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Reborn-Again Fan: My Thoughts on present-day WWE & TNA Part I

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Let me start this post off by stating a few things:
  • I began watching wrestling in 1993.
  • I stopped watching wrestling around late 2005.
  • I started watching wrestling again in December 2010.
  • I'm 22 years old.

What might bring me back to wrestling you might ask after a 5-year layoff? After having discussions with co-workers of mine about old pay-per-view events and past champions, along with hours spent on wrestling quizzes from, I decided to give it a shot again.
The way that I will organize my thoughts is I'm going to list each promotion and name three things I like and dislike each promotion.
Part I will discuss WWE.

The Future looks good: During my intial two week start, I was very reluctant to accept the new superstars. I had to tell myself, "Mos, the WWE is nothing like it was when you were 12. Remember, you're now 22 years old with many different interests." Once I realized this, I immediately embraced the new stars. Guys like Cody Rhodes, Del Rio, Morrison, Punk, Miz, etc. All of these guys show great promise in some form or another. If I was the head writer, I would be drooling all over the new talent that WWE has.

Divas: When I was watching wrestling before, I would always skip the Diva matches. They were boring and just an overall botchfest in my opinion. I think the only Diva I came close to enjoying was Lita. Now I actually watch the matches. Ladies like Natayla, Gail Kim, & Michelle McCool(yes, I like her) make the division interesting.

Production of the product: When I watch WWE pay-per-vew, I truly feel as if I'm watching something special. The PPVs truly feel important and you can tell the company still goes out of their way to make most superstars seem "larger than life."

Credibility of Championships: Let me begin this by saying that I think the days of the year-long championship reigns are gone and I'm glad. But at the same time, I'd like to at least feel like a champion is great. I like Jerry Lawler as much as the next guy(Up until '04 that is and I'm from TN so I've been watching the guy in USWA/MCW & WWE) but can we at least have Miz defend his title at a ppv against a guy I actually feel like could win? That's the main issue of mine with the wrestling business today, there are very few matches that I can't already just look at and figure out the outcome.

Bad writing: This is all my opinion of course, but some of the superstars have gotten incredibly stale over the years. I'll admit, the over-emphasis on guys like HHH, Cena & Orton was a significant reason I became uninterested in WWE. But I noticed since I've started watching, it doesn't bother me so much that Cena or Orton win so much. In my opinion, they put people over more than people give them credit for. I just don't find it believable when John Cena is beating up 5 guys by his lonesome or Randy Orton's cinematics when he's "coiling." Now don't get me wrong, I don't see anything wrong with the PG product necessarily. Times have changed and a heel turn for Cena might not work as well as it did in the past(even though I think it can be done effectively). Wrestlers need to be given better material for promos, build up more stars instead of burying guys(Sheamus, Swagger, Dibiase, etc). Why not have better written feuds, you don't have to have a guy say bad things about someones deceased father(bossman/big show) or call a guy out for a murder(kane/hhh) in order to have a good feud.

Too many skits:
I think the reason I usually prefer Smackdown to Raw is because it seems to me that they have more matches. I understand the need to have skits, but can we at least have time to see good matches? I like Daniel Bryan as much as the next guy and I enjoyed when he was actively involved in matches on Raw but can we do a little more with the guy? Why not have him in some sort of feud for his United States title. I think they were hinting at something of the sort with his little confrontation with Sheamus. I also wish they would do more with Nexus just so they don't seem like aimless followers.

Overall I enjoy the WWE product. It's fun to watch and although I mentioned they need to write better feuds, they have done well in my opinion with some of the current feuds. I'm looking forward to see where Punk/Orton, Del Rio/Edge, & Rhodes/Mysterio go. Wrestlemania is shaping up to be a wonderful card.

Thoughts & Opinions are welcomed before I write my Part II covering TNA.

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  1. gokhanx99's Avatar
    On the subjuect about ppvs u mention i agree but its not just ppvs. Raw, SD, evan superstars feel so proffetional. the ring lookswell built and doesnt shake as much as the TNA ring does evan the music is better quality. Nothing looks out of place at all. TNA needs to adress this i think. It was the same with WCW just not the same proffetional product as the WWF was. compare RVD'S entrance on TNA to his wwe entrance.
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