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The Rocks Return - Blessing or Curse?

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Hi eW community, my names Dom and this is my first stab at a blog. Hoping to be a regular contributor and look forward to hopefully generating good discussions and comments. So where better to start than with what was quite possibly the most exciting return in WWE history earlier this week. Unless you have been living under a rock (pun intended) you will have no doubt seen the 'in ring' return of The Great One, The Peoples Champ, Brahma Bull (he didnt use that one on the show)...The Rock!!!

I have watched the return promo dozens of times now and i still mark out every time. My love for wrestling was born out of the attitude era so for me this was a truly special moment as it would seem it was for many. Interesting to see that in a community that is often split on opinion Rocks return has been universally approved.

Theres no doubt this has been a HUGE piece of business for the WWE. Build up for this Mania has been the slowest ive ever seen - injuries and retirements have seen the WWE without a 5 Star match to be the showpiece of the event. Don't get me wrong I'm looking forward to it as ever but this year has missed that certain spark. Im all for promoting new talent and don't always agree with the comments that the WWE roster is lacking depth of talent (I'll save that for another blog tho). And then all of a sudden they pull The Rock out of the hat and BAM! nearly 2 million extra tune in and Wrestlemania is the talk of the town once again.

There is also no doubt that this was a promo masterclass. It managed to be wonderfully nostalgic without seeming dated in any way, the perfect way to remind the old fans what they had missed and amaze a whole new generation of fans.

So why this blog then, if I loved this return so much how could I possibly question whether this is a blessing or curse to wrestling? As a fan of the WWE and a fan of The Rock its an absolute triumph but I think there are a few caveats that need to be considered.

1) The Cena Situation - Cenas been top dog for what 4-5 years now and rightly so, he a tireless worker, puts in solid performances and generates a heck of a lot of business for the WWE. Yet after Rocks promo I couldn't help but feel that Cena had instantly become decidedly average. Go back and compare Cenas opening promo from Raw this past week to Rocks - not even in the same league. I cannot wait to see how the two of them interact at Mania and no doubt the pics all over the media the following day will be Cena receiving a Rock Bottom but once the dust settles and Rock departs again where will that leave Cena and his fan base? It could weaken him longterm if not booked very well.

2) New Talent - WWE has a ton of fresh new talent who are going to be given an opportunity to show it at Mania. 12 months ago it would have been unthinkable that the two Title main events would feature Del Rio and The Miz!!! But this Mania is now all about The Rock and there is a danger that when the shows over we'll all remember how great Rock was but forget the stellar performance by the likes of Miz, Del Rio, Morrison etc....

3) Competition - Im all for healthy competition in the wrestling biz and when TNA are on their A-Game they provide a fresh alternative to the WWE product but I feel Rocks return has widened the divide between the two companies. WWE works best when they have healthy competition and I cant see how TNA can even consider competing with this. Guess they'll just hope the WWE continues to bury talents such as Swagger and DiBiase so that they can eventually poach them and main event them every week.

So theres just a few thoughts from me. I'm totally over the moon that Rocks back and hope that his involvment and presence has a positive effect on the companys buyrates and viewing and also on the young roster of talent. I just hope its managed and booked with long-term consideration and not as way to sell just one night of wrestling.

Look forward to your comments, opinions, abuse etc.....all are welcome. I can also be found on Twitter @dmayerl


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  1. blink's Avatar
    Wow, good blog! Guess I never really thought of it like that but you make very valid points. If cena is to stay the poster boy then hopefully they won't let the rock bury him too much. And on a side note I hope swagger gets out of the dog house and a push back to the WHC real soon
  2. Domkin's Avatar
    Hi thanks for the comment, greatly appreciated. Cena's a tough guy - just look at the way he rode the abuse during the ECW One Night Stand time. Its going to be interesting to see but its certainly unpecedented for the business to take their number 1 face and create a situation a large amount of the wrestling community looking forward to him getting a kicking from a returning or debuting superstar. After all they didnt let it happen to HHH with Steiner or Goldberg. Interesting times.

    As for Swagger, he's a genuine talent like many of the other guys on the roster. Frustrates me when TV time is spent on kiss cams, dance offs etc and not on their abilities.
  3. Brett1N's Avatar
    I think this whole situation is one massive blessing. I got tickets to WrestleMania back in November when they first went out sale. I'm not going to lie, I was skeptical about how 'Mania was going to be and really starting questioning how Vince was going to swing this whole thing. After this past Monday, I will never doubt Vince again. You can hit me up Twitter too if you want, @Brett1N.
  4. nosellshogan's Avatar
    Great blog my man.Those very thoughts came to my mind after this past Raw.The Rock not only made Cena look incredibly average but for that matter he made the entire roster look very average.My hope is that out of al this wwe will give their stars a chance to sortf of come out of that corporate shell a little bit and let the stars be themselves a little bit more when it comes to being on the mic.I think with the pg era it may have taken alot of the personality out of wrestling and thats exatcly what the Rock brought back was personality.I think if vince lets his wrestlers cut loose a little bit more we may be surprized by by some of the wrestler and go damn,didnt know so and so had it in him to cut a promo like that.It remins to be seen. BTW I might be nuts but my hunch tells me Rock vs Cena at Summer Slam. Just a thought
  5. akgator1's Avatar
    Yeah Brett1N, I was in the same boat you were. I bought a WM package, have a pile of money in that and I was scared it was gonna be a shit Mania. The Rock saved it by himself, I am hoping theres one more good surprise Vinnie has up his sleeve since Sting isnt gonna happen. But to the blogger, this was a good one, keep em coming but IMO this was the best thing that could happen. I am glad Rock bashed these guys, theyve got to step their game up. The reigns on these guys with the PG have got to be lifted in order for new stars to truly take off. I like John Cena the person, but I hate his character these days. Its so stale that its nauseating. At least when he was the Doc of thugonomics he was funny. Cena is a good soldier hes gonna do whatever Vince wants him to, thats why this has been milked to death. Its a cash cow and when people have had enough just like with Hogan in WCW they will turn him heel. Once again in order to expedite this the PG era has to end. WWE has rushed too many of these guys in these days. Guys like Michaels and Hart were in there for many years before they got the championship. They had IC runs to build them over their earlier years and now that belt means nothing, theres no rhyme or reason to it. Sheamus got the title too quick, so did Miz. Theres nowhere to go but down now for those guys, the creative team is just not good right now, I wish they would clean house.
  6. jethro's Avatar
    I agree,The Rock 20 minutes promos sure able to bury Cena...but I hope The Rock dont overdo it though as it'll hurt Cena and Cenation.

    The good thing about The Rock coming back is that it'll bring back fans from attitude era.

    Good blog Domkin,good blog
  7. argoedlegend's Avatar
    Nice blog mate.
    In my opinion I think it's sad to see how WWE have had to revert to old talent such as The Rock. I'm not hating The Rock because he is a superb entertainer and athlete, but hearing how crazy the entire building went when he came back on Monday night, that's something that hasn't been seen for countless years. Not even a pop that loud came for the incredible John Cena when he returned early from injury and won the Royal Rumble.
    I am not a Cena fan due to the fact he's a little how HHH was a few years back, he was in your face week in and week out, but credit where credit is due, I cannot deny the guys work rate and abilities, and dedication to the company.
    WWE has all the talent in the world on that roster, but unfortunately they allow alot of it to go unoticed and fade into the background and eventually become jobbers before recieving their future endeavours, which is a shame. But one thing they lack with the stars they are pushing, is mic skills and promos. Mason Ryan, looks the part but very poor wrestler and mic skills are terrible (hate to slate him as I am a fellow countryman), John Morrison, outstanding athlete, one of the best on the roster, but mic skills need work, Ted Dibiase is another, great wrestler but burying him and he has very little mic skills.
    The only promo I can actually look back at and say I have been impressed with for a number of years, was back when Randy Orton was in Legacy, and Legacy bought him that Nascar when the show was hosted by one of their top drivers, and Kofi Kingston sat there, talking about him and then totally smashed up his car. We want to see more of this, but unfortunately we don't.
    I see your points that you have made about The Rock possibly burying Cena and making him look average, and it is a shame, but then maybe it will give Cena the chance to get people to like him on a Rock kind of level without being forced down our throats.
    Who knows eh??
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