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WWE - The Resurrection?

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Over the last few years, we have waited for the WWE to seriously pull its socks up in all aspects of wrestling entertainment - superstars in the roster, wrestling action, storylines, new talent - and were reasonably disappointed. After all, the WWE had Cena, Y2J, Orton, Deadman, Rey Mysterio, Edge and a host of other talented guys. But somehow, something was missing. TNA was smartly mixing it up, putting 50+ former stars as "mentors" and developing stronger heel stables, which led to some great story-line opportunities. In fact, it was the dearth of creativity in the WWE that many have quoted for leaving it.

However, of late, there seems to be some sort of a turn-around in the WWE. First of all, they brought in 40 stars in the Royal Rumble for the first time. An innovation which gave the opportunity for some surprises. Then they gave us two surprises - Diesel and Booker T, who were both TNA favorites. Then they brought in the Rock, who is expected to do wonders for the show. Triple H and the Undertaker returned at around the same time, as did Christian. And to top it up, the divas roster had Trish Stratus back. So far, the superstar line up looks good and revamped.

But this raises a few questions:
1. With Booker and Nash, the concerns arise. Would they be involved as road agents / producers with limited ring presence (a la Finlay, when we was there)? Would they be mentors of rising talents? Would they be in main events such as Elimination chamber? The truth is, they are not very agile and possibly past their prime. I feel it is most likely to be comic angles, involving heavy mike work, some divas and very less action. That would be a sorry state and WWE would be doing the same mistake they did with Booker earlier. It would be heartening to see them in the role of a Ric Flair, especially for Nash. I seriously hope the creative angles give them the conducive atmosphere to stay on.
2. The Rock - let me reserve any detailed comments on this as there are ample threads discussing his re-entry to the WWE. My simple summary would be that it is a good move and he must be their top star instead of pushing him to a mid-level status.
3. Triple H, Undertaker, Christian - this is a tricky scenario. They are injury-prone, past their prime and not really seen in a mentoring role, especially the deadman. Yes, Hunter was a pseudo-mentor in 'Evolution' but not quite. And the one other reason we saw Hunter again and again was not for him - it was for DX. They returned for one-night only matches and had very limited presence. Christian seems to be going great guns and it was unfortunate he injured himself. His return should add some good spice to the Edge-ADR storyline. The deadman is more likely to feud with a rising talent who the WWE would push - someone like Ted Dibiase Jr or Cody Rhodes, or even Sheamus, in a second push. It would be great to see these stars pitted against heel stables, which would give them the necessary space as also bring talents in the stables to light.
4. Creative storylines - the big question. In the past, stars like Austin, Kurt Angle, Nash, etc. have been openly critical of how bad the storylines are in WWE. It is really a huge challenge to keep stars involved in good storylines and get the audience interested in entertainment. This would now be easier, considering we have a good mix of leading stars, rising stars, stables, divas, etc. I hope they get their act together.
Thats it for now - lets see what the future holds.

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Updated 02-24-2011 at 02:23 AM by bharath

Thoughts and Opinions


  1. The Sheep's Avatar
    somehow i feel like WWE will fuck it all up.
  2. straightedge916's Avatar
    In a way Stone Cold is back too
  3. evilash's Avatar
    Yeah good opinions my man, WWE is starting to get very interesting again...although, a significant boost in the tag team division is needed - I just hate how millions and millions of paying WWE Fans worldwide have to suffer just because Vince isn't a big supporter of tag teams. But that is another issue.
  4. chibo777's Avatar
    at the moment the wwe has pulled a rabbit out of the hat with stone cold, the rock, trish, etc.. but look what wwe did to other major storylines recently. only time will tell
  5. bharath's Avatar
    @The Sheep - I feel the same too, but I hope they don't, just for the fans' sake and their own reputation as well.

    @straightedge916 - Yes, you are right. Even a rare appearance would make the fans go crazy. Unfortunately, he cannot be brought in on a regular basis.

    @evilash - Thanks a lot bro, keep the comments coming. I was planning to write another blog entry on titles and their value, but another comrade has already taken to it.

    @chibo777 - Yes, I agree with you wholeheartedly.

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