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YcCmC: 2 - 40 Is Not the New 30

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So it is the largest Royal Rumble in history, huh?

More chances to be exciting, more chances to be unpredictable, more chances for no one to care whatsoever about arguably the greatest gimmick match in history. Sure 40 men would have been great 8 or 9 years ago when the brand split first occurred, but how the hell is WWE going to pull this off while making people still care?

.....they can't.

With a decent at best mid-card filled with 'rookies' and terribly pushed talent (if they are pushed at all) there is no way they can fill 40 spots to make this entertaining. They're only a few mid-carders that anyone cares about. I will guarantee when half of the participants come in, they will get zero crowd reactions.

So lets look at the 25 who are confirmed as of this writing to make it in placing them on a scale of 1-10,
1 being 'why are you here?'
10 being 'ZOMG ITS JOHN CENA!!!'

John Cena - 10 (like you have to ask)
CM Punk - 10 (leader of SES 2.0)
David Otunga - 3
Husky Harris - 3
Michael McGillicutty - 3
Sheamus - 7 (everyone is just waiting for his HHH fued)
Daniel Bryan - 7
John Morrison - 8
Ted DiBiase - 5
Mark Henry - 5
Alberto Del Rio - 9
Cody Rhodes - 6
Darren Young - 2
David Hart Smith - 2
Primo - 1
R-Truth - 4
Rey Mysterio - 9
Tyson Kidd - 2
William Regal - 3 (deserves much better)
Yoshi Tatsu - 1 (seriously, why is he here?)
Zack Ryder - 3 (no one would like him without his theme song)
Ezekiel Jackson - 4 (starting to make a splash)
Heath Slater - 4
Justin Gabriel - 5 (nothing without the 450 Splash)
Wade Barrett - 7

Pretty lack luster if you ask me. Anyone besides Punk and Barrett in the two main stables are irrelevant at best. So 25 down, 15 spots to go. So looking at the Raw and Smackdown roster, who do they have left? Here are the last slots of the active roster that has to get in, if they don't have another match.

Swagger - 7
Big Show - 8
Drew Mac - 6
Kane - 7

29 Spots down 11 to go. Now since it being the Royal Rumble, there has to be some returns, lets see who could make them.

HHH - good shot I guess, maybe he will enter after Sheamus and start that fued
Evan Bourne - don't know his status, but a crowd pleaser
Undertaker - he only wrestles 3 months out of the year basically anyway, Royal Rumble to Wrestlmania
The Rock - never
Y2J - long shot at best

Even if half of these guys returning, that's only 32, 8 still to fill. Now here comes the bullshit. Now you may say "it's only 8 spots," that's 20% of the Rumble. Here are some possibles for the last slots.

The King - He is a main eventer all of a sudden, why not? And people complain TNA pushes old guys
Any Legend that appeared on 'Throwback Night' or in the upcoming WWE All-Stars video game - What would a Rumble be without some shameless self promotion.
Micheal Cole - Might as well?
The Raw Computer - some reason I wouldn't put it past them
Beth Phoenix - see Micheal Cole

I am sure they're are some guys on the roster that I didn't mention but really do they matter? Let me hear what you think, who do you think will make a return, or do you think the Rumble will be a success?

Thanks for reading. Crack, out.

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Updated 01-24-2011 at 09:26 PM by YOUcanCALLmeCRACK

Thoughts and Opinions


  1. Rick BoA's Avatar
    Im sure they will use old guys and nobodys as fillers. Sgt slaughter, Snuka (if he can, he looked terrible last time), Booker T, Finlay, Hornswaggle, Chyna (dont know about that 1 but it would be cool), Iron Shiek, Tony Atlas, DDP, The Godfather(cant you see him bringing his hoes down to ringside and some low carders eliminating themselves to go with them?), Vader, Sid Vicious, Honkey Tonk Man, or any of thoes other guys that make occasional appearances.
  2. brodius's Avatar
    People I would love to see but not going to see.
    Bob Orton
    Macho Man
    Ultimate Warrior
    Sting - hasn't resigned a contract with TNA yet
    Ron Simmons
    Road Warrior Animal
    Arn Anderson
    Maybe they will use some FCW filler as well. Would be a good time to throw Showtime Percy Watson into the mix.

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