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PG: There's a limit to how far we 'tone down'

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This is my first blog entry, so I'd like to start off my saying hello and I hope that this isn't too bad of a read for you all (or those of you who wish to read this).

I've been a fan of Wrestling ever since I can remember. Along with my brother and sister, I've been an avid watcher right back to when we were old enough to hold a remote.

As a slightly less spritely 29 year old, I can proudly say that I can remember some of the best (and arguably better) eras in wrestling.

I could ponder on the 'good old days' all day long, but that's for another time.

The issue I wish to address right now is that of the new PG era that we are seeing in WWE right now (I will take the time to mention that I do not, and never have, watched TNA, therefore I do not feel that I am qualified to address TNA's position).

I understand the reasoning why VKM has introduced the PG era. I get that 'going PG' draws interest from the younger generations, those with parents that will relent to demands for merchandise and ring side seats.
I fully comprehend that this means extra dollars into the metaphorical pockets of the WWE. I know that PG is, more than likely, here to stay, regardless of the feelings of us 'older wrestling fans'. When all is said and done, we have to accept it and try to find enjoyment through the technical skills of the athletes - or if you like, 'superstars'.

My major bug-bear when it comes to PG is this:

Whilst 99% of the WWE programming now is PG friendly to the point that it has all but diluted the origins of WWE (or WCW, WWF as we remember it), every now and then there will be a point where WWE creative relax the reigns ever so slightly and we get flashes of the old WWE.

Case in point;

Both The Rock and Cena's promo's over the last two RAW shows.

Yes, the word 'ass' was used sparingly and yes John Cena did use the words 'blow me' in response to The Rock.

What grates on me is this. We, the long term fans, live for these moments at present. We literally light up whenever we get a flash back to the 'old days' and the way, in my personal opinion, we want the WWE to be.

So when I see comments posted on FB etc from the parents of younger fans berating WWE for thsese moments, I get a tad irate.

What I fail to comprehend is this: Wrestling is, and has always been, about (if you take it right back to the bare bones) someone wanting to beat the **** out of someone else. That, essentially, is what wrestling is.

So, let me get this straight. It is absolutely fine for you to let your children watch two grown men beat the living daylights out of each other to solve their differences, BUT, in no way are they to

a) see blood (because no blood is ever spilt during a fight right?)
b) hear obsenities ("gosh, darn that hurt" is usually the mantra when fighting)
c) hear insults that may contain references to certain parts of the anatomy

Letting children watch a sport where the sole purpose is to beat your opponent so badly that he/she can barely move is child friendly and not at all a promotion of violence, nor a bad example for your child, right?

So, when they get into a fight one day, or get sent home from school for fighting, you won't in any way see the connection between letting them watch WWE and their behaviour.
However, should they be heard to swear/curse at someone and, because The Rock, John Cena etc have said the word 'ass' , that will be the WWE's fault will it?

At some point we have to draw the line. Whilst I have an understanding on PG when it relates to marketing and money making, I fail to see why we must tone down, what has always essentially been an adult entertainment show.

If your child is not prepared for the things that he/she may see or hear when watching or attending these shows, don't let them watch and certainly don't take them to see one live.

If it's a child friendly show that you want your child to see, please take them to a PG movie, let them watch cartoons or introduce them to Disney.

Yes PG may be here to stay, but there comes a point when enough is enough. WWE was not made to be a childrens show - it's your call as a parent to understand that and make the decision on whether your child is old enough to handle that.

My apologies if I waffled on a bit, my sincerest apologies if I have offended anyone, but this is my view and my personal opinion. Please feel free to let me know your opinions, all are welcome.

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  1. Lowki's Avatar
    Yup i don't understand what any of the fuss is about. I wasn't even a teenager for most of the Attitude era and i was never offended by anything. We are in the age of PG, and not in WWE, but in everyday life. Political correctness has gone over the top (especially in the UK) and people moan about anything, and everything, that they find "objectionable".
  2. therealdegenerate's Avatar
    There are several points I want to make so bare with me.

    1) Those fb parents have the right to be upset. WWE says there are a PG product and they do particular things that aren't pg, such as vulgarity from the rock. Like it or not, any tv show needs to uphold what they say they are.
    2) You said merchandising is important in this pg era and your right. However, it isn't the sole reason why there pg. The USA network advertises family friendly television which pg stands for. From a business standpoint, both on tv and off, the pg product allows WWE to reach a larger market than they ever did in the attitude era. Plus, its not a kids show its a family show and there is a difference between the two.
    3) I have never understood why people believe the attitude era is the WWE. 1998-2002, that is the entire length of that era. The other 50 years, including the golden age of wrestling, was family friendly. Thats the business, not adult entertainment.
    Anyway sorry for the long comment but I thought I should correct some things.
  3. scotty25aj's Avatar
    Hey, nice first blog. I agree with you for the most part on what you say. I personally think the product we see from WWE is not totally because they are PG. WWE is actually doing a lot more than they need to, to be a PG product. Guidelines state that occasional bad language is well within the terms of PG. I saw a film recently that was PG and heard numerous 'bad' words in it.

    I personally think that WWE should be pushing their product to the limits of the PG guidelines but they seem not to think them same. Also people are claiming that PG makes WWE available to a wider audience. Yes thats true but as WWE corporate website clearly details itself, 78.1% of their audience is over the age of 18. Also people keep saying that WWE makes more money from being PG. Is that right? maybe in sponsorship they do but they lose money in every other area.

    Attitude era: Sold out arenas, Huge PPV buys, Sold Out Tours, Quality Wrestling

    PG era: Arenas rarely sold out (WMXXVII isnt even sold out this year), PPV buys down, Tours not sold out, Quality of wrestling lower.... but merchandise is up! Woopty Doo!
  4. straightedge916's Avatar
    Sir, everything you have just said, is how it is. I agree with you 100%. If you think about it, the blood and cursing is like reality. I mean there are no rules in fighting, if someone were fighting and the people watching said, "Okay, we will watch you fight and argue, but whatever you do, don't say any 'bad words' and no making each other bleed!" I mean it makes no sense, and that is why back in the "Attitude Era" wrestling made more sense. Don't get me wrong i'm completely fine with PG, because now the wrestling is amazing, it's not just beat down after beat down. But wrestling is not just about wrestling anymore, its 50% Wrestling and 50% Entertainment (or Story). WWE needs to realize that sure, PG sometimes draws more money, but then again look at what happened this week, people got a slice of TV-14 and Raw drew damn near 4.0 ratings with over 5.9 million viewers. WWE has to make a decision, Money or Fans.
  5. xStraightxEdgexSaviorx's Avatar
    Scotty2fAJ, if I may, I must insist on giving my spin on your comments. Firstly, the wrestling side of both the Attitude Era and the PG Era is almost exactly the same in quality, if not today's in-ring talents being batter than the A.E. Don't believe me? Think about it for a moment. We have average at best main eventers for the most part in all the main events in both era's, and we have a stacked mid-card full of great wrestlers putting on great matches. The lower ppv buys can be easily explained as well. You see, with the emergence of the IWC and the variety of free stream sites out there, people can easily see every ppv for absolutely nothing. I think most of us (me included) are guilty of using these sites at least some of the time, and that takes away a great deal of PPV buys correct? I think it's also important to note that most of these sites were not around a decade ago, and if they were, their no where near as popular as they are now. Plus I'm absolutely positive that WM will be sold out this year...just like it is every year.

    Now onto the blog: Wrestling has always been, and will always be a PG product, save for a good ten year run that is in all of our recent memory stemming from the late 90's and most of the 2000's. I'm shocked to hear that a long time wrestling fan either didn't know this, or choose to omit this from his argument. Therealdegenerate is right, WWE is not a children's show, it is a family show. Scotty's statistic of over 78% of viewers being over the age of 18 (although I would venture to say that about half of those people are the parents of the children) is proof positive of that. Even if it were a children's show, it's still he responsibility of the parents to teach their children that these men and women aren't really trying to hurt each other, and that wrestling is scripted and not reality. My parents were smart enough to do that, and I watched the Attitude Era at the ages of 7-11 and I turned out just fine if I do say so myself. I do agree with you on one thing though, for any parent to believe that their kid doesn't hear much more sour words that "ass" at school and more than likely at home as well is in clear denial and should not be taken seriously. It won't kill your kid to hear these words, and the more you try to shelter them away from it, the worse off they'll end up being. Sorry for the ridiculously long post ladies and gentleman, but those are my thoughts on the matter and I'm sticking to every word.
  6. sameer150's Avatar
    well said guys. pg is not necessary as kids are not allowed to watch the fighting scene. bring back the attitude era and watch how the wrestling blooms. this pg era sucks and i missed the old era when they used to have great storylines
  7. Tenzach's Avatar
    Very true. And it's not like 12 year olds and under have never heard someone say ass, I use to start saying it at the age of 6.
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