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It doesn't matter what TNA does

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Most people that hate on TNA(IWC fans) plead and beg for something do it out of spite. It does not matter what happens in TNA regardless of what the ICW(which represents a small percentage of overall viewership) wants done in the organization. They beg for AJ Styles to be a face yet when he becomes a face with foutune they balk. TNA is incompatant with its staff and doesn't care. TNA needs to rid itself of Nash and shouldn't hire Booker T because they are old and hasbeens. Yet they were both hired by WWE and aplauded as great hires. Regardless of there roles in either company.

Now when it comes to Hogan most of you hate just because his name is associated with TNA. There is more than a handful of people that have been trashing Hogan for being on or involved with TNA, yet he has been absent for months due to his back. Yet he is a a huge scapegoat(within the all knowing IWC's mind) for the failures of TNA(which are determined by the IWC). Hogan made what wrestling is today by creating such a huge surge TWICE in his career, which is one reason wrestling is as big as it is today.

I have been a wrestling fan most of my life. I have watched the rockin wrestling era, along with many clash of the champions on TBS the 80's. I have watched the deadzone of the early 90's that morphed into the NWO when Hogan tried a new angle in his career which was the birth of the almighty attitude era. Then the death of WCW which helped the decline of Professional wrestling because of a greedy, arogant Vince Mcmahon who didn't think he needed the organization. The ratings droped hugely because of this and he hasn't been able to figure a way to bring them back up without a rival company.

Enter TNA and a differant organization that starts out as a PPV wrestling company. They do well enough they receive a tv contract, which they are a still a young budding company. Then they start grow ever so slightly, enter Dixie and a dream to make it the top if not right there company. They start dong everythiing they can to do that. They hire names and are trashed for it for being wash up WWE stars. They hire "mid carders" and are tashed for hiring nobodys. They bring in new talent and are trashed for taking the origanals spots.

It is getting rather old on how much all of you nobodys trash TNA. Most of the ICW that hate on TNA represent such a small percentage of viewership it doesn't matter what you think or say. You want AJ to be good and yet you trash it when he does. You want hogan off of TV and he is and you still trash him when he is absent. They could steal edge, ortan, cena, taker, even HHH . And you all know it would be looked as a huge mistake while cheering on sharkboy and christopher daniels. Regardlees you will hate on TNA, why?

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  1. xStraightxEdgexSaviorx's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Jaitsu
    despite what Lowki says as he's quite obviousely marking for WWE, shut the hell up man, gr8tone made some damn good points and your just trying to put them down.
    WRONG. Lowki made some extremely valid points to counteract what gr8tone and Xpacfan said, your just bitching because at the end of the day, your a TNA fanboy plain and simple. Sorry to say it, but I just calls 'em like I see 'em. If you were to counteract anything that Lowki said, than I might change my opinion, but you have just resorted to namecalling with no counter-argument. Before you say the same thing about me, I'm gonna go on record as saying I was just about to say more or less exactly what Lowki did, but he beat me to the punch.

    And no, I'm not a WWE mark for saying what I said, I'm a good wrestling fan. I, like Lowki, watch TNA every week, along with all their ppvs, the WWE is just better. It has better storylines, better booking, and yes, even better wrestling as a whole. That's not to say the WWE isn't f'ed up, but it's still better than TNA. I went on record as personally loving AJ's face turn, but as great as it was, it was equally as stupid to turn Flair heel after an hour of being face. It's dumb writing and simply makes for bad T.V. This exemplifies TNA as a whole though, they do one really good thing that the fans can get behind, and then do three more stupid things to override the good thing and then some.
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  2. printz1224's Avatar
    i think it's funny that this post is about people hating on tna, and then every time someone makes a point against you, they're instantly a mark...

    i've given tna numerous chances, and have tried to get into it plenty of just doesn't work for me. the storylines jump around quickly and don't seem to make much sense. it seems as if there's a heel or face turn every 2 weeks. and the matches involve no story telling. it looks more like kids on a trampoline doing move after move, with no buildup.

    if you like tna, that's fine. but let's not forget that tna fans talk down wwe every chance they get. another thing that's turned me away from tna is seeing them try to bash wwe on's just cheap, and a little pathetic.
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