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My Wrestlemania 27 Card

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Ok this is my "Realistic" card or call it my wish card.
ok il add the MITB Match since im not sure if theyl have it.

First Match

Money In The Bank Ladder Match
Dolph Ziggler, Tyler Reks, Drew Mcintyre, Big Show , John Morrison, R Truth, Mark Henry , Tyson Kidd

2nd Match

U.S Title:
Daniel Bryan Vs Ted DiBiase

3rd Match

Singles Match :
Rey Mysterio Vs Cody Rhodes (( with some random stipulation))

4th Match

WWE Tag Team Titles:

Santino And Kozlov Vs USOs

5th Match

Intercontinental Title Match :
Kofi Kingston Vs Jack Swagger

6th Match

Tag Team Elimination
The Corre(Gabriel,Slater and Jackson) Vs New Nexus ( Mason, David and Michael)

7th Match

Streak Match :
Undertaker Vs Kane/Wade Barret?? (Triple Threat maybe)

8th Match

Singles Match
Triple H Vs Sheamus ( Sheamus wins )

9th Match

World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat Match:
Edge Vs Alberto Del Rio Vs Christian ( TLC Maybe )

10th Match

WWE Championship Fatal Four Way Match:
The Miz Vs John Cena Vs CM Punk Vs Randy Orton

Thoughts ??? Dont post anything rude guys this is just my thoughts thank you for reading

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  1. evilash's Avatar
    WWE Championship
    The Miz with Alex Riley vs. John Cena

    After John Cena’s WWE Title victory, Wrestlemania guest host, The Rock has a face-to-face confrontation with John Cena. As the Host, The Rock officially makes a match between both men, which leads to…
    WWE Championship
    John Cena vs. The Rock

    World Heavyweight Championship
    Fatal-Four Way Elimination Match
    Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian vs. Dolph Ziggler with Vickie Guerrero

    No DQ Match
    Randy Orton vs. CM Punk

    Battle of Kings!
    WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler’s First Wrestlemania Match!
    Jerry “the King” Lawler vs. King Sheamus

    The Streak
    The Game versus the Phenom
    Triple H vs. The Undertaker
    Special Guest Referee: WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels

    10-Man Money in the Bank Ladder Match
    WWE Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston vs. WWE United States Champion Daniel Bryan vs. John Morrison vs. Kane vs. Drew McIntyre vs. R-Truth vs. Mark Henry vs. Jack Swagger vs. Ted DiBiase vs. Wade Barrett

    Two of the Biggest WWE Champions in History Face-Off!
    Big Show vs. Diesel

    Mask vs. Mask
    Rey Mysterio vs. "Dashing" Cody Rhodes

    6-Man Tag Team Match
    Stipulation: Winning team gets to pick two of their members to compete for the WWE Tag Team Championship
    The New Nexus – David Otunga/Michael McGillicutty/Mason Ryan
    Vs. The Corre – Ezekiel Jackson/Justin Gabriel/Heath Slater

    Leading to…

    WWE Tag Team Championship
    Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov vs. the Usos vs. New Nexus or the Corre

    15-Divas Battle Royale for the WWE Divas Championship
    Participants: Eve, Natalya, Beth Phoenix, Gail Kim, Kelly Kelly, Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Alicia Fox, Melina, Michelle McCool, Layla, Maryse, Tamina, Kaitlyn, Rosa Mendes
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