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The Rick Starr Blog Splash 8-18-2010

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Welcome back to the Rick Starr Blog Splash! In a few short hours I'll be calling in to Double B's Wrestling Show, where I'll give some daily scoops, then join in and talk about the week in wrestling. If your interested we get together every Wednesday at 8:00pm eastern time at

On Passing the of Wrestlers: Well one again the WWE has stuck a thorn in my side with the way it has dealt with the passing of certain wrestlers. Roughly 5 days ago Lance Cade had passed away and there were suggestions of a drug overdose. Cade, was in the WWE for almost 9 years, won 3 tag-team titles, and when he passed away the WWE just looked away! Now I am not a Lance Cade fan, on any level, but when someone, who gives that much time to your company dies, he or she is entitled to 10 seconds of your time.

They pulled the same crap with Miss Elizabeth. I watched (or tried to for that matter, the DVD is total crap) The Randy Savage Ultimate Collection, where Matt Stryker and Maria was covering the DVD. When they first brought up Elizabeth’s name they never mentioned she passed away, or refereed to her as “The Late Miss Elizabeth”. They made it out as if she was on some extended vacation to Never-Never Land.

And then there's Chris Benoit. The WWE has been taking a Mr. Clean eraser to their whole library, just to eradicate Benoit from their history. Yes Benoit did a terrible thing, and the debate as to why he did what he did rages on. My opinion stands firm in my blog about Benoit. But hey! At least the WWE did honor him with a special RAW!

Does the WWE believe that if they hide these things from their television programs, that the fans, will just forget about these people? Maybe the HD you see on the Barricade doesn't mean Hi-Def. I Think it's the WWE's real TV Ratings: Hunky Dory. I have one question: If Vincent Kennedy McMahon were to drop dead tomorrow of a drug overdose, should he be swept under the carpet like Cade and Miss Elizabeth? Gives you something to think about.

On SummerSlam: For what was supposed to be “The Biggest Party of the Summer”, I've had bigger parties on my patio with my $50 kettle grille and $20 cooler. The WWE is charging $50 for crap ($60 for Hi-Def crap) I pretty much called most of the matches 2 days before SummerSlam. With the Exception of Daniel Bryan returning, and John Cena getting the win. I'd have to say called it down the middle. On The Ziggler/Kingston No Contest was a disappointment for an ending. I expected Ziggler to keep the title, but not in that fashion. The Sheamus/Orton match was another disappointment. Yes the final ending was nice, but Sheamus DQ'ing is just all too familiar.

On The Whole F'N Show:
I know I am a minority when I say this, but there were a couple of matches that were very unsatisfying. One of them was the final match between Beer Money and MCMG. This 2 out of 3 falls, just had to go to the 3rd match. WHY? A better question: this series had to go all the way to the 7th match WHY?! Were the qualities of these matches great? Yes, they kicked ass, but there was no suspense as who was going to win. Every company does these best of 5, best of 7, ect. And the winning team always always, wins by 1 match. That's why I'm aggravated with this series.

Then you have the Stairway to Janice Match: The match itself was excellent, a lot of great spots. There was that one spot where RVD went over the ropes and hit the rail head first, it looked pretty bad. The only thing that didnt make much sense in that match was Bichoff. He didn't do much of anything, maybe a fast count, but certainly no way of extracting revenge.

Finally we come to Janice herself: The cheap thrill that never wants to put out. This weapon of choice for Abyss was obviously overkill. TNA knows that it can't be used on anyone, so they reverted to hit & run tactics. I think the best thing they should do is “out-law” Janice, so Abyss has no choice but to get rid of the silly weapon. It's making him look silly not intimidating.
Other than that, I'd have to say the Whole F'N Show wasn't that bad. I did initially give it 2 thumbs down, but I recently re-watched it, and most of the matches were PPV quality. Without getting back on a rant, I do like both the Guns and Beer Money, and some of the matches in their series was entertaining.

Well that's it for now Splashers, as always feel free to post comments. Your 2 cents is always welcome. Also you can catch me over a www.thewrestlegamershow.com where I post daily rumors. And of course my home page is at www.rickstarrblogsplash.zooloo.com

See You When I See You -Rick Starr

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