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To PG or not PG...

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Hi all, time for blog number 2 and I can think of no better subject than the constantly debated topic of the WWE PG rating. I would also like to recommend that you check out Polly-Pablo's blog on this subject as they cover some really good angles on this and encourage good debate.

Ok, so lets start by frustrating a few of you by saying...I dont have a problem with the PG rated WWE product. And this comes from a guy who grew up watching the Attitude Era. We all know why they've made the move and it makes good business sense. That doesn't mean to say that i don't have some frustrations regarding it a lot of which were apparent in this weeks PPV and RAW.

PPV/Match Stipulations - Last Sunday saw 6 Raw superstars and 6 SD superstars enter 'one of the most demonic and hellish structures in the WWE' 'putting their bodies on the line' etc etc blah blah blah. We get this kind of commentary and promo every time there is a gimmick match Cage/TLC/Hell in a Cell/Chamber. The problem is that this just doesnt work in a PG rated show because you can never fully show just how dangerous these matches are. I think the WWE needs to come up with new match concepts that conform more to the PG rating. Im mean think...has there really been a good HIAC match since the PG era began?

Sponsorship - Its often commented on that one of the biggest reasons the WWE went PG was to attract more larger,Family Friendly sponsors. This is fine and I totally buy it, so what was RAW brought to us with this week? Killzone 3 and Drive Angry 3D, not exactly kindergarden stuff. It seems contradictory that they should seek to attract a broader audience only to advertise products for a resrticted segment of that audience.

Wrestling needs blood - ok so this is where I do disagree. Yes as ive already mentioned if you have a stipulation such as HIAC or a Chair Match then delivering this in a PG format weakens the concept and exposes the stipulation as not as dangerous or career threatening as we are continually reminded. And yes there have been some classic 'extreme' mark out moments - people still talk about Mankind/Taker HIAC or the Stone Cold/Hitman match. My personal faves are Orton/Cactus Jack at Backlash where Orton took the thumbtack bump or Foley again in action against Edge at Wrestlemania with spear through the flaming table. Terrific stunts but these memories are few comapred to the truly great matches and moments that didnt need blood, didnt need stunts just a good story and fantastic wrestling. The list is endless but Taker/HBK at Mania of course, Angle/Benoit at Royal Rumble, HBK/Cena 1 hour match at RAW in the UK (best match ive ever seen live). Everyone will have their own lists but unless you have a particular bloodlust id guarantee that your list of great matches that are PG suitable outweigh those that arent.

Besides if what the industry was crying out for was an edgy, no holds barred swearing and bleeding wrestling product then TNA would be drawing in 2 or 3 times the viewing figures they currently are.

Wrestlemania is round the corner and is looking to be a great show. We're going to get some quality main events, the always entertaining money in the bank match (which Morrison deserves to win after his recent performances), the amazingly eagerly anticipated Rock/Cena confrontation and I'll bet that the majority of us will watch it, cheer, mark out and enjoy the evening without even a moments thought as to wether it would have been any better pre PG days. I guess to sum up what Im saying is that theres more that i still love about the WWE than I miss under the PG era.

As before, feel free to comment, argue abuse etc....all are welcomed.

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  1. Austin Mcintosh's Avatar
    I totally agree, it doesnt matter what the rating is to put on a good show. orton/cena last man standing or there iron man match was insane. People complain to much about PG and those are the uneducated fools who need there degree in thuganomincs. Also when you have a match like HIAC or Elimination Chamber match that is the only time you should see blood. BLood in wrestling at the right time sells the match and only makes it better. Great blog man.
  2. Stone Cold Sam Houston's Avatar
    I generally agree that PG doesn't necessarily mean boring. But lately in what is seemingly an effort to maintain a PG rating, character developement has suffered. Super Cena is the most generic top babyface character the WWE has ever had and even upper-midcard heels like Doph Ziggler have no personality at all. Also, in an attempt to make up for a lack of compelling stories or characters, creative has resorted to booking main-event level matches every week on Raw and SmackDown, with almost no build at all. Taking the main-eventers for the next pay-per-view putting them in tag-team matches against their opponents for 3 weeks in a row is just boring. They can be a bit edgier (as seen in recent weeks by the Rock and Cena promos) without losing the PG rating. I agree that HIAC and other such matches should be replaced because they are not compelling when they are toned down to the degree they have been, but they can find a suitable replacement that can work in PG. Even the Hogan era was edgier than the WWE has been for the past couple years, but edgy does not always mean entertaining and if done properly PG can lead to just as good of a product as the WWE has had in the past.
  3. jordan1995's Avatar
    to be honest i long to c a chair shot to the head and its not just the lack of blood its the fact we have to put up with SANTINO AND HORNSWOGGLW WHICH IS A JOKE
  4. xAzureSkye's Avatar
  5. The Sheep's Avatar
    I think there needs to be a balance. U had a great point that if blood and extreme were in demand tna would be bigger. but i honestly think that pg can tend to hinder some stories. Some matches. blood has been in wrestling for decades. It sells the match. The attacks, and honestly isnt any more violent then wrestling itself. i'd even go as far as to say it makes it seem more dangerous and thus less likley to try at home. but i think alot more moderation. no need to have 2 blade jobs per ppv. not even every ppv. but when i buy a hiac ppv, im buying full well thinking its going to be brutal. a little parental advisory on a ppv named hell in a cell u would think would safice.
  6. Toby Fox's Avatar
    Blood is unecessary.
  7. candlelarbra5212's Avatar
    Cena Rock confrontation? mark out? yes, just like we did in the attitude era, ask yourself when was the last time you marked out over a PG star, then ask yourself was it as marky and the AE?(inset peoples eyebrow). I think people forget just how good it was, seriously look at all the signs in the crowd, people would be on there feet screaming not just the chilldren. As joey said OH MY GEOOOOD.
    TNA? I hope that was a joke (no offense) WWE could be G and still out perforn TNA. We would need to double the size of the internet just to list what was wrong with TNA. No we would need to double the size of the earth so we get more natural resources so we can build a new internet type thing just so we could fill it with everything thats wrong with TNA. No we need to double the size of the universe so we can find a more advanced race with bigger brains so they can think of whats wrong with TNA (and then their heads would explode) eg ha ha ha ha they turned ha ha ha ha jeff ha ha ha ha hardy ha ha ha ha HEEL ba ha ha ha ha ha ha, seriuosly they must have somked every ounce pot, taken every pill of E, snorted every bit of coke to think that was a good idea. Women, HA. (refering to dixie)
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