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Time for a change

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What if the 2-21-11 is not Sting and turns out to be another dud, will this be the final nail in the casket of Vince running the WWE, because the storylines are getting worst by the show and the potenial is there for some very entertaining stories and matches, but Vince is more concerned with sponsors and money then the fans who are the ones that should matter. We the fans are being taken for granted because there is no competion, TNA is a joke they had potenial but blew when they brought in Hogan and Bischoff. There is more bad then good right now in the WWE they need to change their priorties and make the tag-team division matter like it used to when some of the biggest stars started in tag-teams like Bret Hart,HBK,EDGE,Jeff Hardy and Booker T. It was a way of getting new wrestlers over with the fans and because not all wrestlers are good enough to be single wrestlers their are alot of wrestlers with nothin to do and this would be a way of using them better then they are it would also allow you to change wrestlers personas and be in the tag-team division until a good storyline comes along to push them as singles star. The comedy stuff has to go as well having people like The Great Kahli,The Big Show and Kozlov being comic relief is just insulting their monsters use them that way. Have the announcers be announcers not part of the storyline this Micheal Cole stuff is garbage they should tell the story not be the story. The start of Nexus was great because no one seen it coming but then they blew it, fans want to watch and be surprised from time to time we want to see different stories instead of the same old same old. John Cena has to turn heel to change his character but Vince won't because he is too worried about the kiddies and money then to do the right thing. It is time to change some of the wrestlers characters like Kane their is nothin left for the Kane character give him a new character or let him go else where. Throwing Wade Barrett out of The Nexus only to have him go to smackdown and start The Corre was a waste of time. It is time to change before it gets any worse, if it is not Sting these videos are only going to disappoint your fans we don't want to see videos of people who are we already know we want videos for new characters or new wrestlers in the organization, not wrestlers returning from injury. So in conclusion there has be a major change in the WWe they have to bring in new writers and Vince has to take himself out of running of the shows allow others like Hunter,Stephanie and bring backShane and have him be involved the the runnin the company they really can't be any worse then Vince right now time has past him by.

P.S. deep down in our hearts we all know it is not Sting because that would all wrestling fans happy and that is why we all are trying to find things to make look like it is going to be Sting or find things that make it look like it is not him because we have been disapointed to many times.

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  1. Jayoholic's Avatar
    What you may not like, others are enjoying. They are creating new stars...and no, you don't have to carry a belt to be considered over or pushed to the top. Ask Roddy Piper.

    As for the comedy relief thing, you need it. You can't have everyone all unstoppable and serious. That would make for a very stale show and everyone will be carbon copies of each other. As far as the Cena thing goes, he doesn't have to be a heel anymore. Just because you or some others who can't get over the fact that his character has long evolved from the "white rapper thug wannabe", doesn't mean that he's not good anymore. It's simply the fact that people can't get past the past.

    Honestly, if you don't like it, that's fine...but they don't need to change just to make you or a few thousand people happy. If the overall feeling (from them) is that things are fine, then that's just the way it's going to be.
  2. NashVegas24's Avatar
    Ever hear the term, getting "fat and lazy"? What creates that is conformity and no competition around you. Competition is what makes companies go from good to great. Wrestling was at its highest when the Monday Night Wars drove WCW and WWE to put their best foot forward every week. Until TNA or another company rises up from the ashes, I don't think the WWE will be working too hard.

    I am sure a lot of fans are enjoying the WWE right now and others (like myself) feel they need an overhaul in a lot of areas. Whether you look at creative writing or talent, the wrestling industry needs something fresh.

    Of course, when you do lose HBK, Batista, Y2J and Hunter, Taker, and Punk to injury for 2010, it does set you back a little bit. Regardless, Vince, Hunter and Steph need to regroup and get some new ideas flowing.

    With the recent Q4 financial results, it sounds like there is a little bit of panic in Stamford, CT these days and that is a good thing. But you already knew that!
  3. Viking's Avatar
    you know what? i'm not trying to be an idiot or anything, but please try using proper english.
  4. evilash's Avatar
    "Have the announcers be announcers not part of the storyline this Micheal Cole stuff is garbage they should tell the story not be the story"

    Well said!
  5. Justdawg08's Avatar
    I'm not going to read this long blubbering rant... learn how to make paragraphs and space shit out.
  6. The Brown One's Avatar
    To be fair, they never said that the videos were vignettes for Sting's WWE debut. People were just assuming that. If you are going to be disappointed if its The Undertaker returning, blame yourself for putting too much faith in the product. I believe that WWE has been giving us some awesome shows as of late, and you must only be focusing on the negatives if you haven't seen them. Sure they have stupid stuff too, especially the dance segments, and anything with Hornswoggle, but they have some great matches too. They are actually giving their wrestlers more time to talk, and make themselves more well known with the crowd. They are pushing their newer, and younger stars too, especially Dolph Ziggler. I've heard many people say that "this is the final straw", when they think that a wrestling product is stale, and offering us nothing but bullshit. But at this time of the year, WWE puts on its best promos/matches, and its been going well so far. So I doubt this is the final nail in the coffin.
  7. therockiswwf's Avatar
    What else can you do but laugh at this?

    PS- @NashVegas24 you said that the WWE is losing money because a lot of people don't like it anymore- Did you know that currently the economy is not doing very well?
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