinental champ sounds good to me though.

    Third, Sheamus is a good talker. Not great, but definitely passable.
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