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Is Triple H Overrated?

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Well you can guess what this blog is about. I am a big fan of Triple H. He is one of my favorite wrestlers and I enjoyed his work in the early 2000s. As Triple H begins to win more and more titles, people argue over the fact if Triple H is abusing his backstage authority. But let me clear a lot of things up for HHH haters:

Triple H's backstage job:

Triple has the job of senior adviser, which means he works directly under Vince McMahon. His responsibilities are to assist Vince on the wrestling and creative side of the WWE. For an example, its basically like an adviser who helps the CEO of a company. The adviser keeps the CEO in check to make sure he doesn't make unwise decisions. Because let's be honest Vince is getting up in age where he practically can't go to the bathroom by himself.

Triple H's position does give him leverage but it's not to the point where he can do a Jeff Jarrett and claim all the titles for himself. People also believe that his position has a lot of leverage in the creative team. That is partially true. Just like the President of the United States, the president can't decide to pass a bill without anyone else consent. This goes for the same for HHH. The only creative leverage he has had so far that we know of is Sheamus, which in my opinion and a lot of others’ was a good idea to give him a major push. Sheamus is now over with the fans because of HHH.

Triple H destroys wrestler's careers:

Triple has been the leader of two stables. Triple H began his reign of leadership when he was with Degeneration X. Alongside him was X Pac, Billy Gunn, Road Dog, and Chyna. Out of those 4 members, only one was able to become a star and that was Chyna. Billy Gunn and Road Dog never were very talent. And as for X Pac, c’mon, it’s X Pac. He was born to fail.

After DX stable, he became the leader of Evolution which consisted of Batista, Randy Orton and Ric Flair. Both Batista and Randy Orton reached their rise to fame, and no one can dispute that.

Besides the stables, people believe that Triple H is responsible for Mr. Kennedy’s firing. Actually, the only person’s fault is Mr. Kennedy’s. Mr. Kennedy is also a favorite of mine. However, I won’t lie and say that he isn’t injury prone (to himself and everyone around him). Kennedy almost injured Orton; he injured Bobby Lashley, Hardcore Holly, and Kennedy was injured three times. So even if HHH was fully responsible, you can’t deny the fact that it was because of Kennedy’s injury prone state.

Triple H only has five moves just like Cena:

Triple has been in the WWE since 1995. Within those years, he has had two similar injuries on his quadriceps. One was in 2001 and the other was in 2007. Besides Triple H’s injuries, age has a lot to do with wrestling. Triple H cannot perform the same wrestling moves that he use to because of his age (41) and has two knee injuries. Rey Mysterio has had his fair share of knee injuries as well, and look at him. He can barely pull of a hurricarana. You cannot compare Cena to HHH. John Cena is still young and has had two injuries. Before John Cena had these injuries, he still did the same 5 moves! The fact is Triple H was at his prime in the early 2000s. If you compare HHH at his prime and Cena now (Super Cena), HHH has had better matches and could offer more in-ring skills.

Triple H is overrated:

Many people also believe that if HHH hadn't married Stephanie McMahon, HHH wouldn't be as over as he is now. That fact is, HHH married Steph on October 25th of 2003. Before then, Triple had already had five WWF championship title reigns. 2 in 1999, 2 in 2000 and 1 in 2002. The fact is no matter how you try to deny it, you can never take away HHH's success. HHH being the son-in-law of Vince McMahon means nothing. And here's why:

If Stephanie McMahon would have decided to married X Pac, do you honestly believe that X Pac would have been a 13 time or even 1 time WWF(E) Champion!?

If Vince's son-in-law was stupid and untalented, Vince would never waste his time on him. HHH has and always had talent and brains and that's why HHH is successful.

Well you can continue to bash HHH like you were doing.


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  1. hhhistheman's Avatar
    Good job with blog man.The only reason I've continued to watch wrestling is because of Trips.I agree with everything you said and have never believed he was overrated.I'm sure the only reason he is back is to help the newcomers out and make them look better
  2. mrbluto's Avatar
    HHH is not over rated, he has been one of the best heels in wrestling history. What drags Hunter down in some peoples eyes is he is married to the boss daughter. Would he still be with the WWE if he was not married to Vince's daughter? the answer is prob no.
  3. The Hipster's Avatar
    I love HHH. When the title was on him, I hated him as a heel and couldn't wait for him to lose it. As a face, I hated when he lost. He may have a "limited move set" but he can cell a macth like the best and mic it up like anyone. Anyone who thinks he is overrated, I've got two words for ya! Sorry, that was cheap and predictable.
  4. maar13's Avatar
    Well he really started to be hated around 2002 when he was given the Worl title with out an opponent to fight it for and then defeat Rob Van Dam, who was/is very popular with the IWC at tthe time, with rumors lashing out on how they put Van Dam down, at the time it seemed like HHH wanted to bury him or have some influence along with Steph on RVD not getting the title, but the fact of the matter was that in certain light they were right all along, RVD cannot handle being on top properly, he proved that when he got arrested and while it was not a big deal for some, the tact of him palying it like that was underneat him was juts prove that He couldn't handle a situation like that, who ever was reciliant not to give the title to RVD was right at the time.

    Also, his dominance with the WHC, well, more than him not being willing to job to others, the fact of the matter is that they needed to re-stablish the belt because it is not the WCW title anymore, they needed to make it a big deal out of it and they needed a dependable champion for it, that when he lose it, it was a big deal. The only way to stablish something like that is with a strong and/or mischievus champion and and someone you can trust completely, that leaves you at the time with only two options: Taker and HHH.

    Taker at the time was even considering retirement and had being considered every year since 2000 (I am a huge Taker mark by the way) and was just way more liked to be a face or a tweener (even when he was at the Ministry some people rooted for him) so that leave you with one man that at the time was not even considering it and dependable and that man was HHH.

    Before he married Stephanie or even started dating her (even on the storyline), he was already a 2 times WWE champion and he got the title 5 times in the lap of 5 years, Why he got it so many times in 1999? He and the Rock were the only two starts that were not injured and were over enough to battle for that belt. After He came back form injury in 2002 it was only logical to thing he was going to win it as a face.

    On the move set, that has to be a joke or something, look, most wrestlers uses a limited arsenal so people can follow and call the moves most of the time, even when Chrsi Benoit was a face and champion, there were matches in which he used only 4 moves (Snap suplex-Trple German Suplex-Head butt and Crossface). HHH know a lot of moves, don't believe it? Testimony of that is his Iron Man Match with The Rockadn his Iron Man match with Benoit ( 1 hour Iron man match, not a crappy 30 minutes Iron man match) he is one of those people that can have one and make it worth watching.

    On the Kennedy situation, more thsan anything even Kennedy said it was more Orton and Cena that HHH, his burden with HHH was that he ddn't ive him feedback after matches and mocked him, but never said anthing of himhad an influence to fire him. Even Orton admitted to go to management and complain about him. So on that trend HHH had no real deal.

    The Kennedy speech after he won the title impllying that HHH didn't though he was good enough to be champion was him digging his own grave, I mean even TNA thinks that, other whise he would have lasted more than a month as Champion, his title reing was a joke and everyone knows it.

    The guy is talented enough to remain relevan and even if he has a pull, the biggest critics know deep down that the guy can deliver.

    Damn, truth be told is that I don't like HHH that much myself, but to the Devil his due, The guy is pretty damn good at his job, for me the guy has never been overrated.
  5. Jaitsu's Avatar
    what i see is a lot of people seem to consider overrated with undeserving. Trips is not undeserving in any way at all, however, he is overrated in the fact that alot of people seem to act as if he is the best in the world. Trips is one of the best, but definately not THE best.
  6. Jimboroom6's Avatar
    Trips is an awesome Wrestler, and as a Heel he basically made the careers of Batista, Randy Orton by getting them over.
  7. gokhanx99's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Jimboroom6
    Trips is an awesome Wrestler, and as a Heel he basically made the careers of Batista, Randy Orton by getting them over.
    tru and i think once wm is over he will have some great matches with shemus. king of kings v the king of the ring
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