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Time for AJ Styles to join WWE?

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AJ Styles is probably the best wrestler to come out of TNA as an original. But over the last year or so since Hogan and Bischoff have been involved it just seems to have gone a bit stale. Now I know this is no fault of AJ, but it just seems like they don't know what to do with him. For example the whole fortune/immortal storyline just seems to drag AJ down, I feel he would work much better as his own man with out a stable behind him. For example his best work in TNA was around 2005-2008 when he was having rivalry's with Abyss, Jarrett and Rhino. He was able to express himself a lot more and demonstrated brilliant ability against the likes of abyss in the cage match.

Since the arrival of Mr Anderson, Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam AJ has been pretty much out of the title picture, having matches with the likes of Doug Williams for the TV (JOKE) Championship. No disrespect to Doug Williams but he is not a guy that says main event when you look at him. Now I am aware that AJ is now acting as the leader of Fortune and may be involved in some bigger storyline now, but the fact remains if he does not fit into the plans of Hogan and Bischoff what is the point of him staying with TNA. WWE has all ways stayed clear of AJ signing with them, but I think they would jump at the chance to sign him if he came available and I am starting to think that AJ would now consider the WWE in the future even though he is TNA first big name.

Just think if he went to WWE and was used properly, the amount of dream match up's could be endless. I know everyone would love to see Styles v Cena, then maybe Styles v Morrison?

If AJ Styles was in the WWE I feel he could really cement his legacy within the industry. Anyway what do you think?

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  1. VKM's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by IPOOPINTHEBATH
    I couldn't disagree more with this blog.

    Why is the TV Title a joke championship? TNA isn't allowed to have a 2nd tier belt behind the Heavyweight title?

    What about Doug Williams makes you think he isn't main event material? You can't deny he has in ring ability. His mic work may not be legendary, but better than many who have main evented before. So what is it? His looks? That's the only thing I can think of that may be influencing you, and if so you've obviously been conditioned by VKM for far too long.

    And so what if AJ "doesn't fit" into BiscHogan's plans? (I'm not even sure how you get that idea) They may be making decisions in TNA but they are UNDER CONTRACT. Dixie Carter is still the boss and if they wanted to bury him or get rid of him completely she would step in and prevent it. Say what you will about Dixie, but I firmly believe she knows what AJ Styles means to TNA and would fight tooth and nail to keep him there.

    You say IF WWE used him properly. I could eventually see him maybe getting the CM Punk treatment. But you can totally tell AJ is an anti WWE guy. If he went there it would probably be begrudgingly and he probably wouldn't exactly get a warm locker room welcome. He also doesn't seem like the type who can really play backstage politics very well.

    And I can't believe you said Cena Vs. AJ. REALLY? That is the LAST match I want to see. AJ could probably get a better match out of Zack Ryder and not get buried in the process. Morrison would be okay, but give us AJ/Bryan and AJ/Punk. The problem with any "dream match" in the WWE is that it's the WWE. They water down their wrestlers and tell them how to wrestle "WWE style". When was the last time you saw Punk do a Pepsi Plunge? Guarantee it wasn't in WWE.

    Unless Vince hands the reigns off to HHH/Steph soon and they take the company in a vastly different direction it WILL NEVER be a good time for AJ to join WWE.
    You took the word right out of my mouth. I'm glad AJ will never go to WWE.
  2. TheSilk's Avatar
    lol I'm surprised at how many of you are taking this blog so seriously, I repeat it's just an opinion of mine. I'm not saying it's going to ever happen, probably not if TNA continue there growth as a company!! But anyway let me just explain a few things that I have said, I obviously need to back it up a bit more!

    First of all, as for the TV championship. I said it was a joke for a couple of reasons. (By the way I never said TNA were not allowed a 2nd tier belt, but what was wrong with the X division title? did ok in the past.) How many times has the name of the title changed? Legends championship when Booker first introduced it. So ok fair enough, I would not say Booker was a legend but I accepted it. Then Eric Young won the belt, then you had the whole Global Championship which went with the storyline at the time. Then they changed it again to TV championship, why? every time they change it, it further diminishes the importance of the belt. Plus I don't think the championship has not really been involved in a storyline worthy of making it a prestigious title.

    Now we move on to Doug Williams. Now I agree his in ring ability is top quality but I feel he needs to work on his mic skills and a gimmick to match. Too many British wrestlers jump on board the whole patriotic stuff, why do you need to wear union jacks and bulldogs all the time. You don't see AJ with stars and stripes all over him, you don't see sting holding the american flag when he comes out. So why can't Williams find a look/gimmick that fits his style?? anyway thats another blog.

    Okay is far as Dixie goes im sure she has the best interests of the company in mind, but I don't think for one minute she is writing AJ in for his upcoming storylines.

    Now IPOOPINTHEBATH you mention AJ could possibly get the CM PUNK treatment in WWE. Well I don't think that is a bad thing. CM PUNK is currently one of the most improved heels in WWE and probably will be for a while. Now I can remember CM PUNK being in TNA. Who do you think used him better???? TNA missed out on that talent by a long way.

    Ok Cena v AJ may not be the best match wrestling wise. But who can deny Cena's star potential, I know many of fans that would tune in to watch that. Even if it was just to see Cena getting a styles clash!!! Yes I agree with the move sets being watered down, but the only reason I believe they do that is so when PPV like Wrestlemania come around, everything is put into it meaning a better PPV with shocks and surprises!!!

    Anyway once again thanks for the comments, it is an interesting debate that im sure will go on until AJ retires!!!
  3. Jaitsu's Avatar
    look, the fact is not every wrestler needs to be a WWE superstar to be a legend, and i'm frankly sick of reading people saying stuff like, for instance, sting. "end your career in WWE, the greatest stage of them all, BLAH BLAH BLAH" AJ is not, WWE, and i shudder to think of how he would fit into the WWE's view of things. AJ is my second favourite wrestler, no doupt... but if i ever see the phenomenal one in a WWE ring, i will eat my own sweatshirt. don't forget that he just isn't the kinda style (pun not intended) that WWE pushes readily. and before you say WWE would be stupid not to push him, one name: Low Ki.
  4. Jaceshadoe's Avatar
    Doug Williams and AJ had some good matches. those matches between them two are prob. best ones in last year and into this year. They need to make AJ a heavy weight again, but if he stays in the tv title division he'll build up again....which is good because they need to build that division up with the a likes of Doug Williams , Abyss, Pope, Samoa Joe, Hernandez, Morgan,E.Y.,etc.
  5. Slobernocker_30's Avatar
    He's too little. People have a hard time accepting a world champion if they could kick his ass in a bar fight. Really though, he'd be mid-card at best in WWE.
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