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TNA. Hogan and Bishoff Era and other points.

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Hi Guys and Girls

I honestly didnt think that i would ever think that i would be doing this and it is my first blog. But just a couple of points to make.

1. Tna the Hogan and Bishoff Era. First and foremost i will say i have a huge amount of respect for hogan and bishoff and they really did take the industry further than most thought it could ever be done back in WCW. Ill be the first one to say i was really happy when dixie brought them in and the potential of more established wrestlers to the company. When she brought them in they promised one thing to dixie RATINGS. What is the one thing that hasnt changed throughout the whole time that they have been in the company. Ratings. 1.2/1.3 They continue to push down TNA talent until something goes wrong or they feel like they have too. Quite frankly i feel sorry for dixie because she must be throwing money like nobodies business at them. I think it says something about this era that she tried so hard to bring paul hayman in during this period. Credit to them they do have good story line ideas the exicution of them have been dismal. It took a year to realise AJ is a SHOCKING HEEL. fortune is one of the awesome ideas they came along with. I'm just begging them to look at AJ or Joe or the pope vs hardy or RVD or Anderson in any way shape or form. 6 stars are there infront of your face. Hogan. Bishoff. Great respect to them both. They have not delivered on anything that they have promised. Stop bashing russo as well. I think its just fustrating for all the fans that can see the poteintial. I hope things change and they have the abillity to really move the company forward. But if they dont before there contracts will Dixie renew them. Honestly I think she will. Whether this will be the right decision only time will tell. I hope it is. For wrestling full stop.

2. Anyone who talks about wwe being PG and being rubbish because of it. Pipe down. Its annoying to anyone with the slightest bit of sense in their body.

3. I can honestly see a bright future for the WWE. There are some really good wrestlers learning their trade and aslong as they push the right people then there will be stars of the future. Morrision, Miz, Del Rio, Christian (if as i expect gets thrown into the edge del rio wrestlemania match) plus others. they freshen up the main event scene and if some can cross over like cena has then the company will be in good shape.

4. My last point Ted Dibiase. Does anyone feel seriously dissapointed for Ted. In legacy he looked the better one out of him and cody. I remember a match with him a randy when i thought he was going to turn face. no words had to be said great acting and showed what he could really do. unfortunatly they turned orton not Ted. He has never been the same since. give him a decent angle turn him face and push him.

I really do hope that TNA reaches some of its potential. Give WWE another 2 years and they will be in good shape there on the right path.

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  1. DXFan619's Avatar
    I have honestly begun to think that Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff are just Vince's double agents, and they're intentionally f*cking everything up within the company.

    Maybe HTM is right, and Hulk Hogan is reeling back into Vince.
  2. steveorton's Avatar
    I agree with you about Ted Dibiase on the fact they need to turn him face because he is a decent superstr, but to me Cody always looked better in Legacy, they just promoted Ted more, I'm jus sayin...
  3. The Sheep's Avatar
    i think Jarret and Russo are to blame here. The karen wedding story is lame. I think hogan/bischoff are trying their best. They just don't get it.
  4. Dan the grappler's Avatar
    i feel deeply for ted he is a good wrestler and deserves a hell of alot more then what he is currently getting, as for tna the best thing from them is to clear out the money grabbers like flair (who got given a really good farewell from wwe just to turn up on tna) as for matt hardy jesus what happened to him he looks like he went to kfc and didn't leave for a couple of month's.
  5. nrb6304's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The Sheep
    i think Jarret and Russo are to blame here. The karen wedding story is lame. I think hogan/bischoff are trying their best. They just don't get it.
    Go watch TNA 2002-2005 (MORE of TNA's BEST years) that was ALL Russo and Jarrett. Blaming Russo and Jarrett is a load of crap.

    When Dixie brought in Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff EVERYBODY said that TNA was headed down the toilet, and I decided that I was going to be the black sheep and defend them and say give them a chance.....I was wrong....Hogan and Bischoff NEED TO GO!!!

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