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The Undertaker's Wrestlemania Opponent????

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Hey guys hope all is well. Just wanted to point out how much fun I have when making blogs on this site and I wish I could do it for a living. Thanks for reading these blogs it warms my heart. NOW TO BUSINESS!!!

So, I'm getting annoyed because I have the feeling the WWE are going to drop the ball on the Undertaker's return/Wrestlemania. Him fighting Triple H has been done, Wade Barrett would be ok, Kane would be ok too but CMON.

I think his opponent should be a rising star, a star with charisma, a star who's a good worker, a star who has the look, a star who has heritage in this industry, a star in the youth movement, a star who deserves a push, TED DIBIASE JR.

This guy has had the ball dropped on him. They paired him with Maryse and gave him the most horrible theme music. His old theme "Its a New Day" was the best music. Ted Dibiase was one of the greatest current performers in 2009 in his battles versus DX. They performed very well and I feel Legacy deserved a huge push after the split up. That angle to split Legacy was horrible. Randomly they split up and they're on their own. Cody Rhodes has done pretty well for himself because his mic skills are over the top. He's taken a trashy gimmick and made it something. I love Ted Dibiase but he has a boring voice but that can be worked on. Now he's jobbing to the likes of Santino and Jerry Lawler (with all do respect).

Imagine if Ted Dibiase Sr. returned on Raw and said the year of 2010 was supposed to be the Dibiase's year. 2010 he was inducted in the Hall of Fame and it was suppose to be the breakout year for Dibiase Jr. He can call his son to the ring and Ted then will challenge the Undertaker and say's he has to take a stand for the Dibiase name and challenge the streak. It's pretty random but its better than seeing him battle HHH.

The match would be awesome ofcourse with the Undertaker winning but it would still do wonders for Ted Dibiase's career. Imagine the near falls when you have interferences of Brett and Ted Dibiase Sr. That would be amazing seeing the near falls. I would love to see Kane make the save for the Undertaker as well, just to shake things up.

WWE has got to be creative. Barrett is well over. Dibiase is their guy sometimes yu just have to shake things up. Another option would be Kofi Kingston. Kofi is also well over to the pont where he can not be anymore over unless he is World Champ. I could honestly see Kofi making a modest challenge to a streak keeping his babyface status in place. Point blank the future is here. ADR is maineventing it, so far the Miz is as well. It's time to seriously push these young guys.

Thanks again guys and please leave me a little feedback. I know its a crazy idea but if written well, it could work.

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  1. Automatic's Avatar
    It will def. not be Dibiase, how can you take him serious lately? Even if they would give him the best build up of all time they still only would have like 6 weeks? You can't make people take him serious in 6 weeks
  2. simo87's Avatar
    sorry mate but triple h or sting are the only 2 ppl that could make takers last wrestlemania any good why the hell would you wanna wast his last mania on someone like dibiase where the crowd would not give a shit
  3. TheSilk's Avatar
    I think Dibiase will get his day, but he will not face undertaker this year as there is not enough time to build him back up. But maybe next he could with a few good storylines in the mean time. Let's face it Sting will not be facing Taker and I can not see him even joining the WWE. And I am sure this will not be Undertakers last wrestlemania. Im sure he will go for 20 and 0!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Saiga's Avatar
    if ted dibiase got the right push (a serious one) after the legacy split then i probably would take him seriously as a challenger to undertaker. he would remind me of when randy orton split from evolution then quickly getting into a feud with the Deadman for the entire of 2005. its too bad ted dibiase has been jobbing as of late so him challenging Taker at this point i cannot take seriously.
  5. strawman1985's Avatar
    Ehh I say bring in Sting.. Goldberg would be interesting too but I think I would pay to see Sting and Taker and Ive not bought one in years
  6. bharath's Avatar
    Hi mate - I feel Sting in WWE is ruled out - if he was an option now, he could have been an option earlier. I also feel that Undertaker being taken on by Orton a few years ago had wonders done to Orton's career at that time. So the deadman rellay is a good guy to take on if you want a serious push. Having said that, it would be nice to see Ted Dibiase Sr come back into the picture and have TD Jr take the deadman on. After all, you could spin the angle on the fact that it was Senior who brought in his own Undertaker that spun the famous "Undertaker vs. Undertaker" match. I feel in reality it may end up being Sheamus in his second push, Triple H (in a streak vs. career match), or Kane himself, who may end up fighting the deadman at WM. Thanks!

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