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12 Step Program To A New Wrestling Show

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What I would like to see in a newly formed televised wrestling show.

1. Only new and unnoticed performers.

2. The roster would comprise no more than 25 people. Take for instance TNA; they have way too many wrestlers for just one show.

3. Less chitchat more fighting. Use only 5% of the show for the chatting so we know what’s going on and the rest for the combat.

4. Large uncluttered amphitheater.

5. 50% of the show goes to the female performers the other 50% to the Male.

6. No skeletal Barbie doll female entertainers. Bring in the ODB’s, Awesome Kong’s and Angelina Love’s. You know, women with ability and muscle.

7. Leave the Eric Bischoff’s and Vince McMahon’s at home. They evidently don’t like change and are continually scripting the same thing over and over again.

8. No GM’s on the show. I would only have them come out to address the fans on future PPV show’s and currently booked fights for the show.

9. Find a decent television network that won’t censer the show. I would go for HBO, Show Time or even Starz. No commercial breaks and no black bars in case of a nipple slip.

10. Reasonably priced PPV shows.

11. The biggest thing I would like to see in a new show would be less previous show segments. For instance, WWE tends to shove what happened on last week’s episode down are throat’s more then we need. We don’t have amnesia, we know what happened.

12. Lastly the one thing we all want to see is more wrestling promotion rivalry and less of the WWE monopoly. Shows only seem to be good when the have competition. Just put this show on Monday and keep it there.

Just remember that these are my opinions of what I want, not what you want. Not every person wants the similar thing, we are all different. So please post what you would like to see in a new televised promotion.

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  1. Stone Cold Sam Houston's Avatar
    You have some really good ideas and some I would change, but the general concept sounds great. HBO/Showtime/Starz is an excellent idea! If someone could get a wrestling promotion on there, with no censorship/no commercials it would be great, also it could eliminate PPV's since people already pay for those channels and the promotion would get a cut of that revenue, so maybe 1 huge PPV or 3 big ones. I also agree on no Vince/Bishoff or on-screen GM's (anonymous or otherwise). Definitely less flashback segments. I would only change the 50/50 men's/women's ratio to maybe 70/30, but definitely agree on getting real female atheletes (they would have to look right too though). My main changes would be to the 5% talk time, only because I think in the current era we forget how good promos can be (though the Rock reminded us recently) and storylines need to be developed. Also I believe there would have to be a presence of established talent for the company to get noticed and as a measuring stick for new talent. So yea, while I differ a little from your opinion, I think this concept kicks ass. Good blog.
  2. Automatic's Avatar
    Well you're absolutely right on point 11...
  3. steveorton's Avatar
    Your wrestling promotion will not be recognized and you will not make any profits and in about 6 months you will be bought by VKM, don't mean to be negative but, I'm jus sayin...
  4. therealdegenerate's Avatar
    so your basically saying create an indy program that comes on t.v. Big problem, there is no mention of money in here at all. Wrestling on television has never been about entertainment, its been about money and the reason indies aren't on t.v is because they don't make money.
  5. The New Guy's Avatar
    Lets say you have a 2 hours show
    Unnoticed performers: Who would tune in to your show if there's not a single recognizible face?
    Promos: So if only 5% of your show is "chitchat" that means you have to put matches of more than 20 minutes. So you gave away ppv matches for free.
    You say no commercial breaks which means no advertising which means less money to you and to the network.
    Razonably ppv prices: so people is not buying you ppv 'cause you gave the match for free, you have no money and you want razonably prices?
    Not to be the guy that says that santa doesn't exist, but your wrestling promotion is dead before a month.
    What you just discribed is the dream of the entire IWC but it just can't be done
  6. Trip_Fisk's Avatar
    Why dont you just make an MMA show? you want no promos and chitchat then your not watching pro Wrestling or sports entertainment.

    1. you need a few astablished guys to get some attenion. Get veteran workers who will put over your new guys.

    2.You need extra guys to keep the rotation of your new faces.

    3. How are you gonna tell stories with out "Chitchat" as you put it? How are you gonna make story lines and rivalries with out some talk.

    5. if you want men and women split evenly you will only have 12 men and 12 woman you wont even have enough guys to make a royal rumble

    6.If you don't want to sell calenders or playboys. Awesome Kong is a great wrestler but i don't want to see her nude.

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