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Did Vince Russo write the HHH vs. Taker segment?

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Before I continue any further, I'd like to mention that, yes I wanted Sting to debut last night, and the fact that he didn't might cause some of you to say I'm biased on this matter, (especially this one guy named Phenom), but it won't cloud my vision on this matter.

As you all know, Triple H and The Undertaker returned after month long breaks within WWE. The Undertaker made his entrance, and was immediately followed by Triple H! Up to this point...everything was fine. I marked out, because it's Taker and HHH, but at the same time, I witnessed what could possibly have been one of the stupidest things ever....

Taker, and HHH have a staredown. Now, I usually love it when two big names have these sorts of staredowns, but this by no means meant anything to me.

Triple H stared at the Wrestlemania sign....implying that he'll see Taker at WM27. Taker looked at it, laughed, and appeared to shrug off Hunter. He goes back, and does his signature Deadman Walking taunt. Trips responds with a DX Cross Chop.

Here is where the problem arises.

Back when Michaels career had been ended....It seemed the Hunter was fine with the fact that his friend's time had come. Trips is taken out by Sheamus, before he get's to say ''something'' special to Shawn, which might explain somethings'; but I'm skeptical on the matter.

Right After Hunter exits' the ring, Sheamus's match is up. Do you not think they passed themselves on the way? Is WWE going to make us forget why Hunter was gone? How does that make any sense?

...Now to Taker's ordeal.

The Main Event scheduled for RAW was The Miz and John Cena vs. (The Biggest Joke of a Tag Team), The Corre's very own Gabriel and Slater.

4 of the very men who took out Taker, and helped him get buried by Kane, are there. It's a title shot. And Taker didn't do anything? He didn't cost them the match? I found that very weird.

Now...I'm not saying Sting vs. Taker would've made much sense either....but HHH vs. Taker has already happened, plus we have no clue why Hunter is going after Taker now, unless he cuts some strange promo.

Or who knows? Maybe Vince has outsmarted all of us, and will have Sting debut at a later time, thus trolling us with Trips return and staredown with Taker.

Leave your Thoughts, Smark, and Hate Comments Below!

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  1. dres1214's Avatar
    Maybe when Sheamus attacked HHH, he was gonna say something along the lines of getting Taker back for making his best friend retire. I mean I thought the staredown itself spoke a thousand words, you don't see that anymore, two veterans in the ring did a staredown that gave me goosebumps. I am sure we will find out why and what is going on between HHH and Taker, that will lead us to the know the reason why HHH isn't going after Sheamus. I mean yes we have seen HHH and Taker, but we have also seen Sheamus and HHH at whats the difference?
  2. Lowki's Avatar
    They faced each other in 2001...almost a decade ago. I don't see the problem...
  3. Jericho227's Avatar
    @dres1214, what Triple H was going to say last year b4 being attacked by Sheamus, that is just pure speculation, this is WWE, they had the whole thing planned out.

    Now on2 HHH-Taker, I was not excited one bit. I have seen these 2 legends battle with each other b4 and even when HHH reveals that this is for his friend, Shawn Michaels, it does NOT do anything for me. Yeah I miss the attitude era, but that ship has come and it has sailed on. We now have Cena, Orton, and Miz as the faces of this company. I feel that WWE could have done more to really get us excited for 'Taker's return this past Monday, but for now it looks like we are getting HHH-Taker, but at the same time, I smell something(no pun intended). I remember back to WMXIX, during that WM, they air a vignette that CLEARLY stated Goldberg is coming. If Sting by any chance did indeed sign with WWE, maybe they are waiting for after WM for him to make his debut. It woukd have been awesome to see Sting the other night, but again, only if he did sign with WWE, WWE will probably give Sting a 1-year Legends Deal that will culminate at WM28 and REALLY give STing a proper sendoff/retirement. IDK, this is all purely speculaion. I NEVER got the chance to watch Sting, as I got back into wretsling very late when WCW started to go down the toilet(I am one if the few unfortunate souls who witnessed David Arquette winning the WCW title). I would love to see the Icon Sting in the WWE, but when? That is up to the WWE and most of all the man himself, if he feels he needs to have a WWE run b4 retirement.
  4. bobobrazil's Avatar
    personally, i think the segment was retarded. they hype up the "2-21-11" for many many weeks only for it to be a 3 minute segment? WTF!?? i only view this as copying HBK, since that is what HHH does best. he didn't even get up the card until he got with HBK in DX. i view this mania setup as a FAIL. seems to me as if they're trying to milk it. "let's hype taker's return, give him 3 minutes then put him on SD" who the hell thinks this is right? it's a TNA blunder type thing.

    they don't hype the rock and he gets 25min and he isn't even wrestling. SMRT in a few weeks all this about aura about the rock will be gone. he's not worth spending $60 just to see talk. if that was the case his movies would have made ALOT more, but people don't go bat shit crazy for $12, let alone $60.
  5. DXFan619's Avatar
    The point is...they faced each other.

    Hell, Taker has given Michaels and Kane two go's, and with the look of it, Hunter will also get his second match, so why not just give Diesel/Nash another match?!?

    Lol, I kid.
  6. Justdawg08's Avatar
    Slater and Gabriel are the best Tag Team WWE has... they are not a joke.. ur a joke
  7. DXFan619's Avatar
    At least I'm a funny joke.
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