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WWE - The Future & The Now + notes

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Let's face it online world. WWE may have its faults and may not 'be the same as it used to be' (the attitude era's & TV-14 programming's ship has sailed so lets all get over it now) so I call on you all: Accept it. Feel it. Live it. Have faith in it! The youth movement is in full swing in WWE as everyone can see, and this for all of us loyal wrestling fans who simply love this business should give it a chance to succeed, and let it be another chapter in the history books of WWE.

Personally, I see a certain crop of superstars leading the way into the future of WWE: Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, Wade Barrett, Jack Swagger, Alberto Del Rio, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Skip Sheffield and Daniel Bryan. However, something that lacks from every one of these named superstars (with the exception of The Miz) is NATURAL CHARISMA. A BELEIVABLE CHARACTER FOR THE AUDIENCE TO GET BEHIND OR AGAINST. The format for a new superstar is all the same these days. Boots, trunks, kneepads. Now get out there and say what we tell you to say. Where are the colourful and unique characters that defined the WWF and raised it to new heights in the early 90's?

I purposely left John Morrison off that list because honestly, with his serious lack of verbal skills and montone voice, and mid-card status for 5 years now, he has become a typecast. He is now what Shelton Benjamin was during his last few years in WWE: A mid card talent who just could not be taken seriously as a main event talent. Kofi Kingston is another young talent who I couldn't accept as a main event talent either. DiBaise and Rhodes have fallen off a mountain as big as Everest. Mason Ryan does nothing for me.


Let me just clarify that Randy Orton and John Cena are NOT THE FUTURE, they are what's known as 'the now'. Let's face it, what is there left for those two to do? Who is there for them to fued with who wont be fed to them? Randy Orton is the most boring Main event talent I have seen in quite some time. I always wondered why John Cena was knocked by the IWC until I seen his embarrassingly cheesy promos. Btw, I met Cena out of the ring one time; he is NOT fan friendly.
Edge is either getting injured, rehabbing an injury, or world champion. Same old format. He has had so many short title reigns that it means nothing seing him with the belt anymore. Christian, as much as the IWC gushes it's pants over him, does NOT have main event charisma or talent. I see him just becoming a William Regal-style trainer in the future. As for Rey Mysterio, what is there left for him to do besides turn heel?

**Some other notes**

1. WWE needs to have more wrestling on RAW
2. I have no problem with the current commentary lineup
3. WWE needs to reduce PPV's to 10-12 a year
4. WWE SERIOUSLY NEEDS TO GET RID OF ONLINE STREAMS. I use them, and the numbers using them is truly shocking and is a hidden killer in their ratings and PPV buys woes.
5. Find something for Orton and Cena to do other than constant title matches.
6. Keep the current youth movement in full swing.
7. Give wrestlers a little more input on their characters.
8. Revitalise Tag team wrestling; but not essential
9. Remove Hornswoggle from all programming
10. Wellness test ALL the superstars. I have SERIOUS DOUBTS over it's authenticity. You could nearly guess who I'm thinking of.

For now, thanks for reading.

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  1. dres1214's Avatar
    On your other notes, you do have serious doubts on the use of steroids? I am curious to know sir.
  2. theFuture's Avatar
    I'd rather not name names, but I will say it's not as questionable now as it was about a year ago. However it's QUESTIONABLE. There is still the odd few superstars thats really making me doubt the wellness policy. A majority of the roster does appear clean but who's to really know?
  3. Lowki's Avatar
    Wade Barrett & Alberto Del Rio are pretty decent on the mic if i'm honest. They got that confidence that will only serve them well in the future.

    1-4 agree.
    5. Find something for Orton and Cena to do other than constant title matches.
    Like i've said on numerous threads, The title changed hands every YEAR for over two decades and when it did it meant something!
    In the 1980s and early 90s you had a steady rotation of title winners; Iron Shiek, Hogan, Andre, Yoko, Warrior, Savage, Flair, Hart.
    It wasn't just Hogan and Warrior as champions all the time.

    94-97 it was pretty much rotated between Hart, Diesel (once), HBK and Psycho sid.

    The attitude era was similar to the 'golden age'. It wasn't always the rock and austin in the title picture. HHH, Mankind, Undertaker also held it quite a lot.
    The main thing here is that if the Rock didn't have the title or wasn't fueding for it, he was in a Jericho role (same with Austin). The rock spent most of 1999 in the Tag Team title picture with mankind.
    The thing is, the intercontinental title was something that former heavyweight champions went for if they were out of the title picture. This meant newcomers would get a chance to mix it up with the main event stars. A main eventer hasn't held the IC/US title in a long time.

    6 and 7 agree with 100%. It's more entertaining watching people shoot from the hip rather than confuse themselves remembering lines - Recent examples: McGillicutty's "moment" and Big Zeke on raw getting tongue tied.

    8 Tag team fueds were usually given to people who didn't have nothing to do. It gives more people, more opportunity than a normal 1v1 fued does.

    9. Remove Hornswoggle from all programming

    Pretty much done to an extent (minus RR)

    10. Wellness test ALL the superstars. I have SERIOUS DOUBTS over it's authenticity. You could nearly guess who I'm thinking of.
    My guess for point 10 is none other than the Game.
    Everyone else who used seems smaller.
  4. MATTHEW's Avatar
    why wouldnt you name names? lol strange
  5. kp's dynasty's Avatar
    unlike some people i dont think cena is on the juice, i mean he has always been huge and was a bodybuilder before wwe and anyone that can pick the big show up off of his feet without screaming in pain whilst doing it is a strong sob, which is why wwe have had ezekiel doing that on sd to say hey look at us unlike rob terry our wreslters are really strong

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