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Who Should WWE push and who they shouldn't

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This is my first attempt at a blog, so please go easy. As the title explains i will tell you who i think WWE should push to main event status and i think should stay where they are, or be demoted.

Smackdown Push - Now before i start, you may be thinking why i have put smackdown first instead of Raw, the reason being is that I believe that smackdown has the majority of better wrestlers.

Wade Barrett - Personally I think this guy is one of the best new stars that WWE has to offer, he seems to have natural mic skills, which is usually something that a lot of oversea's wrestlers lack ( think Mason Ryan at the moment). His matches seem to flow well and has a real brawler style that we haven't seen in a long time. His programme with the Big Show is a great idea, however i think that after Ezekiel Jackson is finished with him that Wade Barrett should have a feud with him, because the only thing at the moment that worries me with Barrett is that he does not look like he can win on a constant basis cleanly. I'd like to see Barrett execute the wasteland on the Big Show to give him some credibility.

Ezekiel Jackson - This man has some power. He has the wrestler 'Look' that Vince loves working in his favour. Again his current feud with Big Show is making him look even better, when he gave Show a suplex, it gave me a shock that i hadn't had in a long time ( until the rock returned ). After his feud with show i think he should turn his back on the corre and feud with Wade Barrett, hopefully leading to one of them holding the Intercontinental title then leading to world title. I would prefer him to have solid bouts with a mid card title then whilst still holding it, face the current world champion. The only thing i would change at the moment is his finisher, to me I don't think it works very well. Give him a move that can show off his strength for example a tiger powerbomb similar to Ahmed Johnson's.

Cody Rhodes - I think that Rhodes has what it takes to be the next figure head of WWE. Whereas Wade Barrett maybe the top heel in 3-4 years, I think that Rhodes will be the top face in 3-4 years. He the ability to put on great matches wrestlemania after wrestlemania. His first match with Rey Mysterio on smackdown was a really good solid bout. His current gimmick suits him down to the ground, and has the ability to keep it when he turns face, minus the vignettes. Wrestling is also in his blood so he is more likely to stick around, instead of moving on.

Now it's time for who they should not be pushing and should stick back in FCW or at down the card.

Kofi Kingston - The first problem i have with him is that he is a one trick pony. A few months i heard a rumour that they were turning him heel, how on earth would that work. I simply cannot see that happening, and that's my point, the best should be able go from being face to heel and vice versa and make it look easy. Another problem I have is that whenever I watch a match of his, he always seems to botch a move. So if he was to be pushed as of right now, he would either injure himself soon, or worse injure an opponent. However he does seem to have the work ethic that many of the top stars have.

Heath Slater - For a start his name. Secondly I don't think he will ever look like he can beat an established opponent cleanly which any top star should be able to do, whether they be heel or face. His move set does not appeal to me, and i don't think it appeals to many either. His finisher never seems to actually hurt the opponent which is the whole point any move let alone the superstar best move in their repertoire. His gimmick is also a set back, when was the last time a hill billy was the face of the company? I can't remember.

Right well that's all from me. Let me know your thoughts.

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Thoughts and Opinions


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  1. alzone's Avatar
    I agree with every thing you but i think Drew Mcintyre should get a push too.I like his style and his gimmick.
  2. Ryan57's Avatar
    Thank you, the reason i didnt put drew is because personally i dont like him. I feel that he should be totally repackage before he gets a push.
  3. 01crusea's Avatar
    Jack Swagger needs to be pushed again, too. If they made him a face he'd be good against someone like Wade Barrett or Sheamus.
  4. MrNolan's Avatar
    At one point I was really behind Dolph Ziggler to get a push until I realized how bad his mic skills were. They. are. baaaaaad. So bad that I can't see him ever holding any major titles. A face can usually pull off a major push without mic skills.. think Bobby Lashley and Jeff Hardy. A heel needs to be able to talk good on the mic in order to get heat. Thats my humble opinion.
  5. Polly-Pablo's Avatar
    I'm with you on all counts minus Ezekial Jackson. Jackson is a fine example of VKM's obsession with 'big guys' - he has little mic skills and no real in ring talent - what I mean by that is his lack of originality with moves - being able to lift and slam people does not make a fine wrestler - of course this is only my opinion and I respect your opinion.
    I don't get the 'push' Kofi has been receiving - he's still a little off with his timing and, imo, not over with the fans to the extent creative may like to think he is. A tad overated at best.
    Cody Rhodes - I'm glad that finally someone else seems to be seeing what I am. This young man has been impressive from the start. His in ring ability, whilst not perfect, is leaps and bounds ahead of some of his so-called 'peers'. His mic skills and ability to cut a damn good promo may have shocked some, but it was obvious to me that this kid had talent and 'appeal' in abundance from day one. His time in Legacy portrayed him as the 'third in line', but he's shown he can hold his own in and out of the ring and his love for wrestling is refreshing at a time when some superstars seem tired of it. I can see Cody going a long way, if given the right push by the right people.
  6. Saiga's Avatar
    i dont think drew mcintyre needs to be pushed. he sucks as a wrestler

    guys that need a push are evan bourne, kofi kingston, jack swagger, ted dibiase, dh smith and tyson kidd, yoshi tatsu and chavo guerrero.
  7. RagnarokNRoll's Avatar
    McIntyre, Dibiase, Sheamus, Barrett, Kidd, and Seth Rollins all need a push.
    They need to scale back on Kingston, Truth, Ziggler and Slater
    Oh also Swagger and Rhodes could use a push.
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