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TNA: 47 Easy steps to become the #1 Wrestling Company

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I've been hearing a lot of good reviews about Chris Jericho's new book. And I decided that it would be good to have book or blog that list the steps for TNA to become the #1 Wrestling company. Here they are

1. Get rid of Hulk Hogan
2. Get rid of the Karen/Jarret vs. Angle storyline
3. Get rid of Vince Russo
4. Get rid of Jeff Hardy
5. Get Ric Flair out of the ring and make him a manager
6. Keep Dixie Carter off the screen
7. Make AJ Styles the poster boy of TNA
8. Stop using excessive blood
9. Bring back the six sided ring
10. Make Slammiversary the Hugest PPV in TNA
11. Lose the Suicide gimmick call Daniels back to the main event scene
12. Lose the knockouts tag team title
13. Make the TV title like the old TV titles where the match would have a 10 minute time limit. And/Or have it defended only on TV (Thursdays Impact)
14. Get rid of Orlando Jordan
15. Get rid of Eric Young
16. Get rid of Tommy Dreamer
17. Make Ray and Devon a tag team or retire them
18. Hire Paul Heyman
19. Bring back the previous TNA world title design
20. Hire Austin Aries
21. Hire Roderick Strong
22. Hire Jimmy Jacobs
23. Hire Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team
24. Hire the Briscoe Brothers
25. Hire Davey Richards
26. Take Tyler Black from WWE. Somehow, someway. Just do it!
27. Form a stable consisting of Desmond, Magnus, and Doug Williams
28. Stop making too many stables; Only use stables to put over younger talent
29. Make Sting retire against a worthy opponent at Slammiversary(Kurt Angle or AJ Styles)
30. Put more prestige in TNA world title
31. Stop having excessive backstage and in-ring brawls
32. Less talking and more wrestling
33. Put back prestige in the X Division
34. Hype up your PPVs. Use more sponsors.
35. Never mention WWE! No matter what!
36. Lose all the wacky gimmicks (Shark Boy)
37. Get rid of Shark Boy
38. Stop using too many weapon shots
39. Don’t rely too heavily on the TV 14 system.
40. Start monitoring the wellness of your roster (make sure no one is using any drugs)
41. Get bigger stadiums
42. Attract more than just the 18-45 age group
43. Find a more popular TV network. Maybe, TNT.
44. Get out on the road more!
45. Stop hiring established WWE wrestlers
46. Hire unestablished WWE wrestlers
47. Hire a better talent relations president (Jim Ross or get Ric Flair to be one; He might have a neck for noticing great talent; Or Taz)

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  1. JohnnyPhantom's Avatar
    Your forgot... "FIRE Matt Hardy"
  2. VKM's Avatar
    Matt Hardy should'nt be fired because he attracts too much heat. TNA should use his heat with the IWC to build his character up.
  3. The Red Ryda's Avatar
    lol i agree with most of tht stuff!
  4. tommy71995's Avatar
    i definetely agree with this, except theres gonna be no way wwe is gonna let go of tyler black, hes gonna be a huge guy in a couple years and i expect hes gonna be up on tv in a couple months
  5. daniel bryan mark's Avatar
    Wow, I agree. Most of that makes sense.
  6. TakerMania's Avatar
    Wow if only TNA really really really I mean really (did I say Really enough?)makes it
    and goes head to head against WWE and we have an Amazing at least 20 years Monday Night Wars and that generates Wrestling To be Fuckin Popular like it used to be in late 90's or Even More

    ahh I can only Dream or can I ?!
  7. gokhanx99's Avatar
    look what happend last year when tna tried going head 2 head with wwe
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