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Where Is Christian?

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Im Having Dout About Christian Returning To Face Edge At WM With ADR If He Return At EC There Will Not Be Alot Of Time To Promote The Match And A Edge vs ADR Dont Scream WM To Me Look Like A Norma PPV Or Even A Smackdown Match IMO I Was Hopping To See Diesel vs Big Show But It Look Like It Wont Be Happening To This WM Wont Be As Good As We Think

1.Undertaker Vs Wade Will Not Be Very Good As Undertaker Is Injured
2.John Cena Vs The Miz What Is This A SummerSlam Past Rematch Bahhh
3.Rey Vs Cody That Is A Smackdown Match IMO
4.No Celebrity Fighting
5.MITB Pretty Much U Can Bet That John Morrison Will Win Or Christian If He Return Before WM
6.A Diva Match Without Awsome Kong Will Not Be Someting Special To See Pretty Much A Snack Break.

What i Can See Is That If A Well Know TNA Superstar Comes To WWE or Returning Back To WWE From TNA Will Be Squach,Lame Puch So Sad To See That From WWE

Dont Get Your Hops Up With WM. Trust Me.

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  1. knox's Avatar
    man what im dying to see is a fatal four way at wrestlemania for the world title. Edge vs Christian vs Del Rio vs Ziggler. I would hope for christian or Ziggler to win. Edge is the man but he looks so bored with wrestling and del rio is just annoying
  2. Jaitsu's Avatar
    i couldn't really understand the point you were making (halfly due to the run-on sentence). but either way, i'd like to see an edge and christian reunion apon his return.
  3. scotty25aj's Avatar
    OK well to answer your question about Christian, he's currently re-habbing his torn pectoral muscle which I think nearly every knows. Also if WWe does decide to have a Christian v Edge match at Wrestlemania then they won't begin the build for it until after the Elimination Chamber. The only match which has even had a tiny bit of a build is the possible Mysterio v Cody Rhodes match, which I believe could be a good match if given enough time on the card as both men are competent wrestlers and Mysterio works very well with an opponent who is slightly smaller than most of the men he faces such as Kane & Big Show.

    Also, your Diesel v Big Show match might happen too and if it does then I imagine the build will begin at the Elimination Chamber.

    As for what you think the card will be for Wrestlemania, to be honest your guessing at best. If 'Taker is back in time for 'Mania (and the 2/21/11 promos seem to confirm he will) and if he does face Wade Barrett, I can guarantee you that 'Taker will put on a good match weather he is 100% or not. Also Barrett v 'Taker I'm looking forward to as Barrett is up and coming and is good in the ring so working with 'Taker is only gonna be good for him and his status.

    As for Cena v Miz, I will admit that I'm not Cena's biggest fan but if the build is done right then yeah I won't mind seeing this match. As for it being a Summerslam rematch, Miz has developed a huge amount since he faced Cena.

    The celebrity fighting thing I just don't get at all. That is only ever put on the card for a bit of comic relief and also the only person I've heard of that is going to be at 'Mania is Bob Barker so who knows who else might be there (please not Bieber though!).

    MITB for me is always a highlight of 'Mania as it let's the mid-carders show what they got and if Morrison or Christian are in it and either of them win then all good as both guys are due at shot at main event level but we don't know who else could be in it. For instance who thought Kane would win last year then cash it in the same night?

    And lastly the Divas. There is a number of Divas who are very good at matches if given the time. Any combination of Melina, Maryse, Gail Kim, Natalya, Beth Phoenix, Michelle McCool or Kong (if she has debuted by then) would be a good match if given enough time and not 5 minutes like on RAW or Smackdown.

    So I will get my hopes up about Wrestlemania as it's my highlight of the wrestling year.

    Also just a friendly note for other blog posts, Grammar! lol
    Updated 02-10-2011 at 09:48 PM by scotty25aj
  4. The Sneakiness's Avatar

    And also another tip, don't start every word with a capital letter...
  5. Saiga's Avatar
    i wanna see big zeke vs undertaker for mania.
  6. steveorton's Avatar
    @scotty25aj some great points, I'm jus sayin...
  7. scotty25aj's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by steveorton
    @scotty25aj some great points, I'm jus sayin...
    Thanks man!
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