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A very rare oppertunity for the WWE

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Hey guy's this is my first blog, so if it appears a little disjointed or to lack fluency I apologise.

Firstly I have to say this, because this was something that I've been waiting to see for so long, an appearance that gave me such an intense sense of nostalgia that I actually had goose bumps. An appearance that for fifteen minutes temporarily destroyed whatever annoyances I have in relation to the WWE's current product. "FINALLY, The Rock has come back...Home!"

Now onto what i'd like to say.

I've been reading the forums quite frequently, and there is quite a few important things that I believe people have overlooked. The Undertaker requires an opponent for wrestlemania, we all know that. But, people have been looking at this from 'Takers perspective, "he needs an opponent that can equal Shawn Michael’s performance" etc...The Undertaker has been a great asset to the WWE, but his career as a in-ring performer, sadly, cannot last much longer. So now, while extending "the streak" at 'Mania 'Taker can leave more than an unbelievable legacy behind, he can leave behind a legend in the making that he aids in creating.

I ask, when the undertaker stands head to head with this years 'victim' could he be Cena, Punk or The Miz - those the 'E clearly feel are the poster boys of the future -, or should it be someone with the potential to be a legend similar in stature to the great Michaels - John Morrison. The ‘E is currently losing their best and older stars to age, and has invested lightly in the future. So, on The Undertakers return next Monday I believe that they should have him appear in the ring during Morrison’s match and deliver a tombstone pile driver, take the mic, kneel at his head and announce that “at wrestlemania Morrison’s soul can…peace.

That is my ideal situation, as Morrison has clearly displayed a hefty aptitude for entertainment, and to me, is similar to Michaels style.

Now, onto ‘The people’s Champion! Superstars in the back, Sky+, Tebo, DVR any kind of recording technology that you have at your disposal, use this to record and then study the one of the best promo’s the WWE has offered for seven years. The Rock should be used in such a way that he interacts with all of the “new” talents, so that they learn how to improvise promos to greater effect. As he says – “the Rock has seen it all, he’s done it aaaall” -, and he’s done it better than any of the current crop of talent could prey to do presently.

Forget about The Rock VS Cena, The Rock VS The Undertaker…Think, the WWE has an opportunity tha they have not had in a very long time. They have The Rock – The most electrifying, and charismatic to have ever graced the squared-circle –, they will soon have ‘The Game’ back – one of the best heels in ‘E’s history -, Austin 3:16 on tough enough – the only man that can come close to running parallel with The rocks entertainment-, and The Undertaker – the man that can create a legend in one night, and in one match. I just hope that they use this wisely, and while the oldies entertain the hell outa us, they tech the current crop how to do the same for many more.

Thanks for reading guys.

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  1. wretlingrock392's Avatar
    as much as i agree with you that 'taker should face jo-mo, right now ill bet on Triple H being his opponent, though i dont think HHH's career should be on the line though
  2. brad9993's Avatar
    i'd rather see the rock take on and beat cena rather then lose to taker.
  3. cainecollin's Avatar
    The only problem with the Morrison scenario is Morrison needs a whole lot of mic work. he may be one of the best currently in the ring (I'd say my top 10) But his mic skills lack tremendously. If he can ever get that down to decent (or even get a manager, which I highly doubt but would be nice) he might stand a chance at a match with 'Taker where even if (who are we kidding, WHEN) he loses will come out a much bigger star, but that won't be 'tll at least Wrestlemania XXVIII.
  4. evilash's Avatar
    A match between John Morrison and The Undertaker would be epic! But I have to agree with "cainecollin" that Jo-Mo needs major mic work. When he cut that promo on Sheamus as he was being coronated as part of his King of the Ring win, Morrison's promo was cheesy and wasn't very well presented either. Personally, I'm waiting for Morrison to turn heel and go toe-to-toe with some the big faces of the company. Morrison against the likes of John Cena, Edge, Christian, Mysterio and, yes, the Undertaker would be fresh and, more importantly, epic.

    As far as your opinions on The Rock's return, who's to say he won't disappear after Wrestlemania again. I'm not saying forever, but past 'Mania, the WWE are going to want to focus on the outcomes of the matches after the biggest event of the year. We all know the Rock stated that he was "Never - ever - going away", but he could just be playing to the crowd, and as far as we know, he may have ended up signing a contract similair to Bret Hart - making occasional appearances.
  5. blink's Avatar
    I think jomos promos (that rhymed, unintentional) would be better if he wasnt reading from a script. Granted he would still need mic work but I also think this would help. I think he'd be more comfortable that way. But as far as in ring work he's my current favorite and he reminds me of my all time favorite, hbk. I'd love to see him go against taker at mania. That would be a show stealer. His running knee is sick btw!
  6. HuGrad's Avatar
    is rock retired from the ring? what if he comes back and poses a threat to the world title?
  7. The Sheep's Avatar
    somehow john morrison doesn't scream... "takers streak is in jepardy", and imo, jomo will be lucky to have a match at mania let alone "the match". parcore... sounds like one of 10 faceless fucks in the mitb match to me. shelton benjamin syndrome

    rock v taker? good match sure... but cena v rock...? thats the classic generations match. hulk v andre, hulk v rock, rock v cena. cena v xpac and chinas adopted china baby... only if the rock would do a match... which he wont.

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