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WWE and TNA need major changes!

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I think WWE is going in the right step by bringing back The Rock. The Rock is one of the most popular wrestlers that is still relatively young besides Stone Cold. Steve Austin needs to come back to Raw and not just do Tough Enough. They really should use Stone Cold on Raw along with The Rock. Have a match between the two of them. Also would love to see a match with Stone Cold vs. John Cena. Bringing back The Rock and Steve Austin would only help ratings. They also should bring back Y2J since he is one of the most popular after The Rock and Steve Austin. I think WWE should bring back The Macho Man, Brutus the Barber Beef Cake and possibly Sid Viscious. The Macho Man is such a legend! He so needs to be inducted into the Hall of Fame! Sid Viscious vs. Diesel or Great Khali or Big Show or Undertaker or Kane or Ezekiel would all be awesome! I think John Morrison needs to be changed to a heel and did better promos as a heel. Same thing with Edge and HHH but Edge and HHH have always been better heels than faces. A stable with heel HHH and heel Edge would be the best heel stable in the WWE since I believe they are two of the best heels in the WWE period! One thing I think that has been hurting the WWE is the pg ratings. I know they have some kids watching their shows but come on these kids stay up past 9 or 10?. WWE as pg has damaged the rawness and controversy originally in the WWE. I think WWE needs some blood and hardcore matches still. I don't think it should be all the time but I think adleast every show or every other show there should be some weapons and or blood. The chairshots to the body aren't nearly as effective as to their heads. The heels were so much better when they could swear and talk trash and then smash the oponent in the head with a chair shot.

Now for what TNA needs.
I think TNA needs to drop some of the lame stars on their show like Suicide, Curry Man, Gunner, Murphy, Orlando Jordan, Sharkboy? These guys will never even be midcarders let alone main eventers. Where has Don West been? He may no longer be a commentator but he should still be an on air character same with Jeremy Borash. I think TNA should rehire BG James and Kip James also since they are established names and were some of the reasons to why DX was successful. I am in no way saying they were nearly as successful as HHH or HBK obviously but they helped somewhat. TNA needs to focus on their younger stars but still keep around the legends. They need the right balance of legends and younger guys. Without any legends or veterans in a wrestling company many people won't watch them. TNA needs to bring back Sting and Foley also. And since the legends aren't getting any younger as soon as Hogan, Flair, Sting, Steiner, Foley were all hired in TNA they should have been having legend matches. Sting vs. Foley. Hogan vs. Foley never happened and I think that would be a good match. Flair vs. Steiner? Sting vs. Steiner? I am going to say this even though people will probably disagree but I think TNA should bring back some WCW guys. I think Buff Bagwell, Rick Steiner, Goldberg and possibly Great Muta?, Vampiro, Macho Man?, DDP? Sid Viscious? I think Goldberg would fit right into TNA and so would Buff Bagwell if he can still wrestle. It's always good to see Rick Steiner along with his brother Scott Steiner. TNA made alot of mistakes in the past with who they let go and fired. They need to bring back Petey Williams, Sonjay Dutt, Christopher Daniels, Consequences Creed, Homocide, Senshi, Elix Skipper the guys that made the X Division great. TNA messed up by dropping the ball with Jay Lethal. TNA I think also should try to hire some older ex wrestling stars like Jacqueline, Jazz, possibly Chyna since they lost Awesome Kong. Those would be woman that would dominate the Knockouts Division. Maria might also be a good female wrestler for them to hire also. I don't think hiring Tommy Dreamer was going to help TNA. I think TNA should hire Sabu, The Sandman and Jerry Lynn, but obviously TNA didn't use the ECW guys well during EV 2.0. The Sandman VS. James Storm in a Beer Contest which would turn into a rivalry would be awesome. Paul Heyman should also be employed to help out as far as the storylines are concerned. TNA also messed up with James Mitchell. James Mitchell was on his way to being the next Paul Bearer and they ruined it! Even though they wanted Abyss on his own James Mitchell could have been helping out other wrestlers like Crimson? Rob Terry? Magnus? Douglas Williams? Matt Morgan? Be awesome if they brought back some other wrestlers like Steve Blackman. Steve Blackman vs. The Sandman would be awesome. If he still can wrestle like he did in the WWE. I think certain wrestlers need to be split up. I think Motor City Machine Guns need to be seperated. They have been a great tag team for a long time but it is now time for Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley to take it to the next level. Break them apart and have them feud with eachother. I think either one could be the face/heel. I think Generation Me is a great new tag team kind of similar to the Hardy's/Rockers when they started. I think Robert Rhode, James Storm, Kazarian are great talents to push but I think they should have stayed heels since they make better heels. TNA needs to hire some of the wrestlers from other promotions especially ROH. WWE has been getting ppl from ROH like CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Low KI/Senshi (even tho he left them.) TNA got alot of good stars from ROH also like Samoa Joe and these other stars worked for ROH before like Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Homocide, Hernandez, AJ Styles, Etc. ROH has alot of great talent. TNA would benefit from hiring Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas. I think TNA would also benefit from hiring Paul London even though he doesn't work for ROH. He would fit in great with the X Division. Some of ROH's wrestlers that I think TNA would benefit from is possibly Steve Corino, Claudio Castognoli, Jay Briscoe, Mark Briscoe, Colt Cabana, Roderick Strong, El Generico, Eddie Edwards, Davey Rirchards, ETC. These are some things I think both promotions need to work on. Any comments or suggestions please post.

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