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YcCmC 3 - Smackdown v Raw No More!

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I am not referring to the video game.

The night before the first ever draft on Raw back in 2002, I attended the last live show in Rutherford, NJ that used the merged roster. It was a sad sight to see The Dudleys, after a victory, get on the mic and say "this maybe the last time you see us tagging together." As we all know now that wasn't the case thanks to TNA. But back in a time where WWE had ECW and WCW in their pocket they could afford to spread talent that thin because they had so much of it. This is why I call for the re-merge of Smackdown and Raw to make WWE, a much more enjoyable show. Here are some of my thoughts about the events that have taken place from 2002-present.

Smackdown to Fridays
Honestly, I will never figure out why this move was made. Why take one of your shows and move it from a night where it was doing good (to my understanding) and place it onto a night that is known for not staying inside and watching TV? I guess with Tivo and DVR it makes it okay, but how many of us first, watch Smackdown live or second, fastforward through 3/4 of the show?

Personally, I have not watched Smackdown since the move and I am so completely unattached from the product. Beside Rey, Edge, and Taker I can not even name 5 guys on the roster (Swagger, Ziggler, Big Show, Carlito?). So when I illegally stream my WWE PPVs, half the time I am either like:
Who the - is that?
What is going on?
I think I'll grab a snack during this match.

This brings me to my next point.

Separate Brand PPVs
I know it was probably not the best business model, but it worked on so many levels. It was okay not to watch on Mondays or Thursdays (before the move) and just order the PPV of the brand you were following. Not only did it save some money, but it assured 2 months of build-up for matches. Storylines could be developed and it would be worth the obscene amount of money to see the settlement of the feud. In my opinion, if you are going to put both shows on every PPV, might as well show them on every show.

Championship Belts
WWE got rid of many of the ones that were used in 2002, not to mention 25% of the belts are defended on both shows today anyway. Would it not make the belts more meaningful if the whole roster had a chance at them? Unite the WWE and the WHC belt (call it whatever), keep the Tag Team (and make some actual tag teams), Divas (Hardy's belt) and keep the IC and US for the midcard.

How to Make it Work
This part is easy. WWE uses the same sets for both shows anyway, so just travel with both sets. Have Raw live on Mondays and tape Smackdown the next night in the same/close city. Or just have Raw and Smackdown back to back in the same city. All live events can be held around close to the city until its time for next week.

More exposure for the newer talent, new storylines can emerge (no more Cena v Orton), and we could get back to the wrestling since there is no need for two whole nights for story telling.

If we have a reason to watch Smackdown, I am sure many of us would.

But what do I know? I do not run a billion dollar corporation.
What do you think?
Thanks for reading!

Crack, out.

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  1. Stone Cold Sam Houston's Avatar
    Agreed. Smackdown is far worse than Raw under the current scenario. While it would have the westlers working both shows, they would have 5 days between TV appearences. There is no longer enough talent to support 2 separate brands.
  2. sammcl's Avatar
    I have no interest in watching SmackDown either - however, if Monday's storylines rolled into Friday's then I would watch it just to keep up.

    Even if they used an hour of SmackDown to expose new talent I would watch it as it was on!
  3. jordan1995's Avatar
    i agree 100 percent its the fact story lines can carry over to the other show was good like the alliance storyline was made even more effective as it was reinforced over both shows imagine what the nexus cud have done over 2 shows
  4. The Sheep's Avatar
    Great topic. I never really considered the brand re merging. Not a bad idea. The only thing i dont agree with is the separate brand PPV's. I think separate the rosters are too little to really sell. Also the 2 brands do travel right next to each other. every year near me both shows are only and hour or 2 appart. one monday one tuesday. But i do like the merge and i do think the world title should unify as well!
  5. The Brown One's Avatar
    If you don't even watch Smackdown right now, then your opinion to have talent appear on both shows isn't as good as it sounds. First of all, Smackdown is the wrestling show, and Raw is the entertainment show. Raw has the promo-cutters, which makes for great entertainment. Raw also has the top stars in the company, and many more than Smackdowns. Smackdown, however, has several midcarders, and are looked down upon many who don't watch, because they assume that only the world title competitors matter. Its been proven, that the midcarders constantly put on better matches than the main eventers. I'm content with how things on Smackdown are right now. I thought people wanted to see wrestling, but obviously they want the other half too-entertainment.
  6. evilash's Avatar
    Agreed on all accounts my man

    Unite the World Heavyweight and WWE Championship Titles
    Newer rivalries could be created and showcased on any and every show
    Immediate continuation of storylines - carrying from Raw and continuing on SmackDown
    More possibilities for Factions and, more importantly, Tag Teams!
    You're right - keep both the Intercontinental and United States Championships

    It's definetly time to end the brand extention I think, great blog!!
  7. qwerty704's Avatar
    "Would it not make the belts more meaningful if the whole roster had a chance at them?" Why unite the titles? i feel everyone needs a title to aim for other than the world titles, ala the tag, cruiser, etc. titles
    and the split brand ppv is iffy bcuz ppl barely watches smackdown since its on fridays
    and to say that the rosters are to small to two brands that would be comparing it to TNAs, bcuz they depth in their rosters, they just dont use them
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