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The Rock vs John Cena: Big Time Main Event Match

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There are moments that define the business, there are moments that make you cry, make you hurt, make you hell. For the past one hundred years wrestling has amazed people and make them watch in owe. From the original superstar Gorgeous George to John Cena there has always been someone in the squared circle that can have the audience in the palm of there hands.

However, lately I believe that the business has lost its impact in making the audience feel that way. A large majority of fans have become disenchanted with the business and as a result it is losing some of its popularity. Wrestling will always be my first love, I started watching when I was five and I will not stop watching. Sometimes yeah I get annoyed with what we are being made to watch but you also need to take into account that the business goes through changes, much like the change from 80’s to 90’s and attitude era to PG.

Obviously WWE is and always will be the main guys when it comes to wrestling, I have also watched TNA from day one and love there product. The people that say “oh TNA sucks” or “WWE is just for kids”, well these people have lost the sense of what it means to be a wrestling fan. You have to put up with the bad to get the good, of course there are going to be stupid storylines and gimmicks but hopefully in the future they will learn from these and it will ultimately make the business better. I am not going to run a huge list of problems I will say this however, for the first time since Ric Flair retired I felt emotion in regards to wrestling again. And this was when AJ Styles and Fortune turned on Immortal, yes I agree that there are major flaws in the story but the sight of AJ turning face and clashing Hardy was just awesome.

This leads me onto the main top of this blog. I personally believe that wrestling needs a big time main event match to get fans excited and emotional again. Of course this has to happen at the granddaddy of them all wrestlemania. But the question is what match the fans want to see. As of late the dream match has been Sting Vs Taker due to the recent promos. However, there is one match that I think would help bring the business to life again.

The Rock Vs Cena at Wrestlemania 30. In the main event, at Madison Square Garden these two face off. The peoples champ Vs Cenation. Although John cant wrestle to save himself the prospect of having these two face to face in a ring would draw up so much emotion. There are also two ways in which you can take this match, you could go with a heel Cena resentful of Rock because he is always compared to him, or you could have the rock coming back and pushing the fans favourite Cena out of the picture. Personally I would go for the first one, this is because Cena doesn’t really connect with the old school fan and he could draw of this heat to become a brilliant heel in this feud. I would also let the Rock go over in one final match to please everyone and hopefully put a lid on that era of wrestling.

There is obviously many dream matches that people want to see, feel free to comment below on what yours would be, however, it would have to be slightly believable.

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  1. deecee's Avatar
    i think this match would be a great idea for mania my only issue's would be in wrestling terms this match is hugh but what story line would they be able to do after it ? clearly the rock would only do the one match and that leave's cena at a loose end cos every one else would already be involved in other story lines that couldn't involve cena cos it wouldn't make sense. for money reasons it would make sense for cena to main event mania in some way. i would like to see the wwe to run a story line called ''one last match'' where it involve's the rock vs stone cold vs shawn micheals vs mankind then they would be able to run a different story line for cena i think this match would bring in a hugh crowd and ppv numbers also get rid of the pg rating for mania too not having the pg rating there during the attitude era is watch got more people watching than ever before. also just throwing another idea out there for mania 30 story line entitled '' wcw reunion'' goldberg vs sting see what you think??? thanks for reading i know i ramble on a bit sorry :P
  2. Xpacfan's Avatar
    change the title of this blog to- "The Rock vs. John Cena: Bullshit Main Event Match"

    Seriously dude, John Cena makes The Rock selling out completely forgivable!
  3. simo87's Avatar
    its a shit idea because vince is such a dumbass he would wanna make cena win just for the kids god the kids prob wouldnt even know who the rock is
  4. ErbY's Avatar
    This dude is a genius. The Rock vs John Cena is happening now. The Rock is currently making fun of SuperFruitypebblesCena.
  5. King Scrapper's Avatar
    ChrisQ1 is a fucking prophet
  6. printz1224's Avatar
    hate cena as much as you want....i would love to see this match...

    ...but hate to see cena go over the rock
  7. yesimtbird2's Avatar
    Seriously!?!? Does anyone here actually think The Rock was a great wrestler? The Rock was the John Cena of his time. Limited talent but great on the mic. Just like Hogan, Flair and Austin before them. None of them could actually wrestle. Yes, this would be a cool match to see but it would not be a good WRESTLING match. The only reason Cena gets as much crap as he does is because of you IWC idiots! I don't know either Cena or Rock personally but I will say I have more respect for Cena than I do Dwayne Johnson because Cena stuck with what he loves when he became famous where as Dwayne abandonded it for Hollywood and is only now coming back cause all his movies are tanking. If anything I would love to see Rock back up Cena in a match to hopefully, finally shut up you IWC morons that complain about Cena because you can't accept he's the new Rock/Austin/Hogan/Flair (bad wrestlers with personality).
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